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Hybrid Warfare: March in Sofia for the protection of the rights of Bulgarians in Macedonia

Hundreds of citizens gathered at a protest in front of the European Commission building in Sofia in defence of the brutally beaten Macedonian Bulgarian Hristian Pendikov. The protest was joined by citizens and public figures as well as IMRO supporters.

Skopje counted only 3,504 Bulgarians in northern Macedonia

Only 3,504 North Macedonian citizens self-identify as Bulgarians. This is clear from the results presented today in Skopje from the country's census, reports BGNES. It was held from 5 to 30 September 2021. The total population is 2 097 319 people.

30 March 2022

The protest took place in front of the European Parliament in Sofia

At the protest the main figures were anti-EU parties.

One of the figures was Konstantin Konstantinov, leader of the pro-Russian Vazrazhdane Party

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