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No comment: Archbishop Nicholas of Plovdiv cursed practise of yoga in front of 500 priests

Archbishop Nikolai of Plovdiv cursed practise of yoga , criticized King Kaloyan and revealed that there is an all-out war against the Orthodox Church. All this happened during the presentation of the book "Yoga - a path to darkness" by theologian Darin Alexiev, which took place at the Plovdiv Fair.

The speech of the Plovdiv bishop was the apogee of the evening and managed to eclipse the book itself, it becomes clear from the report of "24 hours". A total of 500 priests and two metropolitans attended the event - Joanik of Sliven and Gregory of Veliko Tarnovo. In the front row was Plovdiv's regional governor Zdravko Dimitrov, who is an old fan of Archbishop Nikolai.

The abrupt turn to the yoga topic began with a reminder of the lawsuit over the ownership of the Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Alexander Nevsky, which was decided in favor of the Orthodox Church in the first instance.

"You all saw how Patriarch Neofit sat on a bank in the courtroom - something unheard of in the entire Bulgarian history. Because some people decided to mock the Church and to take away the Patriarchal Cathedral "St. Alexander Nevsky". Supposedly it was a gallery in the crypt. What is the guarantee that if the church gives it (the cathedral) up, it will not become a place for yoga courses?", the Plovdiv metropolitan, quoted by "24 hours", began to sort out the problems.

He has pointed out that the case is not over and if necessary, he will take the priests to Sofia to help the Patriarchate. Metropolitan Nicholas has not explained how exactly the priests could help, but he has moved on from this lawsuit to stating that "the war against Orthodoxy is a fact." An example of this was the torture to which they were subjected because of the canonization of the martyrs of Batak.

"There was no question of taking away the Church of St. Sunday" in Batak, but to canonize the saints. What is this if not war?" the bishop asked.

He learned from the media that a frontal attack on the church was being prepared and through the history books. They would no longer say that the Bulgarians had converted to Orthodox Christianity 1,150 years ago under the reign of Prince Boris the First, but would talk about Christianity in general.

"In the time of Prince Boris Christianity was united, but no longer. We Orthodox are not to blame for this. The Great Schism was not caused by us. Will someone explain to the children why after 1054 the East and the West went their separate ways? Why do we look different from Western priests, and our churches and icons are not like theirs? Or is that not important," Father Nicholas has gushed on the subject of common history.

He added that since there was to be no Orthodox Christianity anymore, only Christianity in general, someone could ask our priests to take off their races and shave their beards to look more European.

The Bishop of Plovdiv also began to denounce the historical role of the Bulgarian king Kaloyan because of the union with the Catholic Church. Metropolitan Nicholas strongly disagreed with Bulgarian historical scholarship that this was a diplomatic measure on the part of the ruler.

"Three times in Bulgarian history someone has decided to make a union. Always for political and supposedly pragmatic reasons. Simply put - for profit. All three times it ended in failure. It comes to me to say, "O unreasonable Jewrode!"(on Bulgarian Jew- urod, bad word for dark person) I hope they will spare St. Paisii Hilendarski, because his place in the textbooks does not seem very secure either," Nikolai added. He was convinced that one day the Church would become one and united again, but when God asked.

Then he drove the nail in his speech: 'Again someone will say that the Bishop of Plovdiv is crazy and talks nonsense. Those who name the truth in our country consider them mad. But you see what is happening. He is crazy who thinks that there is no war against the faith, but it is in full swing and without a concrete expresser," the bishop said. He denied that he had banned Muslims from working on church renovations.

"Nothing of the sort! I have banned stealing from the repair of temples. We want total control that not a single penny and cent will be misused. And that's why we get total war," Nicholas has said.

Only then did he return to the subject of yoga, giving the floor to theologian Darin Alexiev to present his book. In it, the author claimed that this teaching was being pushed as a religion. It was suggested that the exercises brought health, spiritual harmony and prosperity. There were yoga schools in every major city, but it was a categorical lie that it was a wonderful physical system. "Yoga is the worship of Hindu deities. In Bulgaria, the totalitarian government in the person of Lyudmila Zhivkova tolerated occult teachings," the theologian said.

Yoga was diametrically opposed to Christianity because it deluded man into making his own decisions without seeking help from Jesus Christ.

"With whose permission is a dangerous religious teaching allowed to enter Bulgarian kindergartens and schools? And at the same time the BOC is being given a pass for introducing religious teaching," the author of the book said.

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