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Kalugerovo, Lessichovo, Pazardzhik, The Moscow District

THE MOST WATCHED SWISS TV: MILLIONS OF EUROPEAN TAXPAYERS' MONEY ARE SINKING INTO BULGARIA It was the resounding title of the Swiss SRF in 2021, with the main focus being Lesichovo Municipality and Kalugerovo in particular. The investigation only managed to see the tip of the iceberg, failing to look behind the curtain called Corruption in Bulgaria and what are the main forces preventing Bulgaria from being an adequate part of the EU. The investigation did not look beneath the surface to see the long arms of the Kremlin and Russia behind the hollow settlements in Bulgaria. And the startling fact that the Euro Billions, de facto Sponsor Putin's Patriotic Propaganda Machine.

Example of Bulgarian Demonstration of Euro Affiliation

България (

Just before Bulgaria's accession to the EU, the village of Kalugerovo was a media sensation in the Bulgarian media - it put the Euro symbols everywhere, even the town hall was painted in the EU colours. For this demonstration of being part of the EU, it earned national recognition as the first European Village in Bulgaria. In a 2006 article in the party newspaper of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, of which the then mayor of Kalugerovo, Sergei Lazarov (the man who was the basis for the village being proclaimed the First European Village in Bulgaria), spoke wistfully of the time of Communism and the 9th of September, the day the Russian troops entered Bulgaria in 1944.

"Just because there are no celebrations today doesn't mean people don't respect the holiday. The people of Kalugerov cherish the date of September 9 because most of them are supporters of the social idea and after the changes we kept what we built. We couldn't keep only agriculture. We had a cow farm with 530 animals - a Dutch herd, in 15 days the liquidation council sold them off. We had 5-6000 acres of vineyards, we made drip irrigation for them according to the Israeli system and harvested 5-6 thousand tons of grapes. Then came the changes and now we are barely tying 30-40 tons. An elderly man sits next to him on the bench in the centre of Kalugerovo and nods in agreement.

The national tricolour, the flag of the village and the flag of the European Union fly on the facade of the town hall. The doors are wide open even though it is a Saturday. Sergei Vachev's battered machine is stopped out front and people know the mayor is on duty. Shortly after nine the local policeman enters the building and the children's poet Todor Neshkov steps in, scroll in hand. He brings the mayor his poems for the third anthology "Kalugerov Poets", which traditionally comes out of print on October 1.

On the Ninth of September Kalugorovo is quiet, the celebration with fireworks was the night before, and everyone uses the warm day to do something else. The first Bulgarian Euro-village is located in the municipality of Lesichovo, a stone's throw from the Trakia highway and 18 km from Pazardzhik. The signs that the locals put up immediately after the signing of the accession treaty with Bulgaria in April 2005 have now been stolen, but Mayor Vachev has ordered new ones. But let him explain why Kalugerovo is now in Europe, so that you understand that there are 30 enterprises and over 100 private family businesses operating in the village. There are about 2,000 residents, over 850 houses, 18 babies were born last year and thirteen so far in 2006. The socialist proudly points to the 12 meters cross of faith placed by two local youths." In reality, the cross above Kalugerovo is two and a half meters. But this is the funny side of what is said and shown about Bulgaria and reality. The not so cheerful part is that Bulgaria manipulates statistical information, covers up corruption which is pandemic, in reality Bulgaria is a country through which billions of Euro Funds are being siphoned off, and very likely Russia is behind all this and Bulgaria is just a proxy for the fraud coming from Russia. Digital Slavs - Back Doors to the EU and NATO (

In fact, in 2022, as we see from a BTV report, there are about 800 people living in the village Kalugerovo, mostly senior citizens. There are almost no businesses, unless you count two grocery stores(one owned by the new mayor), a pharmacy and a pharmaceutical company, successor to a pharmaceutical plant built during Communism. As in the middle of the village a super modern stadium has been built, which is under the target of various international investigations about the rampant corruption in the EU

The Reality Behind the Delusions Provided to the West

The village of Kalugerovo is part of Lesichovo Municipality. Lesichovo is known as "Little Moscow". From it "began the arbitrariness and atrocities of military communism in Pazardzhik, which terminologically should also be called Lesichovo military communism in Bulgaria." At one time he was ambassador to the USSR, then Bulgarian representative to the UN and secretary of the CC of the Communist Party in Pazardzhik. Stoyan Savov was the other successful fox-hunter in the totalitarian state. He led the Bartholomew's Nights in the area of Koyun Tepe (Sheep Hill), then he was the head of the State Security. Stoyan Zhulev, has been a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party since 1959. From 1964 to 1967, he was head of department at the Ministry of Light Industry, deputy minister of light industry (1967-1971), first deputy minister of light industry (1971-1972) and finally minister of light industry (1972-1980). Between 1980 and 1988 he was Ambassador of Bulgaria to the USA. Then, until 1990, he became Chairman of the Bulgarian Recreation and Tourism Association. After 1944, thanks to the Zhulevi brothers and other participants in the partisan movements, a whole host of Communist Generals, Senior Police Officers and Communist Party leaders came from Lesichovo.

In 2022, Bulgaria asked itself the Big Question, what happened and what did not happen after 15 years in the EU and over 45 billion euro of funds poured into Bulgaria.

As well as why cows grazing in stadiums swallowed millions of euros or renovation of a community centre in a village with 800 people, mostly elderly, can absorb one million Euro of funding. A question also asked by Bulgarian and international journalists:

But in spite of all the issues concerning the missing tens of billions that were supposed to transform Bulgaria, the residents in Lesichovo Municipality have fallen deeply under the influence of Ethno-Patriotism, with big hints of Russia.

Photo from 03/03/2023, Celebrating liberation from slavery, thanks to Russia. In front of the monument in the center of Kalugerovo, with the symbols of the USSR.

Where Euro Funding Goes and Why Bulgaria is the Most Corrupt in the EU

EU-Gelder in Bulgarien - Die Kanalisation fehlt – dafür gibt es ein neues Sportstadion - News - SRF

Seryozha Lazarov the mayor of Small Moscow

He was born on 21 July 1959. He graduated from the Sofia University of Transport with a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. During Eng. Lazarov's first term of office, the municipality of Lesichovo(called the Small Msocow) has won a total of 18 projects for over 17 million euros. Roads and water networks were repaired for over 5.8 million leva. A safety dike was built on the river. A levee was built to prevent flooding. Buildings of community centres and kindergartens and sports grounds in the settlements were completely renovated. During the second term of office of Eng. Lazarov 41 projects were won for a total amount of BGN 9 563 473. There is no information about the third term which is coming to an end.

Veselina Milkova, right hand of Sergey Lazarov

Let's do a little retrospective, how and how efficiently the tens of millions of Euro Funds are used within 15 years, in a municipality with about 5000 inhabitants

Interview(08/06/2014- Builder) with Veselina Milkova, right hand of Seryozha Lazarov. She is the deputy mayor of Lesichovo municipality with a multi-million Social Policy portfolio. The conversation is about Kalugerovo in Europe or Europe in Kalugerovo... As well as about Euro Money and where it goes. So far over 40 million leva have been spent in Lesichovo municipality.

The leitmotif of the interview is that, as she herself says, "The European brothers should give more money if they want Bulgarian villages in Europe."

Milkova, of course, is a prepared person and immediately says that this Europe from here, from the monastery, is a mirage. After a project for the repair and restoration of this sacred place, the authorized European institutions refuse funding. The monastery crumbled... It was subsequently restored under EU projects.

It becomes clear that the idea for the name "Euro Village Kalugerovo" was the mayor Sergei Vachev, who is currently on vacation. His idea was related to the promotion of Europe in all its aspects. It was born back in 2003, when Vachev was chairman of the Lesichovo municipal council. Those were the first years, when the now clichéd phrases "Bulgaria in Europe, Europe in Bulgaria" and similar phrases began to be written, and "Euroselo Kalugerovo" became a catchphrase. A noble advertising strategy, no doubt.

The mayor placed the sign EUROSELO KALUGEROVO at the entrance to the village. But the very next day it disappears. He puts up a new one - and it is stolen. A Bulgarian trait of negativity is at work here, of denying everything that someone else has done or invented... That is why Milkova suggests that we "enter" today, because there is something to tell about it, and about the European money. And to see in Kalugerovo itself...

That's how the masters worked at the Sunshine All Day Kindergarten. The renovation to improve energy efficiency was under the Regional Development OP and cost 66 573 BGN. The windows have been replaced, the necessary thermal insulation has been carried out, and the municipality's own contribution is Here Veselina recalls that on the last day of the relevant deadline they submitted documents for funding when a technical project was prepared for the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and were not qualified. The hope is that it will happen in the new programming period...

Therefore, for the "Promotion of the tourist activity of the municipality of Lesichovo and for the development of sustainable and integrated rural tourism", the building of the Tourist Information and Visitor Centre is being built in Kalugerovo. It not only shapes the village square on one side, but allows new and previously unknown activities to be implemented. "I will only mention that rafting can be practiced along the river. "Milkova does not hide her satisfaction. This project is implemented under the Rural Development Programme, measure 313, and the European funding for it is 72 528 BGN. But the interim mayor does not think so... "

This year we are ambitious to complete the sports complex. It is meant to be used by the residents of the villages of Dinkata, Kalugerovo, Tserovo and the Lesichovo municipal centre. The understanding of the people, and of the mayor of Lesicevo Seryozha Lazarov, is that young people should have somewhere to play sports. Besides, we hope that bigger teams will come here to train, which will also bring the corresponding income," adds Milkova. Bids are currently being considered for the selection of a contractor, and the project itself is worth BGN 2 829 115.It is noteworthy that the stadium will have a sewage treatment facility, and the village itself has no sewage system. The problem again comes down to the notorious 2,000 e.g. because only...1,500 people live in Kalugerovo. "I don't know if the European bureaucrats realise what happens in villages on septic tanks in some high water rivers or in heavy rains? And how will the small villages develop the famous Bulgarian hospitality for their European brothers without real sanitation? This is an answer for a distant future time," she says.Not so distant are other projects for EU funding. With an insistence that is understandable for the inhabitants of the lively village, the start of the renovation of the community centre "Teofil Beykov" is expected. This true centre of knowledge won a project under the RDP, measure 322, for BGN 899 449. "With this money we will replace the windows, make thermal insulation, inside the premises will become like new - with terracotta, granite tiles, etc.", explains Milkova. Moreover, under the other measure - 321, funding has been secured for 210 242 BGN, which will be enough to furnish the rooms with work desks, tables and chairs. The large hall will also be overhauled and equipped with an interactive wall, with the possibility of deploying lighting, sound, etc. A selection procedure for a contractor is currently underway for both projects.

The village is becoming a more beautiful and preferred place to live every day. "This is because the municipality cares about the little things that make an impression," says Milkova and we continue our tour. A small project for 15 thousand BGN will transform a corner of the settlement into a spectacular recreation area for young and old. There will be a fountain, gazebo, benches, green areas... And this is not some distant future. In the present time there is also talk about the renovation of the health service. For 10 thousand BGN under the EAPP around the building will also become a recreation area - with a playground, with beautifully landscaped green areas, so that people, while waiting for the doctors to examine them, will have a place to sit in the air, to talk about "the things of life" with their neighbors... And they, "the things of life", in Kalugerovo are even very good when it comes to European funding. Even if it is the eco-trail to the monastery "St. Nicholas", with which we started our report. Because the more people come to light a candle in the holy monastery, to pray for health or just to bring their children to discover for themselves the history and a Bulgarian fortress, the better.

History has always been the mother of knowledge. Here, near the Kaluger Monastery, it can show the administrators both from Sofia and from Brussels that "we have given something to the world", and therefore the care for these landmarks should be common. European. Vesela ends her interview with a call for more funding.

Kalugerovo has become an EU record holder- The most expensive gazebo in the EU, paid for by the EU!

Download PDF • 923KB

2018- The big dairy in Kalugerovo from the early 90s, which according to local legends was built just after the fall of communism with millions of illegal Russian investments.

And here on August 30th, 2018, the most controversial event in Kalugerovo. In a dairy built in the early 90s, the residents of Kalugerovo fell into complete mass amnesia, as in front of the media and the procuratorate they could not remember anything.

The arrested Georgi Mollov, who is the owner of the dairy in Kalugerovo, where a warehouse for tobacco was found, in which 1700 kg of excise goods without a banderole were stored, is part of a total of four companies, according to the Trade Register. Until the beginning of April last year, he was the manager of I AM International AD. The company was registered to trade in real estate and carry out construction activities. The event also reveals a huge fraud with the draining of the state budget for tens of millions, as well as a scheme with shell companies.

Georgi Mollov's previous workplace was in "Parking lots and garages 2011" Ltd. Mollov is also the manager of MEGA BILD, which is the de facto owner of the warehouse where the illegal tobacco was found. The company was established in 2008 and mainly carries out construction activities, its first manager is Vesela Balabanova, and partners in the activity are two other companies - "Rif 2003" of the ex-municipal councillor - Domenico Russi and "Trade Base 7", with founders Seryozha Lazarov(the mayor of Lessichovo) and Nikolay Vulyanov.

Since the ninth of February of this year he is also the head of the company "Thracian Vine", which has its headquarters on ul. "Pirin" 7 in Pazardzhik and "Tsarigradsko shose "2 in Sofia. The company was registered in 2011 and is active in the production and bottling of wine and high-alcohol beverages. The first manager of this company is Ganka Bivolarska, who passed the baton to Mollov. Ganka Bivolarska is also related to the company "Pamesquin", which has a debt of BGN 1 262 805,00 to the NRA.

However, Mandra Kalugerovo is not documentarily related to Georgi Mollov, according to documents it is led by a manager Emilia Stefanova, and the company owes to the Tax Office - 15 806 138.00 BGN.

Kalugerovo -Human Trafficing Hub

Kalugerovo is constantly in the news with captured immigrants. The place is logistically located on the most important road in Bulgaria, the Thrace Highway, between the two largest cities, and a short distance from the borders with Turkey and Greece.

109 immigrants intercepted near Kalugerovo, one of many in the news.

2020 The Case of the Muslim Woman Trafficking Victim

In 2020, a pregnant Latvian woman preaching Islam was found bloodied in Kalugerovo was turned into the International Campaign by writer and journalist Ilian Kuzmanov. The case showed the unwillingness of the local NGOs in Pazardzhik to provide any help for more than three weeks. Project Maria | iliyan kuzmanov (

After a hard struggle with the institutions and resistance, Maria was accommodated for two weeks in the Tourist Centre, built with Euro Funding, for people who needed a place to stay. The Tourist Centre itself was used by the local police as a place to rest. As the local police, surprisingly enough for a village of under 1,000 inhabitants, are five men. They are said to be just security, for things and industries going on in the village. In between, the police in Bulgaria are one of the main accomplices of human trafficking and drug production and distribution. And in many cases it is the police themselves who transport them or patrol the trafficking through Bulgaria:Обвинение и нови арести по случая с 23-годишния полицай, превозвал мигранти - bTV Новините (

2020- Big Drug Lab and Crypto Farm

The biggest crypto scandal in Bulgaria broke out in 2022 and was related to Money Laundering, Russia, Terrorism and... as a big shadow was cast on the new Parties of Change and representatives "allegedly" of the West in Bulgaria.

Why the West is Failing(was it failed by...) in Bulgaria (

Digital Slavs - Back Doors to the EU and NATO (

Maria's case led to the breaking of the largest Drug Lab and Crypto Currency Farm in the Pazardzhik region. According to senior police officers, Human Trafficking is part of the Drug Logistics. The trucks travel drugs in one direction to Hora in the other to be as cost effective and profitable as possible.

2022 Over a Million Worth of Drugs Seized in Kalugerovo

2023 Police uncover 3 marijuana greenhouses owned by Kalugerovo man

In general, in Bulgaria, because of the developed since the time of the USSR pharmaceutical industry, as well as the safer ways of logistics (even from Russia) of raw materials (which separately are just components for drugs) there is a huge boom in the production of synthetic drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry is the only and leading industry in Kalugerovo, so it makes sense that the owner of the Pharmaceutical Factory would be the leader for the entire Pazardzhik region of the new Pro-Western Movement for Change, despite having recently done MA in Moscow.

The owners of a pharmaceutical company and factory located in the center of a depopulated village are the leaders of the new pro-Western politics in the Pazardzhik Region. The so called Pro-Western Party of Change is led in Pazardzhik by a Russian MA graduate Diplomacy in Moscow University of Foreign Relations, son of one of the famous Bulgarian counter spies in the Department of State Security (Bulgarian Stasi) fighting ideological diversion and propaganda. until 1989. And also was director of the police. Бащата на депутат от "Продължаваме Промяната" подслушвал американското посолство в разгара на Студената война (ДОКУМЕНТИ) -

Not only pharmaceutical products are produced, but also the cosmetics industry is developing strongly.

But in Pazardzhik there is a long tradition of fighting the ideological penetration of the West, in the city was the Police University. History Clubs, Historical Myths and Nostalgia for the Soviet Union (

As now in political and social life are the senior ex Communist party figures fighting Propaganda. Architect of Contemporary Culture in Pazardzhik- Georgi Spassov (

People of Kalugerovo -Patriotism, Traditions, Ethno Centrism, Nationalism and Back to the Roots and Nature

Despite the depopulating population of Lesichovo Municipality, the few remaining people are becoming a social and cultural template for one Traditional Slavic Ethno Community.

And a few kilometers away from Lesichovo, in an abandoned village, find refuge the Religious Community of one of the first mass quasi-religious movements in Russia since the early 1990s. The movement is part of a current of White Brotherhoods that have sprung up throughout the former Soviet space.

The family of the Mayor of Lesichovo(political party GERB) Municipality is scattered around the world - Bulgaria, USA, Russia. One of his daughters, Maria, is married in the United States:

и е невероятен пътешественик, обиколил целият свят, най- вероятно няколко пъти:

В САЩ живее и неговата бивша съпруга, майка на Мария, Боряна Лазарова

The nephew of the Mayor- Kolia Lazarov

Completely in the trend of Russian intellectual perception of closeness to nature and harmony between mind and body, the mayor of Lesichovo Kolya Lazarov has a cosmetics company with offices in Bulgaria, Italy and the UK. Lazarov's cosmetics are innovative, combining pure products and the psychological comfort of using them.

Lesichovo Mayor's nephew Kolya Lazarov is the grandson of Russian World War II hero, Vasily Torbin.

The Mayor of Lesichovo Municipality has two very interesting and influential Sisters in Law from Russia.

Sister in law on Serozha Lazarov is Ruskata citizen Nina Mazykina, who worked for the Ministry of Education of Russia at the Department of Upbringing and Complementary Education for Children and Youth of the Ministry of Education of Russia, organizer of the all-Russian events for patriotic upbringing of children and youth, member of the working group from the Ministry of Education of Russia for development and implementation of the first program Patriotic Education of citizens of the Russian Federation for 2000-2005; She is a coordinator of the Interregional Movement of Creative Educators, and founder of the programme for the Ministry of Education of Russia: REGIONAL PUBLIC FOUNDATION FOR ASSISTANCE TO PATRIOTIC EDUCATION OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH. Specialist in Historical Local History.

Download PDF • 2.20MB


Команда журнала (

But much more interesting is another person with the surname Lazarov Nadezhda, who lives in Bulgaria:

As one of its most interesting projects is about Cyril and Methodius, the beginning of Slavianism. A Bulgarian woman associated with projects funded by Russia, such as patriotic education, the liberation of Bulgaria thanks to Russia...

XI Фестиваль-конкурс «Алтарь Отечества»: общее подведение итогов (

Группа воспитанников Детского центра творчества Яйского района недавно вернулась из Болгарии, где участвовала в двухнедельной международной программе "Славянский мост - детская дипломатия". Эта поездка состоялась благодаря поддержке департамента образования. (

"Slavic Bridge - Children's Diplomacy"

The programme of the Bulgarian branch of the International Academy of Youth Tourism and Regional Studies - Bulgaria in cooperation with the international Foundation "The Successors of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius – a common beginning", is a continuation of the "Slavic Bridge - Children's Diplomacy" program is a continuation of the programme "Slavic Bridge - Children's Diplomacy". The objectives of the aim of the programme is spiritual and moral upbringing of the rising generation, to cherish the history and traditions of the Slavic peoples, the monuments, memorials and war graves; restoration of historical and cultural links; and development of a feeling for pan-Slavic and intercultural bonds between the Slavic peoples. Development of a sense of patriotism and a profound love for one's fatherland a deep love for his/her Motherland; development of a new diplomacy "We are one family on planet Earth".

And here are the pedagogical results in Russia of the Slavic Bridge project in Stara Zagora with the theme We Are Slavs Публичный отчет МБОУ СОШ № 000 за 2012 учебный год (стр. 14 ) | Контент-платформа

As well as she works with the foundation "The Successors of St. Cyril and St. Methodius-The Common Beginning" on the common beginning of Bulgaria and Russia. As joint Russian NGOs, consider Bulgaria to be the Russian Nation:

So the fact that Kalugerovo has an officially registered Friendship Society between Bulgaria and Russia is the least surprising of the whole Euro Odyssey of Kalugerovo.

And in the Football team of Kalugerovo participate coaches from the Plovdiv team (Botev Plovdiv), owned by a Russian Billionaire.

Hybrid Warfare: Russian billionaire owns the most popular football club in Plovdiv (

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