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Putin Influencers- Much more than Troll Farm

Part of the fallacy is to get the defendant to underestimate the situation, at most to take it as harmless and stereotype it. It's hard to assume, especially when we are building other elementary images, that a Digital Troll could be a successful businessman who is involved in politics and is an MP. As all his arguments and these are based on the opinion of Specialists, Professors and Experts in various fields of scientific thought that are massively imposed in the benign media environment.

"Like many people with access to the Internet and a holster full of gadgets, Vladimir Nesterenko is living a double existence. In real life, the 49-year-old Kiev native is a published author and darling of the Ukrainian counterculture. Online, he's "Adolfych"—a Russian-speaking mischief-maker who uses his Twitter, Facebook, and LiveJournal accounts to comment, sometimes thoughtfully and often profanely, on the deepening conflict with Russia."..."A June articleby Max Seddon of BuzzFeed reported the Kremlin was spending millions of dollars to pay English-speaking Russians to promote President Vladimir Putin and his policies in U.S. media like Fox News broadcasting and The Huffington Post and Politico news sites. Trolls are reportedly expected to manage multiple fake accounts and post on news articles 50 times a day, often with sentiments as simplistic as "Putin makes Obama look stupid and weak!"

The simplistic image of Russian propaganda that is fed to the West and strangely enough is perceived perfectly.

Introduction to Delusion

Misleading reports containing inaccurate or partial information aimed at blunting Western specialists' understanding of the situation in Bulgaria and the current scope of Russia's influence

What is the reason for the victory of the Russian propaganda machine in Bulgaria? It is in the templated perception, overconfidence, arrogant and prideful attitude to objective analysis, incompetence and infantilism, underestimation of the circumstances, lack of a multi-layered vision(or any vision) of the party that can be played out in front of them, and overconfidence in highly paid experts from(or about) Bulgaria, who in most cases (not to say all) are consciously or not just another form of the Trojan horse concept. All of this, is extremely costly, like losing even won battles.

Report from 2019 on how Bulgaria is doing extremely well and how Russian influence in Bulgaria is declining

Bulgaria fares better than the four countries of the Black Sea region that we studied. In particular, the weaker presence of an inherited official Russian media impact on Bulgarian media, including the absence of Soviet descended channels, the decline of the Russian language, a very small number of outlets operating in Bulgaria but originating in Russia, provides a bulwark to the extent of dissemination of and receptivity to Russian messages.

Part of the report of Metamorphosis Foundation, called Russian Influence in the Media, Sectors of the Black Sea Countries, prepared by Rumena Filipova is DPhil and MPhil in International Relations, University of Oxford, having completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge. She taught undergraduate courses at Oxford University, and she has been a visiting fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center, the Polish Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House and other international institutes and think-tanks.


Another misleading approach are the expensive researches of pro-Democratic Eastern European Think Tanks which provide stereotypical easily digestible blanks about "Western Media Specialist Owners, their ties to Moscow, Editors and cultivating pro-Western Journalists...". The elementary dividers that are used in the Political Theatre in Bulgaria between the Right Journalists or the Right Politicians and the Wrong ones. Which in effect allows the metamorphoses and mimicries of communist elites acting as proxies for Moscow. By bringing in this matrix of misguided perceptions, it is much easier to veil the real issues and ways of manipulation. As well as to hide the magnitude of the Problems in a given country and region, by distracting and focusing attention on what Western specialists are expected to look for or can see. An example of how in the last 20 years the West has been led into deception in Bulgaria: Why the West is Failing(was it failed by...) in Bulgaria (


Report from 2014(extremely identical to the 2019 report), explaining how according to statistical data in economy, historical ties and political environment- Russia's influence is declining. Pulling out several examples of conduits of Russian influence that serve as distractions.

Download PDF • 2.40MB

For the value of the report are attached the opinions of two European MPs.

One is Angel Dzhambazki, who is part of the VMRO political party, a coalition partner of GERB, at the time of pushing Russia's energy projects. Parties blocked NATO and EU enlargement in Macedonia and Albania for years.

The other is Nikolai Barekov, editor-in-chief and figurehead of TV7, part of the media portfolio of Russian oligarch Malofeev. As well as linked to the bankruptcy of KTB, the biggest financial fraud in modern Bulgarian history. As 300 million from the state budget was siphoned off through TV7.

Most likely this report in 2014 looked extremely credible, but through the prism of 2023, it looks like real misdirection.

Example of Euro Integration:

In order to understand the size of the Information Delusion coming from Bulgaria I will give the example of the media sensation, the First and Most European village in Bulgaria - Kalugerovo. A place which, due to its stated media Euro Atlanticism, managed to become a champion in the absorption of Euro Funds. But behind the corruption, let's look at how much after tens of millions of Euro Funding it has rejected its ties with Moscow and joined in reality the Western world:

The Basic Overview in 2023

Let's start with the mentality and socio-anthropological peculiarities. Bulgarians are quite distrustful when it comes to news and politics. Not about the news itself, but about who will tell it to him. He generally, because of his unpleasant experiences(and misery because of them) does not trust news, media, politicians, so the chance to trust the opinion of a fake social profile about news, on the internet is reduced to zero. Moreover, he is used to getting his information from an authority who quotes other authorities no matter what the information is. It is another matter that it is no coincidence that everything in Bulgaria since communism is labeled People's- People's Assembly, People's Army, People's Police, People's Theater, People's Court... People's Diplomacy. After all, until a few decades ago the country was mainly agrarian, with over 90% of the people living in small villages and communities, with a lack of urban individualistic life and established traditions of independent living and perceptions. So as strange as it may sound in the West, one of the most powerful Russian propaganda weapons in Bulgaria was the -traditional sheepdog- a new breed was specially developed in the early 2000s, with a very popular in Russia male from Pazardzhik at the heart of the development:

The public position of the candidate for MP from Pazardzhik of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Georgi Yankulov:

All Traitors betraying Bulgaria into the hands of the Globalists and Satanists will be swept away in time. And the Phoenix will rise again!

A position pronounced 20/03/2023 that sounds more than startling. The words used are- Traitors- West- Satanists- and Displaced. In any normal rule of law country, for such words, the consequences would be severe.

Georgi Yankulov, businessman candidate for MP from Pazardzhik, with Vice President from Pazardzhik Iliana Iotova. Both are from the BSP, with Iliana Iotova, who has been in the higher council of the BSP since 2016, responsible for Pazardzhik.

Let's look at the story of a seemingly ordinary man, from the Bulgarian countryside, who if we look at his social profile, we should find all the elements of Russian Troll Propaganda: Hatred of the USA and the Anglo-Saxons, Hatred of financiers, capitalists and Jews (Soros), Hatred of Europe, Hatred of Immigrants, Hatred of Ukrainians. Instilling fear and a sense of insecurity through: Fake News, Conspiracies, Provocations causing the circle around him to feel great anxiety, thus creating a controllable group that can be manipulated in many ways.

No, this is not quite an ordinary person. He is in business, has a petrol station and is part of the BSP structures and a BSP candidate. Can't you assume that a businessman MP candidate could be a Troll?

The rhetoric is like something out of Kremlin ideologue Dugin's Conspirology textbook. Perception which is expected from the West.

The West wants to poison and destroy us. There are secret plans, secret laboratories, viruses, diseases, food, Monsanto... and generally in the West the food and everything is terrible:

The illustrations are sometimes terribly reminiscent of Nazi propaganda from the early 1930s, before the National Socialists took power in Germany:

But the Nazis are the Ukrainians. After all, Russian Nazism is based on Ethnicity and Faith. The idea of the Slavic-Orthodox World.

Putin is always present. In this case, he is greeting the Orthodox World on New Year's Eve - according to the Russian calendar, of course.

By the way, the myth of Slavonicity is forged with the myth of Cyrillic and Glagolitic, invented and given to Russia by the Bulgarians:

While later the Russians saved the Bulgarians from 500 years of slavery:

Faith is as important as the alphabet:

While in the West they are greedy, they want to push the Euro and erase the Bulgarian Lev and identity. A theory that sounds crazy but is well founded and even better accepted:

Yet in the same way theories are accepted about weapons causing earthquakes, about 5G technology killing pigeons, about spraying planes with something, about aliens, about Satan and demons in the West...:

But Russian propagandists are held in high esteem, they are quoted, they are invited to Bulgarian shows...:

And the traditional family is very important. After all, it opposes the decadent Babylon called the West:

And they quote Bulgarian Professors who are the refferences providers, but not the real influencers:

And here is the official position of the Bulgarian Socialist Party on the strangely proposed(only proposed, now the ball is in the same BSP hands and the pro Russian president) to remove the Russian Monument of the Liberator in Sofia, on the basis of which they are organizing a national protest on March 9th, 2023.

BSP Bulgaria, for pushing Putin's ideology, definitely know how to engage some of the most successful people in Bulgaria and from a diverse social spectrum.

Where the West Lost the Battle for Bulgaria - in the Information War. The West has been led into a complete delusion of what to expect and what is really happening in Bulgaria. The focus was on the elites and Top to Botton (media, politicians, local government, journalists, classic forms of control and influence), and in reality Russia had taken the opposite approach, with the elites simply being proxies on whom little really depended.

Source for Quotes

On Friday, 10.03.2023, prominent names and public figures establish the Initiative Committee for a referendum against the entry of gender ideology (LGBTQ, self-determination of the individual) in Bulgarian schools. The establishment will take place after the impressive civic support for the BSP initiative in defence of the Bulgarian family and children.

The elite shooter, who has won Olympic gold twice for Bulgaria, Tanyu Kiriakov, announced today his entry into the Initiative Committee. The legendary coach of the "golden girls" Neshka Robeva, the former rector of the NSA prof. Svetoslav Ivanov, the hero of USA-94 Emil Kostadinov, the world champion in weightlifting Zlatan Vanev, the legend of the football club "Levski" Emil Velev - Kokala, the selector of the youth football Angel Stoykov, the authoritative lawyer Vladimir Sheytanov, the popular director and actor Vladi Vargala, the publisher Ivan Granitski, prof. Radoslav Gaidarski, lawyers, journalists and representatives of parents' organizations.

One of the initiators Ivan Granitski and the chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Writers Boyan Angelov, who is from Pazardzhik. Both are members of the Supreme Council of the BSP.

At the establishment of the Initiative Committee, the question on the basis of which the consultation of the Bulgarian citizens will be made will be announced, after which the petition for the referendum will be launched.

In general, the structures of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, which is part of the European Socialists, live a rather parallel diamatral life from the life of the European Community. As well as promoting quite different and conservative values and ideals from the generally liberal European Left of which they are a part.

The woman on the right is Lilyana Murkhova - Prisadnikova, lawyer, chairperson of the BSP in Pazardzhik municipality and municipal councillor in Pazardzhik Municipal Council. And here she is, 2023 under the Russian flag celebrating the Russian New Year.

This is another photo of the Pazardzhik Socialist Party, and it is of former MP and subsequent Social Minister Nadia Klisurska:

A little more about Nadia Klisurska:

Sources of Information

All of these people are exceptional professionals at what they do, incredibly well-prepared speakers who have dense at least daily media access, plus they have dissident status, and are always presented as extremely erudite and educated, knowledgeable experts. Not a blatant counter to the "supposedly pro-Western" youth who came from Western universities and brought everything bad that has failed Bulgaria.

National Security and Foreign Policy Expert

A very interesting and open interview in which one of the "greatest experts on international affairs" (according to the Bulgarian media) says that he would love to see full integration between China and Russia. Because that way they will defend Traditional Values, and in particular the Survival of Bulgaria!

Professor Chukov, national security expert, national security advisor. In 1998 he became an associate professor, in 2005 - a doctor of economic sciences with a dissertation on "Islamic fundamentalism as a threat to national security". He has taught at a number of Bulgarian universities. Varna Free University, St. Sofia University, Sofia University, New Bulgarian University, Ruse University "Angel Kanchev" and others. From 1995 to 1998 he was the editor-in-chief of the journal International Relations. In 1999 he founded the non-governmental organization "Bulgarian Center for Middle Eastern Studies", and in 2002 - "Center for Regional and Confessional Studies". Since 2005 he has been the Scientific Secretary of the Specialized Scientific Council on International Relations of the SAC, and since 2006 - a member of the Commission on Social Sciences of the SAC. He is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of International Relations. "He is also a member of the Society of International Relations and the Committee on Public Affairs. In 2008 he founded the information and analytical website on the problems of the Middle East

The interview itself is a unique illustration of Bulgarian reality. It unfolds at Sofia University, in the new library of the Chinese Cultural Center, which is part of the largest, oldest and most prestigious university in Bulgaria. In which there is a Confucius College-Institute, jointly with China and managed by China. About us (

The Tough Hand in the Police

Colonel Nikolai Markov, an expert on National Security, is a staunch critic of everything pro-Western happening in Bulgaria. The problems he points out are extremely topical, he deals with a lot of facts and presents the image of the hard hand that must come to deal with the national traitors.

Against the West, the Western Values, the Western politics in Bulgaria and for Russia

Ivo Hristov, professor of sociology at Sofia University, is one of the main critics of all Euro-Atlantic processes in Bulgaria. And one of the main lawyers of Putin and Russia.

But his argument for the moral superiority of Orthodox Russia must be combined and justified with their oxymoronic relationship with Communist China.

Against the Euro Zone

Grigor Saryski, Associate Professor of Economics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, is the main trump card in the resistance against Bulgaria's entry into the euro area. Currently, and largely on his "reasonable arguments", a referendum against the Eurozone is being prepared.

The economic arguments and quotes are backed by Chinese reasoning. As in what is being fed by the authorities, "The West's gulf runs not only through Russia's military and resource power, but also through China's economic power. "

Associate Professor Valentin Vatsev and the Fall of the West

Associate Professor Valentin Vatsev was born in 1950 in Varna. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and History of Sofia University "St. He graduated from St. Kliment Ohridski University. Until 1997 he was a member of the Executive Bureau of the BSP. He is a long-time lecturer at the AONSU. Currently he teaches Geopolitics and European Studies at the European Higher School of Economics and Management in Plovdiv. Author of research in philosophy, sociology, cultural studies and political science. He has research interests in political science, cultural studies and geopolitics. In his analyses, the main themes are the Fall of Europe and the Fall of the United States, and the future war in United States.

Professor Darina Grigorova On Historical Myths and the Preservation of Historical Memory

Professor of History Darina Grigorova from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The new and fresh face of Bulgarian history. A vision of a revolutionary, a young and brilliant scholar who tells history as Moscow thinks it should be.

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