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No Comment: "No to the euro" Protest of "Vazrazhdane" in a metropolitan mall

A protest of "Vazrazhdane" was held during a conference in Sofia, dedicated to Bulgaria's opportunities from eurozone membership. The leader of the party Kostadin Kostadinov and members of the "Vazrazhdane" parliament were in the hall for the beginning of the forum, but the gathered supporters of the formation were not admitted, BTA reported.

"At this private event there are members of the National Security Service, the police, the security services, and private security. Only the army is missing, because the army is missing in general. Is this normal?", Kostadinov told journalists, adding that he was asking as a citizen. There are people at the entrance who decide who will enter and who will not enter, he pointed out and asked who exactly is a security threat here. Right now you know who is a threat, these people inside are a threat, they are a threat to national security and now we are going to ask them questions, the leader of "Vazrazhdane" said.

Kostadinov again said that the party wants a referendum on the preservation of the Bulgarian lev. We want a referendum because the vast majority of Bulgarians do not want the destruction of the leva, he said. Let these people, who are not elected by anyone but only appointed, not think that such an action will not cause tension in the country, the leader of "Vazrazhdane" said. No one has the right to decide for the Bulgarian people on the destruction of the leva, it is illegal, he added.

The supporters of "Vazrazhdane" carried posters "No to the euro" and "I choose the leva". "I choose the leva" poster was also displayed in the hall during the conference.

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