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Anti System Cults- The New Old Terrorism

When we talk about Cults coming from Moscow, we are not talking about Religious-Philosophical currents, but about instruments of mass social destruction. As these destructive social cults can be masterfully disguised behind movements for Peace, which the USSR handled very skillfully during the Cold War by directing them against the USA. And organizations like the UN and UNESCO can be part of Russia's foreign policy game, legitimizing Cult movements directed against the Liberal and Democratic models of the West.

Pastor Plamen Petrov, the man who found in art a door to the Devil.

In Bulgaria in 2023 one can listen to sermons by pastors who are ideologically much closer to Russia than to the evangelical USA. Sermons in which they talk about burning books and paintings, and the danger of art. One such is the pastor is Plamen Petvrov, an adventist who heals online, claims to be able to cure homosexuality, and has found in art a major enemy.

This would be taken as a rather radical departure of a free denomination from the U.S. if it weren't for a number of ties to pro-Russian parties and people associated with the secret police during Communism. Тhe leader of the Russophiles of Pazardzhik did not advertise rather controversial events of the Adventist church in Pazardzhik. (radical pro-Russian party led by Nikolai Malinov accused of spying for Russia)

The presentation of the book brimming with homophobia, conspiracy theories typical of the KKK and hatred of the modern West took place in Pazardzhik. The author is the prominent evangelist, leader in the nationalist party VMRO and collaborator of the Secret Police until 1989 Alexander Urumov. The evangelist writer was part of the military counterintelligence during Communism, under the pseudonym Abel, according to declassified archives.

As part of the VMRO, Alexander was the head of the War Ministry's Press Center. VMRO is a party in which another agent of the Secret Police of Communism- Krassimir Karakachanov(the leader of VMRO), who during the rule of the GERB party was a Military Minister in a NATO member country. His introduction on social networks is of a prominent writer and homophobe: "Alexander Urumov is a famous Bulgarian writer and playwright. He is the author of a number of beloved books and plays, popular in Bulgaria and abroad. He graduated in Bulgarian philology at the Sofia University. He is a graduate in Bulgarian Literature from the University of St. Kliment Ohridski. A staunch defender of family and Christian values, he was the first to start the battle against the Istanbul Convention. He is a staunch fighter against the Brussels gender ideology and homosexual propaganda.

Director of the Public Relations and Protocol Directorate of the Ministry of Defence. Public communication expert, head of the national "Be a Soldier" campaign. Bulgarian. Christian. Family man with two children. "

As a creative writer, mirroring communist atheist and Islamophobic ideology, he came to Christianise Iran in his book Ali the Immortal. In general, unlike the US, in Bulgaria, KKK organizations, cleverly hide behind veiled messages, but overall Russia has become a Safe Haven for both International Organized Crime and the Radical Left and Right. Read more here...Bulgarian Pseudo-Nationalism- 35 years in Russia's shadow (

Asian Cults in Bulgaria

Pazardzhik, 2023, mayor and other public figures become faces of a cult religious organization legitimized by the UN,under the slogan of the March for Peace. Part of a large-scale multi-million project for a Peace Garden in Pazardzhik, with ambitions to be the largest in Eastern Europe. Speaking of such large-scale projects for World Peace, aimed at engaging the entire diplomatic corps in Bulgaria, there is no way not to mention the most famous diplomat in the UN, the Director of UNESCO, who was born very close to Pazardzhik. 30 miles from Pazardzhik in small village of Yakoruda was born the infamous leader of UNESCO Irina Bokova, who was loudly accused by the world media of being put in office by Russia after masterful lobbying.

Irina Bokova herself (graduated in International Relations in Moscow in 1976, at the Moscow State University School of Diplomats), is the daughter of one of the most prominent figures of the Communist Party, Georgi Bokov (Secretary of the Communist Party) and one of the most powerful people in the Communist Party after the fall of the regime in 1989, shaping to a large extent the media environment in Bulgaria. "Forbes" included in the list of the most influential people on the planet, is also a guest lecturer at the University of Geneva. Her career at the UN began after her student days in Moscow. 1977-1982: Trainee Attaché and Third Secretary in the UN and Disarmament Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1982-1984: Third Secretary in the Permanent Mission of Bulgaria to the UN, New York, 1984-1990: Second and First Secretary in the UN and Disarmament Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2005: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria to France and Monaco. 2005: Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Bulgaria to UNESCO, 2009: Director-General of UNESCO, re-elected for a second term in 2013.

Irina Bokova now is a professor at the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies in South Korea, behind the Moon Unification Church. At his university in the US, a professor in the 90s was the founder of the Democratic Pro-Western Parties in Bulgaria, also graduated in Moscow, not diplomacy but PhD Law- Stoyan Ganev. Who, like Irina, is a diplomat, but at the national level.

The main media lawyer for Bokova's candidacy for UN chief was the "most prominent" Bulgarian Atlanticist - Solomon Passy.

Moon's Unification Church in the U.S. gained popularity in 2023 with its armed services of Trump supporters.

More about Anti-Systemic Cults, Radical Right, Foreign Policy and Several more important people from Pazardzhik, graduated in Moscow, responsible for the Political Transition in Bulgaria after the so-called peaceful fall of Communism:

Peace Marches in Bulgaria after the War with Russia

After the beginning of the war with Russia, a mass movement for Peace began in Bulgaria, unprecedented in scale and energy.

According to the organizers of the March for Peace on 24/04/2023, there has not been such a protest in Sofia for decades. Which was held in 30 Bulgarian cities simultaneously and gathered over 30, 000 people. Bulgarian Russophiles for Peace (

Europe at the Time of the War against Russia

Euroscepticism, crime, patriotism and nationalism, Slavophilism and Putin's orthodoxy, Anti-NATO protests, Pro-Russia protests, anti-European sentiment, patriotic education in schools, Islamophobia, conspiracy theories, anti-capitalism, homophobia, xenophobia, superstitions, pro-Russian parties in Parliament, and a party competing in Parliamentary elections under the name "Out of EU and NATO", these are the media headlines for Bulgaria today. The European idea has failed in Bulgaria, across the board and most of all ideologically.

At the same time France is in chaos, like the other member states, the far right is a ticking time bomb.

White Peace Brotherhood- Made in Russia Cult

In October of 1993, several thousands of young Ukrainians made a walking trip to Kiev - the trip was accompanied with mass hysteria and suicides regarding the doomsday of October 24th, as sect's leaders predicted. On February 9th 1996, Ukrainian citizen Marina Tsvigun-Krivonogova-Kovalchuk (this is the number of names that she has officially changed in her life) was sentenced to four years in prison at a correctional colony. Her husband, Yury Krivonogov (known as Yuoann Svami, microelectronics specialist, the secret chairman of the totalitarian sect the White Brotherhood), was sentenced to seven years in prison. During the Soviet era, Yury Krivonogov was employed at one of the secret institutes of the KGB in Kiev - the institute was studying methods to affect the human mind.

Today Marina Tsvigun lives in Moscow and is actively engaged in anti-Western propaganda, with many media appearances. She also dabbles in abstract art, gathering circles of like-minded artists.

In Bulgaria Followers of the Ukrainian White Brotherhood - YUSMALOS raised a stone pyramid over the Madara Horseman in 2006, in a nature reserve, and this remained intact. This happened at their annual gathering, and a hundred meters away, on the foundations of the medieval church in the fortress, icons of the Virgin Mary were placed, and the place was marked as "Mother Mary Church".

Professor Stoycho Yotov is the head of the group "Religion and National Security", when asked by journalists whether the Russian sect is dangerous, answered that there are many cults in Bulgaria, but the American ones are dangerous: "Baptists, Fifth Pentecostals, Adventists, Congregationalists, and Jehovah's Witnesses, and newer to our country, Mormons. Of the registered religious communities, these are the most active. Since 1989, they have carried on religious activities without hindrance. No one stops them when they violate the rights of free choice and harass people by ringing their apartment doors and stuffing their mailboxes with propaganda materials." Стойчо Йотов: Секти се домогват до политиката – Православие.БГ (

Another Russian Sect, led by a former State Security officer made a settlement near Lesichovo, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria (not accidentally called Little Moscow)

-Ecology, clean and environmentally friendly lifestyle. By the way, the tribesman of Lesichovo, a village with a population of less than 500, has an international cosmetic, holistic company with headquarters in Bulgaria, Italy and the UK.

The "reborn" as Christ Russian prophet Vissarion made a living as a militiaman during perestroika. His followers of Vissarion in Bulgaria have established a commune in the village of Muhovo(death village close to Lesichovo), Pazardzhik.

23.10.2004,Duma, Silvia Nikolova An underground headquarters of the prophet Vissarion sect, operates 50 meters from the building of the Council of Ministers, which also houses the Religious Affairs Directorate, a DUMA reporter found. The commune in Siberia was named "City of the Sun" by Vissarion himself, after the treatise of the same name by medieval philosopher Tommaso Campanella. The likeness of all living and non-living creations on earth and their primordial aspiration to be likened to the Creator, however, are the only points of contact between the classical and the sectarian. Vissarion requires of his followers complete vegetarianism, that what is acquired by the members of the commune be enjoyed free and in common, that all meet the rising of the sun and pray several times a day at such times as he shall appoint.

The Church of Latter-day Saints, as Vissarion's totalitarian sect is affirmed to be, is indeed not on record. The "At Dawn" Foundation, behind which his sympathizers operate in this country, is, however, registered. Vissarion has been "touring" Bulgaria for several years. The 43-year-old new "Christ" is actually a former governement security officer and unrealized artist. Sergei Anatolievich Torop, as his name actually is, was born on January 16, 1961 in Krasnodar. He suffered from alcoholism, which actually became the reason for his being kicked out of the militia units, Russian websites claim. Before declaring himself the new "Son of God," he was actively involved in ufology, the science of UFOs. In 1990s in Siberia he built a commune registered as an ecovillage. His adherents claim that his followers around the world are now welling up to 5,000 people. After the Russians, the most numerous among them are the Moldovans, who have also built a "City of the Sun" ecovillage in their country.


Extremely connected with Lesichovo (the settlement where Visarion's commune is) are two sisters, one in Russia, the other in Bulgaria, working with the Ministry of Education, dealing with programs related to Bulgaria. Sister in law on Serozha Lazarov, the 3 terms mayor(and lockal untouchable) is Ruskata citizen Nina Mazykina, who worked for the Ministry of Education of Russia at the Department of Upbringing and Complementary Education for Children and Youth of the Ministry of Education of Russia, organizer of the all-Russian events for patriotic upbringing of children and youth, member of the working group from the Ministry of Education of Russia for development and implementation of the first program Patriotic Education of citizens of the Russian Federation for 2000-2005; She is a coordinator of the Interregional Movement of Creative Educators, and founder of the programme for the Ministry of Education of Russia: REGIONAL PUBLIC FOUNDATION FOR ASSISTANCE TO PATRIOTIC EDUCATION OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH. Specialist in Historical Local History.

But much more interesting is another person with the surname Lazarov Nadezhda, who lives in Bulgaria. As one of its most interesting projects is about Cyril and Methodius, the beginning of Slavianism. A Bulgarian woman associated with projects funded by Russia, such as patriotic education, the liberation of Bulgaria thanks to Russia...She is working on "Slavic Bridge - Children's Diplomacy" The programme of the Bulgarian branch of the International Academy of Youth Tourism and Regional Studies - Bulgaria in cooperation with the international Foundation "The Successors of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius – a common beginning", is a continuation of the "Slavic Bridge - Children's Diplomacy" program is a continuation of the programme "Slavic Bridge - Children's Diplomacy". The objectives of the aim of the programme is spiritual and moral upbringing of the rising generation, to cherish the history and traditions of the Slavic peoples, the monuments, memorials and war graves; restoration of historical and cultural links; and development of a feeling for pan-Slavic and intercultural bonds between the Slavic peoples. Development of a sense of patriotism and a profound love for one's fatherland a deep love for his/her Motherland; development of a new diplomacy "We are one family on planet Earth".

Replacing Communism with Occultism - Lyudmila Zhivkova's Project

The occult "phenomena" in Bulgaria, such as the much hyped Vanga and the new age "guru" Beinsa Duno (Peter Dynov- Bulgarian White Brotherhood) who died in 1944, would probably have been forgotten about by now, if it hadn't been for the activities of one person. That person was the daughter of the head of the Socialist Bulgaria Todor Zhivkov, Ludmila Todorovna Zhivkov (1942-1981). Her father, the head of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, Todor Zhivkov, who even today is one of the most respected politicians in Bulgaria, made his daughter the Minister of Culture of Bulgaria in the early 1970s. The post was not simply a "family patronage". We are talking about a huge budget made towards the implementation of cultural and social projects considered significant by Ludmila. Bulgaria is at this moment the most economically developed Eastern European country and one of the most economically developed European countries. For more than 10 years, huge funds have been poured into the creation of a huge patriotic and nationalistic myth- 1300 years of Bulgaria. In which there are two main pillars- the 24th of May- the Golden Age and the Slavic Alphabet. And the second pillar is 130 years of liberation from slavery, thanks to Russia. Alongside these developed, mythology(with hints of Egypt and India) and mysticism(filled with superstitions contrary to reason and logic), mixed through various Eastern influences, which generally to be in complete opposition to the West or any Western ideological influence.

1978. Pictured: Sviatoslav Roerich, his wife Devika Rani and Lyudmila Zhivkova. Svyatoslav Roerich. Performance at the Museum of Oriental Art. Russia, Moscow. 1978.

Svyatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh (10 October 1904, but some sources, including BSE, mistakenly indicated the date 23 October [5 November] 1904, St. Petersburg - January 30, 1993, Bangalore) - Russian and Indian artist, public figure, collector of Oriental art, honorary member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1978). His main genres of paintings are landscapes, portraits and symbolic compositions. Son of Nicholas and Elena Roerich. Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich (Roerich) (27 September [9 October] 1874, St Petersburg - 13 December 1947, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, India) was a Russian artist, scenographer, mystical philosopher, writer, traveller, archaeologist and public figure[12]. Academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1909). During his life, he produced about 7000 paintings, many of which are in famous galleries around the world, and about thirty volumes of literary works, including one poetic one. Author of the idea and initiator of the Roerich Pact, founder of the international cultural movements Peace through Culture and Banner of Peace.

Rerikh Painting- Vision behind Mysticism

Ludmila Zhivkova was indeed a well-known cultural activist of her republic. Her life was changed by the car accident of 1973, when she almost died at the age of 31. Having survived the crash, she began actively studying new age cults, the Roerichs' "agni yoga," communicated closely with Svyatoslav Roerich (1904-1993) and repeatedly invited him to Bulgaria, was interested in the Dynov cult, and visited Vanga many times. More than that, Zhivkova set herself the fantastic goal of replacing communist ideology, with the ideology of occultism and new age. She supervised activities far removed from culture, such as financial assistance to Vanga, who under her began to receive a salary from the state. As the "prophetess Vanga", she makes the connection between the Elite Occult and the People's Occult.

One of her greatest passions, as well as an urban legend, is the discovery in Bulgaria of the tomb of the Egyptian goddess Bassete. In 1981, Todor Zhivkov, the daughter of the former First Deputy, organised a secret expedition to Strandzha Mountain full of myths and legends. The expedition is official and includes both archaeologists and journalists, as well as a border guard from state security. They were all searching for the necropolis of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet. A myth, well made up by the secret services, which has been the basis of Bulgarian Occultism for 35 years. Людмила Живкова - оккультная "гуру" Болгарии. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

But her most avant-garde project is the New Age idea of the Children of the Future, the new generation of Wunderkins who will be united around love, peace and harmony(in complete opposition to Western Aggressive Imperialism). Bells Banner of Peace, as a concept is based on the Russian idea of indigo children with admixtures of Eastern and Tibetan mysticism, which Lyudmila Zhivkova handled well.


Lyudmila Zhivkova is extremely attentive to the Korean Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon and its Forums for International Peace. Muun is the only representative as a Religion other than all the other Nationalities represented at the Banner of Peace Assembly. In 1988 Moon was organizing a scientific conference on ecological issues in Varna, Bulgaria with the assistance of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria. The forum was held by the Professors' Academy for World Peace (PASM). More on the Korean Cult successfully working with communist regimes: Stoyan Ganev: The Beautiful Mind Bulgarian Politics as a Totalitarian Religious Cult (

Speaking of Russian propaganda and ideological warfare, in Bulgaria today there is a complete revision of the personality of Lyudmila Zhivkova and a transformation of her work as Minister of Culture during Communism into a very attractive and positive Cult. Thus not only revising the whole ideology of Communism, but de facto reinforcing everything on which it laid the foundations.

Here is an excerpt of her contemporary presentation(as well as that of the Russian ideologue Roerich) in Bulgaria, on the most watched TV, by the most rated journalist and producer Georgi Toshev:

"Lyudmila Zhivkova, like Nikolai Roerich, dreamed of a better world, of a society organized on the basis of culture and beauty. Roerich is trying to realize his plan for an earthly Shambhala; Zhivkova longs for a "spiritual center." Neither will succeed in realizing their aspirations, but both certainly leave behind a legacy that continues to excite and question."

Рьорих, Дънов и Людмила Живкова - каква е връзката? | In Bulgaria, the process the replacementm of History is in full force. The communist regime has been replaced by the positive perception of Socialism.

Anti-system movemements can be transmitted from one society to another, while transitional proxy communities like Bulgaria represent an ideal testing ground for anti-systemic movements.

The White Brotherhood in Bulgaria is based on the continuation of the myth of the 1000 years old Bogomilian heresy, which emerged in Bulgaria in the X century is a classical example of anti- system movement, and turned into a real nightmare in Southern France at the turn of the XII-XIII centuries, which originated in Bulgaria and quickly spread to Northern Italy, Southern France and even to England.

Anti-Systemic Movements -Ideological Distribution outside Russia

And this is France, 2023, at a protest allegedly about the retirement age.

If we make a detailed analysis of the anti-systemic ideological currents at work in Bulgaria over the last 34 years, we will find a transience in protest, rejection, messianism, while at the same time a complete preservation of the old elite. We will find remarkably similar quasi anti-systemic currents based on religious-political cocktails that proliferated throughout the post-Soviet space, stifling any systematic attempt at social and societal evolution. As in Bulgaria, they have succeeded in reversing social trends to total social regression, achieved only by radical intellectual currents such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. But what is important in this Russian cocktail is the academically modelled programmes that aim to achieve social outcomes through a highly scientific methodology.

Omraham Mikael Ivanhov (real name Mikhail Ivanov) (1900, Macedonia - 1986, Frejus, France) was a Bulgarian religious figure, philosopher and occultist. He lived in France since 1937. He was a disciple of Petar Dynov. He founded French branch of World White Brotherhood. Ivanhov's teaching is a syncretic combination of Christian ideas and Eastern religions.

Example of anti-systemic organization are the White Brotherhood- Danovists (under White Brotherhood name there are fraternal organizations throughout the post-Soviet bloc, in Ukraine it was led by an academic who worked for the KGB in the field of mass manipulation, In Russia by security officer), based on the Bogomilism that originated in Bulgaria in the 10th century. Today White Brotherhood and the World White Brotherhood help unite Slavophiles who do not associate themselves with the Orthodox Church, or are tempted by mysticism, and desire more elite intellectual status. The concept is an ideological racisт mixture from religions, yoga, tantra and Christianity, plus ideas from ancient religions the Manicheans, the Bogomils, the Adamites.

The importance of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria and the volume of its popularity is indicated by the arrangement in a study of national symbolism and popular culture. In the Bulgarian National Television's "Bulgaria's Greatest Personalities" campaign conducted in 2007, the patriotic nationalist symbol Vasil Levski was ranked first with nearly 50,000 votes cast. In second place - with 20 000 votes - was the spiritual symbol Peter Dunov.

Dunov is the most significant Bulgarian figure before the world. He did not create a new religion, but a new interpretation of the Bible turned to Nature. A headline on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Dunow's birth in a newspaper associated with the Right and Democracy in Bulgaria.

According to Russian sources, the origin of the name and the essence of the ideology:

The name for his sect in the form of the White Brotherhood - Beins Duno (aka Peter Dynov) came up with thanks to the extensive activities in Russia and abroad of the Roerich Society and the Blavatsky Theosophical Society. Their key ideas of the Mahatmas (white brothers) and the following races that Peter Dynov planted in the minds of his followers.

The term anti-systemic organization was coined by the accademic Lev Nikolayevich Gumilev was a Soviet historian, ethnologist, anthropologist and translator. He had a reputation for his highly unorthodox theories of ethnogenesis and historiosophy. He was an exponent of Eurasianism.), understanding it as a community of people emerging in the contact zone of several developed cultures, united by a negative worldview that denies reality!

One of the main theses of the Russian Academic is that Anti-system movemements can be transmitted from one society to another, then the entire modern world can turn into a batle ground of various anti-systemic movements. As an example of the movements of the early 20th century, fascism, Nazism, communism.

The anti-system is at the same time is both an organization struggling against an established social empire and a religious-philosophical or political doctrine which is syncretic in origin and therefore rejects any existing socio-spiritual order. Without going into the polemic between the various points of view, the following features of anti-systemic socio-spiritual formations can be identified: syncretic origin, a utopian or eschatological doctrine that denies the existing social order, and an esoteric organization structure based on lies and concealment.

The anti-system movemements are characterized by desire to act primarily against the society in which anti-system was created. All kinds of mystics preaching "secret knowledge" and calling for the rejection of existing ways of life in favor of their "hidden doctrines"; sectarians intending to forcefully enlighten the "uninitiated"; revolutionaries dreaming of destroying the "world of violence".

First, it is the denial of the social reality at hand and the articulation of utopian, unrealizable religious-philosophical doctrines, which allows anti-systemic leaders to rally under their banner who are dissatisfied with the current sociopolitical situation. Secondly, it is the role of a catalyst that the antisystem plays time and again when dealing with social upheavals, even if the adherents of the antisystem were not initially involved in these upheavals. And then, always begins a confrontation with the existing society, based on its reactions: if the society responds to the anti-system with persecution If the society responds to the prosecution and a firm ban on its activities, the anti-systemic preachers go no further than the denial of public service (first of all, productive work). But if the society is weakened by the crisis or civil confrontation, as it was in medieval Europe(or 20th Century) at the time of the Council of Lateran, the anti-system does not hesitate to encroach on state power and openly uses violence. These features of anti-systemic social activity remain unchanged in the Middle Ages and today.

The most famous anti-systemic movements of the past were Manichaeism, Bogomilism, the confederation of "White Lotus" sects in the Middle Ages. In the ninth century the Bulgarians were defeated militarily by the Byzantine Empire, became politically dependent on it, and converted to Orthodoxy in 865. Christian influence had been strong in the Danube valley before, and so baptism was almost painless. But Emperor John Tzimiskes used the Danube valley as a reservoir for heretics deported from other provinces of the empire. Thus, the Manicheans deported from Greece had long lived here, and in 872, having suppressed the revolt of the sectarians-Pavlicians in Asia Minor, the emperor forcibly transferred to the Danube several thousand captive heretics. Both Manichaeism and Paulicianism shared the notion of two Gods. Dualism in general was inherent in the Slavic nature; even as a pagan, the Slavs knew about it, as evidenced by Slavic mythology, which did not unify the concept of deity, but, on the contrary, fragmented it. Slavic humanity from time immemorial was used to express its happiness in white or light, and misfortune in black or darkness... From this thought came the division of the personifications themselves into 'white gods', who never did evil, and 'black', who never did good.

In the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine that the ideas of fascism, Nazism and racism live on and on. But in reality, we see a historical transit of an anti-systemic ideology that only changes its outer shell according to circumstances. The ideas of the White Brotherhood and the World White Brotherhood help to veil economic protectionism, xenophobia and racism. Thus creating the idea of a larger Slavic community allowing for cultural preservation. With ideological mixture from religions, yoga, tantra and Christianity, plus ideas from ancient religions which were banned by Catholics: the Manicheans, the Bogomils, the Adamites, the World White Brothers classify themselves as a philosophical-religious doctrine which is a mix of esoteric Christianity and occultism. In Bulgaria, it is an official religious doctrine in the Directorate of Religious Affairs and is accepted into the official Bulgarian religions.

During WW2 (the Great War) Dynov and his disciple actively supported fascism and neo-Nazis (Rudolf Steiner's philosophy and Hitler's theory of the white race - the Aryan race), as they themselves were radical in Slavophilism and the superiority of certain races over others (all this fitted with their inner philosophy, and did not cause contradictions in the minds of their followers). Actually, one thing is clear, that without the fanatic ideas of Nicholas Roerich and Madama Blavatsky about the Mahatmas - the White Brotherhood of Heavenly Protectors and High Spiritual Leaders, reviving the White Brotherhood would be extremely difficult..

But along the Bulgarian-Russian axis a number of different official efforts are being made to revive the White Brotherhood as an anti-systemic movement capable of opposing Euro-Atlantic identity. Because, after all, for Russia Bulgaria has one important purpose and that is to be a Spiritual Gateway to the Western World through which various intellectual influences can be pushed, serving as a tool in Putin's hands.

Culture and Art as Part of the Anti-Systemic Movement

On 30 January 2017, the Centre for Slavic Cultures at the Library of Foreign Literature together with the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow hosted a round table discussion on the "History of the Bogomils in artistic and scholarly embodiment". The unity of faith, the unity of the liturgical language and the Church writing, which was established in Bulgaria at the end of the 9th century, still bind us in inseparable bonds of brotherly unity. The many monuments to Russian soldiers and statesmen, who made a significant contribution to the independence of Bulgaria, testify to the strong ties between our peoples in the past.

The story of the Bulgarian poet and playwright Stefan Tzanev's play "The Trial of the Bogomils" was presented by BCI employee Maya Pramatarova. His work on the Bogomils was part of a large-scale play performed in the Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Sofia, evoking numerous allusions and projections onto modern life. Comparisons with modernity and the past, the struggle of the Bogomils against the darkness and darkness (the West) looming over Bulgaria was the main topic of discussion at the Bulgarian Cultural Center in Moscow.

Another discussed topic in Moscow is Alexander Veselovsky in the World Context" (2016), with proceedings of the International Scientific Conference dedicated to him. Alexander Veselovsky was a Russian literary historian whose area of interest included the study of Christian legends, including Bogomilian legends. БКИ Москва | Богомильство. Взгляд из нашего времени (

In Russia as a whole, in addition to the myriad programs implemented in Bulgaria in the areas of People's Diplomacy, Pedagogy and Cultural Development, open public panels are held to discuss the basic parameters of cultural bondage.

One of the forums discusses the unity of faith, the unity of the liturgical language and the Church writing, which was established in Bulgaria at the end of the 9th century, still bind us in inseparable bonds of brotherly unity. The many monuments to Russian soldiers and statesmen, who made a significant contribution to the independence of Bulgaria, testify to the strong ties between our peoples in the past.

Celebrations of the Slavic Language in Pazardzhik, 2021- extraordinary similarities with the celebrations and mass organized demonstrations during Communism. The culmination is at the Monument of the Letters built by the sculptor Spas Kirichev. History Clubs, Historical Myths and Nostalgia for the Soviet Union (

"The Language of Prayer- A Message from the Deep Ages", the framework in which the work of the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet is examined- "Saints Cyril and Methodius, creators of the Letters and the Glagolitic alphabet (the Cyrillic alphabet is not present, and the Glagolitic alphabet breaks the link with Constantinople). Slavic Language, the language of worship. Thus, andexceptional importance is given to May 24. strengthening the ties between Bulgaria and Russia(not Bulgaria Greek Diocese). As an important place is given to the rituals for May 24(resembling those of the Communist times)- as the most important the panel defines the Ethno dance in a circle- Horo.

The Good People

Following the dualist rhetoric, until the athies take power, anti-systemic movements are in the role of the wronged martyrs and saints. The very name of the Bogomils in the Middle Ages was the Good People. As this can still be found today in various forms, whether the Good People of Putin who saved Crimea, or a teacher in Pazardzhik preaching this ideology in an Art School twinned with Russia and publishing books under this innocuous and naively sentimental name.

Martyrs with only one friend- Russia

A historical series about the beginning of the Bogomil movement and Boyan Maga is being broadcast in prime time on Bulgarian National Television in early 2023. The top budgeted series for 2023, funded by the Ministry of Culture and the Culture Fund, tells the story of the Slavonic Script(not Bulgarian- because according to the film the Glagolitic script comes from Kherson, part of the Russian Principalities, and it is the basis of the Cyrillic script, having nothing to do with the immoral and uncouth Constantinople. The Cyrillic script in general, Slavonic script or the Slavic script, is a writing system used for various languages across Eurasia.

"The Bogomils were once in Bulgaria for the uplifting of the Bulgarian people, but because the Bulgarians were not ready, they did not accept Bogomilism and therefore fell under Turkish rule. The Bogomils went up, and now that Bulgaria has been liberated, they have come again. This is what they say: going down and coming up. They are the current disciples of the White Brotherhood," says Peter Dunov, who until the 1940s initiated the new Bogomils into the secrets of the White Brotherhood. Slavery and Uplift and Liberation from Russia.

Прекрасен Пример за Анти Системност

Anti-Systemic Movements are on the rise in Bulgaria in various forms. Writers like Ivan have managed to pack halls and give seminars all over Bulgaria, as well as sell thousands of books.

Последната му книга е за мисията на Българите, според думите на Дънов:

Семинари из цяла България

What he shares on social networks is a mix between Denovian Harmony and Western Satan (who has gathered a whole range of conspiracy theories):

As in his social posts these are the Western minions of Satan:

and vivid opposition of Satan with the Good

With the ever present protests in Europe against NATO and Anti Russian sanctions

And Western education is like Western values- Slavery:

As in 2022 in the halls with the presentation of the books are the flags of Russia and Bulgaria:

And of course Pure Mother Nature not destroyed by the West is present everywhere:

The school, the aim of which was to develop the students' spiritual abilities. Danov began his course with Christian teaching (The pupils were all Orthodox Christians): he said that

a person should have "bright thoughts in the mind, pure feelings and desires in the heart and noble and unselfish actions". He taught to align their feelings and thoughts with the cosmic rhythms, to participate in cosmic harmony. As they gathered at sunrise. Тhe students performed 28 movements to the rhythm of special music. This technique, known as pan-eurythmy, is still used in many countries today. P. Donov's works (more than 7000 talks) have been published in Russian and Bulgarian languages. Circles of Donov's followers still exist today, including in Russia. Russia. 13 врат эзотерики. История эзотерических учений от Адама до наших дней (Колесов Е.Н.) — страница 250 (

In today's world without borders, globalisation is rapidly taking hold. The world has become virtually transparent and all of its constituent societies, states and cultures are in constant dialogue with each other. Some voices are quieter, others louder, the themes of concern to the participants, But the dialogue is global and never interrupts. The negative socio-spiritual phenomenon accompanying intercultural dialogue is the anti-system. Russia tried to demonstrate an anti-systemic ideological game similar to the Bolshevik and Communist movements of the early 20th century, rebranded into the White movement colours.

Stereotypes and Seduction of the Naive West

Russian influence, in the spiritual sphere, even more so through religion combining art has nothing to do with the Stereotypes inculcated, most of all by Russian propaganda itself, distracting from the main point:

When we talk about Alternative Sects, mixing mysticism, art and modern technologies of communication and innovative pedagogical methods of manipulation and control, we have to bear in mind that in Bulgaria work quite interesting and exclusively Russian specialists, representatives of Russian educational institutions, who at the same time are representatives of international Art and Educational organizations, allowing them to create huge networks of people sharing alternative and Art views.

Krasi Todorov has an extremely rich CV, with many international awards and exhibitions. As in Bulgaria is the artist with extremely expensive and large-scale performances, incomparable in budget to any other Bulgarian artist. And we are talking about an artist who settled and succeeded in Vratsa and Varna, not in the big cities of Sofia and Plovdiv. Which are simply used as an ideological showcase for the West, but the important things happen in the countryside.

But most important, Krasi Todorov is a leading lecturer at a number of educational and ZN ART programs in Bulgaria, Russia, Europe and Asia. Director of the Centre for Research and Innovation "ZN ART" - Sofia. Academic advisor of the Russian Academy of Engineering. Creative Director of CTPO and MINOT, RGSU - Moscow. Professor at the 3rd DAAAM International Doctoral School, organized by DAAAM International Vienna. Independent Director in the Global Artist Watercolor Association (GAWA), and Chapter of Bulgaria for GAWA.

Academic advisor of the Russian Academy of Engineering.

He is Creative Director of the International Institute of New Educational Technologies in Moscow, part of one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Russia - the Russian National Humanities University

He is also a lecturer in Viena, Austria, in an organization uniting artists from all over the world.

By organizing international exhibitions in Bulgaria:

Krasi Todorov is part guest of the Pazardzhik cultural scene and the Pazardzhik Art Elite.

The Russian influence in art as a form of ideological propaganda is deeply present in Bulgaria.

The Pazardzhik New Age artist Neycho Doychev develops Futurism in painting. His projects Crystal Angels and New Generation People. A concept extremely reminiscent of the popular in Russia idea of the new generation of children- Indigo children - The Crystal Child is part of that new generation of children promised by their environment to enter this world exclusively through love, peace and harmony. Neucho is director of the Gallery in Pazardzhik from 1990 to 2010. As in that period, he organised a multibroini international exhibition, promoting the idea of the new generation.

In Conclusio -Example from the UK

When we talk about Anti Systemic Movements and Hybrid Warfare, religious anti systemic cults take a different form and cleverly cover themselves even behind Orthodoxy. While demonstrating all the hallmarks of Putin's propaganda- Hatred of the West, Homophobia and Xenophobia.

Martin Ralchevski positions himself as an Orthodox Writer living in the UK. This is the most popular Bulgarian writer writing about Orthodoxy and able to fill halls and attract thousands of followers. Here's a book of his about Britain with a frankly anti-Semitic name- £30, in which the allegory and comparison with Judas sold Christ for £30.

His position on the Anglo-Saxon world and the West:

Xenophobia and Hate Propaganda from UK

And of course the use of children as a tool of Propaganda and open Homophobia and inculcation of hatred and lack of tolerance.

The question is when the moment will come when anti systemic movements coming from Russia will be qualified as Terrorism!

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