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No comment: Pope wants to unite all churches to welcome the Antichrist

06/05/2019. Fakti

Archbishop Nikolai of Plovdiv made an extremely sharp comment on Pope Francis' visit to Bulgaria after today's archiepiscopal holy mass in St. George's Cathedral in Plovdiv, BNR reports. He called the visit a "political act" and even suspected dark thoughts behind it.

"The Pope's visit is a political act, the aim is to unite all the churches around Rome and, when the Antichrist comes, the Pope will welcome him," he said.

He said there was no way the Orthodox Church in this country could support such a visit. "We welcomed the Pope as the head of state of the sovereign state of the Vatican, but no one can force us to worship together with him."

Nicholas's words made it clear that he also supports reunification in Christianity, but, apparently, not in the proposed way: 'We all want the Christian churches to unite. However, this can only be done by church people when the bishops get together and discuss how this can be done. The politicians don't want that, they aim for the opposite."

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