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Bulgaria- More than Putin's Spy Hub to the West

On August 15th, 2023, after an extensive investigation in the UK, a Bulgarian spy network working for the benefit of Russia is uncovered. One of the group of arrested Russian Spies of Bulgarian origin was in charge of a voting section in London. Another of them worked as an adviser in the Bulgarian Ministry of Economic.

In the Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, in the votes abroad and the UK included, the big winner is the Pro Russian, Fascist, Racist, Xenophobic, Anti-Semitic, political party. Which according to the results has a huge(half of the Bulgarians living in UK) support base of Bulgarians living in the UK.

On June 27, 2023 the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Professor Denkov said about the Revival Party: 'A neo-fascist party is rampaging through the Bulgarian Parliament. ". This was followed by a major investigation by the Prosecutor's Office and the security forces.

Half the Bulgarians in the UK supported the Pro-Russian and "Fascist Party" in the Election, which hates Britain and the so called by Putin's propagand "Anglo Saxon World"

02/04/2023 the fifth elections in a row were held. Bulgaria has been in a political crisis since 2021, with the real power in one form or another in the hands of President Rumen Radev. But the biggest surprise is not that the third political party is the Pro Russian and Euro Skeptic Vazrazhdane Party. The big red light is that in a number of European countries, this party is either first or second, which paints a scary picture for Bulgarian communities abroad. A community that first of all supports Russia in its aggression against Ukraine, shares the values of Putin's ideology - they hate the Western countries they live in, share radical Ethno Nationalism, profess Traditionalism resembling other terrorist movements, are supporters of Conspiracy Theories and do not want Bulgaria to be in the EU and NATO. The pro-Russian and anti-Western rhetoric in Bulgaria over the last 15 years has only changed its form to reach its rebranding as Vazrazhdane.

Typical of Bulgaria, like the Hippie Movement, are the marches for Peace and Against the Military Imperialism of the West. In the same Bulgaria of which a third chose to live in the West rather than Russia. In parallel, the organizers of the Marches for Peace, organized a petition to initiate Referendums for Bulgaria's official exit from all Euro-Atlantic Structures. Read more about the Bulgarian Pro Russian Forces at...Child Soldiers- Para Military Bulgarian Russian Organization from Pazardzhik (

In the meantime in Sofia 2023 Neo Nazi Marches are held, which share identical ideology and positions with the far left radicals in Bulgaria - the enemy is the West and everything that comes from the West.

Generally in Bulgaria, there is no difference between the far right and the far left, similar to the moderate parliamentary parties.Why the West is Failing(was it failed by...) in Bulgaria (

The Vazrazhdane Party is strongly anti-European and especially - on the model of Russia directed against Britain and the USA. Interview with the leader of Revival from 10/05/2023 in which he uses a lot of epithets and qualifications about the UK, among which are such as racists and that they discriminate against Bulgarians in general.

24th of May is one of the organizations behind the rise of the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. One of its founders, Associate Professor Gaberov, talks about Bogomilism (the basis of the anti-systemic cult from Bulgaria with more than a thousand years of history, today operating under the name of the White BrotherhoodAnti System Cults- The New Old Terrorism ( and the Anglo-Saxons who seek to destroy the White Race.

The rhetoric of the Ataka Party

The rhetoric of the Ataka party and their leader Volen Siderov since 2013 is the same as that of Kostantin Konstantinov since 2023.

Ataka were Nationalists(who eventually became communists and supporters of Russia), pro-Russian party in Bulgaria, which in 2013 drove hundreds of angry Bulgarians to an anti-British rally in front of the British embassy in Bulgaria. At which they said it was "arrogant" to suggest that once restrictions were eased, crowds of Eastern Europeans would flock to the UK to get free benefits. The protest, which took place this afternoon outside the British embassy in the capital Sofia, was led by the ultra-right group Ataka, known for its xenophobic views. Their leader Volen Siderov accused Britain of double standards and branded the British government as racist. He called for a boycott of British products and a ban on the sale of Bulgarian property to Britons.

Hundreds of angry Bulgarians staged an anti-British rally in 2013 at which they said it was "arrogant" to suggest that once the restrictions were eased, crowds of Eastern Europeans would flock to the UK to get free benefits. The protest, which took place this afternoon outside the British embassy in the capital Sofia, was led by the ultra-right group Ataka, known for its xenophobic views. Their leader Volen Siderov accused Britain of double standards and branded the British government as racist. He called for a boycott of British products and a ban on the sale of Bulgarian property to Britons.

Anti Western and Anti Semitic Rhetoric on National Television

In the prime time show about conspiracies of Kerev, on Bulgarian National Television(heavy state financed television), in June, 2023 the guest is the writer, journalist(editor of the newspaper of the Bulgarian Democrats and Pro-Western Intellectuals- Standard) and promising Freemason Dimitar Nedkov, graduated in Leningrad (Sand Petersburg) during USSR. Nedkov's books are about the Slavic Roots of the Bulgarian Language, and Freemasonry and the Dan Brown Menace. Nedkov, in 30 minutes, talked about the great Russian personalities Peter the Great and Lenin, while naming the greatest Western artists, products of Western wars with mental deviations. Comparing The Great Gatsby to a book solely about parties, booze and drugs. Like out of all the people attending the parties there was only one person reading, everyone else was only interested in the partying and orgies. But his highlight was his dismissal of Hitler's atrocities, directly blaming the Anglo-Saxon West for being behind Nazism.

But in Bulgaria it is not a paradox that prominent journalists from supposedly pro-Western media deny the Holocaust and preach fascist and neo-Nazi ideology in various forms. This is also the case with the National Security Professor from the Bulgarian Military Academy who also writes for the American taxpayer funded Dnevnik - Nikolai Slatinski.

The article was uploaded on Offnews, also funded by Western finance, but subsequently taken down. Very clever manipulation of public opinion that in reality Nazism comes from Western Media and is Western sponsored. A thesis deployed by Kremlin Propaganda. The professor Slatinski goes so far as to justify Hitler by comparing him to Putin, saying that the one (Hitler) is a brave fuehrer of state, nation, society and citizens; the other is a cowardly and base thug. The professor calls Hitler Hitler was an extraordinary statesman who achieved astonishing miracles in the economy, infrastructure, rising living standards, eradicating unemployment, building a unique military industry and a super-modern and staggeringly motivated and unprecedentedly over-achieving army. Professor Slatinski was Secretary to President Georgi Parvanov (nominated by the Bulgarian Socialists and subsequently created the ABV party, known for its extraordinary Pro-Russian stance) on national security issues. Read more about the ABV party here... Red Guards- Socialist Youth (

Russian Orthodoxy and Anti Semitism

At the end of May, 2023, in Sofia Bulgaria, at the biggest book fair sponsored by the Ministry of Culture at the Edelweiss booth one could find books by Revisionist Third Reich and Holocaust Denier authors like David John Cawdell Irving or Hitler's autobiography narrated by his pilot Hans Baur.

The Jewish community Shalom Bulgaria in the person of Prof. Alexander Oskar, has submitted an Open Letter to the Ministry of Culture, reporting on the Far Right Literature being distributed in Bulgaria. One of the leading authors is the Bulgarian Writer living in England Martin Ralchevski. A writer and journalist for Russian Orthodox media, he is a writer with clearly expressed anti-Semitic views, comparing Jews to Satan and denying the Holocaust. Read more about the Role of Bulgarian Literature here...Bulgarian literature in Europe as a "Spiritual Gateway" to Russia (

Writer and Journalist Ralczewski compares Jews to Children of the Devil. Noting that Christians should not accept that Jerusalem is Jewish.

Anti-Semitism in Bulgaria is a phenomenon that has been gaining ground in the last 30 years. He definitely, in the manner of Nazi Ideology in the 1920s, associates Jews with Capitalism, and with the Anglo-Saxon World - the main enemies of Russia today.

He defines London as diametrically opposed to the Orthodox Principles and wonders why anyone would want to live there.

In Anti-Semitism is closely associated with Pro Russian and Ethno Slavism coming from Russia, mixed with Religious Fanaticism. A little more on the far right and Russian influence, read here...

His articles can be found in Russian media.

The signals of the largest Jewish organization in Bulgaria went unnoticed by institutions and media. And in literary circles, it went completely unnoticed. As at the book fair in June 2023, in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, the publishing house with literature on Hitler and Holocaust deniers was in a central place.

At the same time in the capital Sofia, on June 11, 2023, in the city center, a craft brewery owned by Jews was painted with swastikas.

Russophile Radical Movements

The extreme Right (Russophilism) in Bulgaria, although always represented by one or several radical caps, is essentially composed of diverse groups, usually divided along regional lines. Very much resembling terrorist cells that are hardly connected to the centre, which allows for extreme efficiency and flexibility.

Islamophobic social post of the leader of Revival- Kostantin Konstantinov. Hatred of Islam and Immigrants has long been a staple of the rhetoric of Kremlin-fueled radicals, aimed at stirring discord in Western societies.

Among Russophile radicals(no matter which spectrum they are from, left or right) the similarities with Western radicals are negligible. According to a concept developed by Putin's ideologue Dugin, they choose the middle path. A combination between the radical left and the radical right, with elements such as human rights, tolerance, morality and ethics removed, leaving only the destructive hatred, hatred and intolerance. De facto pro-Russian radicals, can speak the language of all Western radicals, they can provide them with everything they need, only to be an instrument of destruction in the hands of the Kremlin.

Video of the Vazrazhdane leader just after Trump had lost the US election. In it, Kostantinov speaks openly about the fall of the White Race at the hands of a behind-the-scenes Cabal. The sunset of White, Anglo-Saxon Americans at the hands of this Cabal. And of the USA being run by hidden forces bent on the destruction of the White Race.

Movement Khan Krum

In Bulgaria there is a huge problem with weapons owned by citizens and respectively with the para-military armed formations. According to statistics, the Bulgarian population is armed with nearly 600 thousand weapons, half of which are illegal. Its owners have expired permits or have never registered it in the police records, the Monitor reported. Legally issued permits are about 220 thousand. They are to companies and citizens. All together they own more than 340 thousand pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, carbines, single-barreled rifles, pump-action shotguns, machine guns, compound, semi-automatic, hunting submachine guns, machine guns and other firearms. Nearly 130 thousand are for self-defense, over 13 thousand for security, 180 thousand for hunting, 4 thousand for sport, and about 3 thousand others. Автомати, пушки... Половината лични оръжия – незаконни! - Последни Новини от DNES.BG

Khan Krum's troops are only a small part of the problem. The reality is that the militias initially and mainly gravitated around the fully protected in law Hunting parties, which explains the regional character of the different structures. Which, in case of some administrative problem or too much attention from the institutions, are simply rebranded.

Movement 23rd September

The radical organizations in Bulgaria as well as the para military operate on the principle of umbrella organization. On top there is one or a coalition of parties that legitimately represent them and provide protection and coordination, and underneath they swarm on the principle of terrorist organizations, in small cells independent of each other.

The radical left in Russia and the post-Soviet space has nothing in common with Antifa in the West. On the contrary, in its rhetoric and professed ideals it covers the radical right spectrum completely. In Bulgaria they are not fighting for individual human rights and the LGBTQ+ community but on the contrary they are for traditional relations and a strong fascist state. They are not supporters of Ecological ideas, on the contrary they stand for the continued use of non-renewable sources.

A cartoon relating to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, with the text underneath explaining that Britain is the most bloody and cruel imperialist regime in the world.

Part of the 23 September Movement are the Syrian Students Youth Organisation. Bulgaria has given shelter to many of the supporters of Syrian dictator Bashar Asraf. Who has sponsored quite a few terrorist organisations as well as Hezbollah. Damascus has long staunchly supported various Palestinian movements and, for just as long, sought to control, limit, manipulate, and thwart them when they threatened Syria’s interests. This ambivalence has led Damascus to champion the Palestinian cause and provide various violent Palestinian movements with a wide array of support even as it dealt bloody blows against these same elements at other times.

One of the most famous representatives of the Syrian Community and students from Syria who came and stayed in Bulgaria are the brothers Nidal and Maj Algafari. They are part of a prominent Syrian family spread all over the world, as well as children of a high-profile member of the Syrian Communist Party and the regime of Bashar al-Assad.. Nidal Algafari is one of the most famous contemporary directors and producers. Until 1989 he was an agent of the Secret Services in Bulgaria. After the fall of Communism, he was the director and producer of the top-rated political show KU KU(Journalist and politician Slavi Trifonov starts from KU KU, as in 2021 his was the leading party in the parliamentary elections. ), which launched the biggest media and political names. He became involved in PR first for the Socialist Party, then began to gravitate around GERB. Maj Algafari is an Arabist who worked for the Interior Ministry for a long time, and is now an iconic media figure and influencer, a Russia advocate and critic of the West, With his abundant presence in the media, he advocates the theses that COVID originated in American bio labs, that the US is fighting wars for oil, for traditional values the decline of Europe, against the LGBT, and advocates for Russia and China.

Download PDF • 1.07MB

The last major terrorist attack was on July 12, 2012 against a bus of Israeli tourists. It was Hezbollah that claimed responsibility then.

Student Councils and Organizations are generally part of the pro Russian groups in Bulgaria. And can be seen in our country next to organizations like Kremlin sponsored Russian World.

Left Radical Youth Leaders in Politics and Journalism

The Shipka Reservists Union

The Shipka Reserve Military Union is the only investigated para-military organization in Bulgaria. Their rhetoric completely overlaps that of the Revival. The main focus is the People's Court and the pogroms Bulgaria needs to deal with the National traitors who sold out to the West.

Anti Systemic Arguments

No matter which spectrum the radicals have chosen in Bulgaria, they have some unifying characteristics. One of them is not Nationalism but Traditionalism. They profess traditional values in tune with the Kremlin's ideology. The resonance is that they are a strong public counter argument against "Western Liberalism and Moral Decay". An anti Systemic thesis used from China, through the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe to South America to refute Democracy and Personal Liberty. More about the Anti Systemic Ideology coming from Bulgaria and immersing Europe in blood for millennia, read here... Anti System Cults- The New Old Terrorism (

The image of the Bulgarians (Slavs linked to Russia) and the image of the disfigured perverted Europeans in propaganda images in Bulgaria

Vassil Levski

A little background on one of the most radical communities in the West

A neo-Nazi Bulgarian group in the UK... Bulgarian (by the way, the only non-Americans) Trump supporters storm the Capitol... An organized group of Bulgarians and Romanians commit the biggest financial fraud in the history of the UK. ..The world's biggest financial pyramid scheme is Bulgarian, involved in money laundering and terrorism... these are a few of the headlines in the media illustrating what a relatively small and seemingly quiet ethnic group in immigration can do...even more so when he is in the role of a Proxy, or as the media likes to put it - Putin's Trojan Horse:

When we talk about Hybrid Warfare, we limit ourselves to thinking in terms of elementary stereotypes- bloggers, trolls, fake news. It is too naive and elementary to stop there. There is a much more substantial impact, for example, in manipulating Wikipedia or creating obstacles through historical facts or folk customs, beliefs and anthropological features or media and education system. Fincncial Frauds, political activism... But art and literature are also an extremely important part of Hybrid Warfare. Which may not seem so essential at first glance, but in reality their influence can be enormous over time, even if relegated to an secondary or much more secondary role.

When we talk about a Trojan horse, for example, it can loudly sabotage NATO and EU enlargement, as Bulgaria is doing with Macedonia and Albania. But it could also be, the groups it forms, be part of mass protests in England, for whatever you can think of, just to hurt the Economy or to get the right party and policy...

In London at the moment the party with huge popularity among the Bulgarian community is Revival, the only overtly pro-Russian party in Bulgaria, heir to the nationalist movements of the past.

The ideology of Vazrazhdene is essentially a conspiracy theory, myth, similar to Nazi or Putin ideology. A great past, nostalgia for it and current humiliation by the Great Western Powers. Bulgaria was a great European country, with its own Orthodox religion, different than Greek, which Bulgaria itself gave to Russia, along with the alphabet. but after its past glory it is unfairly disadvantaged historically.

In front of the Bulgarian embassy in London, photo before a protest.

On the matrix of the national liberation struggles in the Ottoman Empire, an enemy is being constructed from which our national interest must be defended, and again we can rely solely on Russia. To the extent that there are differences between these parties, they are in the assessment of who our own present enemy is, Turkey, the West, our neighbours, or all but Russia.

Trees in London during the COBID pandemic. The trees are clad by Vazrazhdane with conspiracy reflets.

From the stands of Parliament Konstantin Konstantinov uttered something that has long circulated in our society, that the party has a list of "National Traitors" and what awaits them is a "People's Court" and red terror:

"The ugly mutant, born of the absurd symbiosis between cultural Marxism and liberal fascism, clearly doesn't have much time left." And further, personally to the author of this comment, "So the time will soon come when its servants and conduits in this country will have to pay for their deeds. And finally, let me not forget - in that order, Sandy, you will be one of the first on the list, don't you know?" read more...

Vazrazhdane MP Yelena Guncheva wrote the following on her Facebook account: 'Don't despair, there is some hope - Russia has high-precision (according to its understanding of high-precision - b.a.) weapons, so it might just hit the Council of Ministers if Just Kiro sends our missiles to the buffoon Zelensky. We might as well send them a link with Mustafa's coordinates." To which there was no reaction in Bulgaria from the institutions, which gives us the impression that there are two Bulgarias and one is Putin's... read more...

Photo from the Vazrazhdane London website. An election ballot paper, with the choice made for a machine gun. The message is more than clear, no interpretation is necessary.

One thing about Vazrazhdane is a FACT, the people who support them LOVE Russia and LOVE IT A LOT!

Under Communism, any concession of Bulgarian national sovereignty to Russia was presented as a sign of "gratitude". Bulgaria was regarded as the Soviet Union's most loyal satellite. It was probably the only state in history that offered to suspend its own existence in order to incorporate itself into another state. Not so long ago, in 1963, Todor Zhivkov and his cronies applied for membership of the USSR, in an attempt to make Bulgaria its 16th republic. The idea was shelved and was not put into effect for various reasons, but the documents still exist.

Bulgaria's role in this Hybrodna War, which began with Putin's emergence on the political scene, has been beautifully illustrated to Russian media by Bulgaria's most influential publisher, Bojana Apostolova.

The whole genius of the ideology of Ethno-Far Right, of Dugin(Putin's ideologue), and the ideology of Communism in general, is that it is based on the principle of the mousetrap, the cheese being the most sacred human emotions-compassion, belonging, family, childhood. As the next moment, all those who do not fit into the system called Communism are destroyed unceremoniously.

The “White World's Future
Download PDF • 815KB

Download PDF • 1.16MB

The Bulgarian Journalist with Martenitsy, who Gave an Icon to Putin and called for the unification of the two Orthodox nations in the battle against Satan!

Bulgarian journalist Atanas Stefanov of the Bulpress news agency gained notoriety not long ago by interrupting a press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin to present him with an icon. As he said that there should be no enmity between the two nations, that there should be unity between all Christians, because the Antichrist has come everywhere. The war today is against Orthodoxy, we all know it.

The Cultural Importances of Ethno Traditions

Two myths that go hand in hand(the holidays themselves are separated by a day), and in most cases are celebrated together. The first myth is about the creation of Bulgaria, 1300 years ago by the Bulgarians coming from the lands of the former USSR. And the second most important Myth is about the liberation of the Bulgarian People from the Russian Brothers at the end of the 19th century, after Five Centuries of Turkish Slavery. The martenitza itself symbolizes two intertwined threads connecting the people.

Iniciative of the Brasilian Ambassade

Part of the manifesto of the organizers of the Martenitsa initiative:

"If you have felt the frustration and resentment of listening to the suggestions of Western politicians and watching the obedient acquiescence of our leaders, the propaganda of the official media, if you ask yourself "What can I do against this injustice?", we will express our humble opinion: this letter to the Russian soldier is one small act that can lay the foundation for a just path! You can express your support for the hard work that the Russian soldier is doing, risking himself, parting with his family, with the full understanding that there is no one else to do this and protect ordinary people. There is no other option to stop the war started in 2014, no one else can make NATO armies remove their weapon systems from Russia's borders and give the peoples of Ukraine's territory a chance to live a peaceful life. And at the same time the Western powers are unwilling to make an effort to stop the war they have ignited between the representatives of a people divided by artificial borders by the will of history. We, a group of initiators, invite you to take part in this initiative, and for this purpose we have formulated a few simple principles that will help our messages in the form of letters to reach the ordinary soldier and officer in the trenches in southeastern Ukraine. We seek to show our understanding that the war now being waged is a war against Nazism, the brown plague that has reared its head again in Europe, and is generously sponsored by the West, and is being used as a tool against Russia /and every unruly people/. And in this struggle we are together with the people of Russia! It is our wish that the Russian soldiers in the Donbas and the Russian people in general understand that we Bulgarians gratefully cherish the memory of our liberation, and also remember the participation of the Bulgarian army in 1944-1945 side by side with the Soviet soldier in the destruction of fascism. In spite of the official policy of our caretaker governments and pro-Western politicians, our people do not want to participate in this conflict with military aid to the regime in Kiev; they follow the reports from the front with anxiety, deeply mourn the dead, worry about temporary setbacks, but learn with joy and enthusiasm the news of the victories and achievements of the Russian army.

We Bulgarians do not believe the official propaganda, which sows fear of the possible / and inevitable for us / victory of the Russian army, which would then move in and occupy the countries of Eastern and Central Europe. In our opinion, the word BROTHERHOOD is pronounced not with irony and reproach, but with the full understanding that this word for us /as for our forefathers/ means BROTHER PEOPLE."

With a festive concert, for the 9th year, the Bulgarian community in Los Angeles celebrated the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria. March 3rd and welcomed the dear Baba Marta(Martenici). 3-ти март и Баба Марта в Лос Анжелис –

Thousands of Bulgarian schools all over the world, form a cultural network that is seemingly Bulgarian.

Bulgarian Ethno roots promoted in Europe

Former leader of the European Socialist Party Sergei Stanishev promotes Bulgarian Ethno Tradition

If we make a retrospective of the important accents made by the Bulgarian politicians or the representatives of the Bulgarian community, one extremely intrusive and important thing stands out- Ethno Traditionalism. These are Ethnic Customs, Ethnic Folk Festivals, Ethnic Costumes, Ethnic Music and Ethnic Dances... And secondly, the development of the myth, the legend of the Great Lost Bulgarian History. For all those who have humiliated Bulgaria, taken territory, exploited it, lied with international treaties and of course secondly under a conscious line hides the only friend, liberator and big brother- Russia.

Sergei Stanishev is a former Prime Minister of Bulgaria and former President of the Party of European Socialists, the second largest political force in the European Parliament. A brief reference to who chaired the European Socialists:

Sergey was born on 05.05.1966 in Kherson, Ukraine. He is the son of Dimitar Yakov Stanishev - Secretary of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party, responsible for the international relations of the BCP, and Professor Dina Mukhina from the Faculty of Slavonic Philology of the Sofia University. In 1989, Stanishev graduated with honours from the Faculty of History of Moscow State University with his thesis: "The role of the uniform in the fighting spirit of the Red Army". In 1993, he defended his doctoral dissertation on "The System of Service Promotion of Senior Civil Officers in Russia and Its Evolution in the Second Half of the 19th Century". In 1998 he specialised in political science (Moscow School of Political Studies).

Who are the most influential representatives of the Bulgarian Community in the UK?

Nishan, Sergei Stanishev and the European Socialists.

Nishan Dzhingozyan is part of PES, the first Bulgarian to run for MP in the UK. Network Member at PES Migration and Integration Network, Committee Member at Foreign and Commonwealth Office, CEO & Founder at Bulgarian Centre for Social Integration and Culture, Panel Member at Independent Monitoring Authority, Community Engagement Specialist at Brent Council, Co-Founder and Director at East European Forum UK...

If we are to abstract from the Bulgarian left and openly Putinist enclaves in Bulgarian communities, the right is quite questionable. In a very successful way, Bulgarian so-called "democratic and reformist forces" create an illusion of pro-Western orientation of Bulgaria. But the bitter fact is that the reformists and pro-Westerners are at best copies of Trump and Orban.

As the founders of the so-called democratic community (and to a large extent the architects of the Bulgarian communities abroad), proclaiming their experience in the West, in reality have a rather dubious history and connections.

What exactly is the Bulgarian Cultural Export or what is the diffusion of the Spiritual Door to Russia called Bulgaria:

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