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Comment: BNR Konstantin Angelov about the Putin's people in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Parliament rejected the nomination of Profesor Nikolay Gabrovski for prime minister, nominated with the first mandate of the GERB-SDF. The deputies from the parliamentary groups of GERB-SDS, DPS, “Bulgarian Rise” gave their support. Against were BSP, “PP We Continue the Change”, “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Revival”.

“The desire of the PP to go to new elections was stronger than that for the stability of Bulgaria. We did not hear a single argument about the personality of the proposed prime minister and his qualities, as well as the qualities of the candidates for ministers.” Profesor Angelov explained the attacks by Kiril Petkov against Nikolay Pavlov. Konstantin Angelov said. “We had a unique chance, alas, the party interests are too strong”

“With the release of information that Petkov’s government has changed Bulgargaz and the EWRC in such a way that hundreds of millions of leva can be stolen. We have been ruled by crooks and thieves who have used the state to accumulate millions in offshore accounts. Was Rashkov covering for them? Bringing a company with lots of dividends almost to bankruptcy to cover up gas abuses. Turns out the PP are Putin’s people in Bulgaria. They made sure we were buying Russian gas through intermediaries. They wanted to stop importing Azeri gas. That means 100% Russian gas.”

BNR 14/12/2022

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