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No comment: Rumen Radev- The warlovers in the Bulgari Parliament decided on military aid for Ukraine

"The veto on arms for Ukraine is absolutely pointless," President Rumen Radev said in response to the decision of "Vazrazhdane" and the BSP to appeal to the Constitutional Court (CC) over the provision of military aid. In his words, referral to the CC is an absolutely hopeless cause and will have no effect.

"I have repeatedly appealed to the MPs to be sensible and responsible on the issue. Unfortunately, the war-lovers in the National Assembly made a decision on military aid to Ukraine by a huge majority and obliged the caretaker government to conclude a contract with Ukraine for this aid," the head of state said.

Rumen Radev is adamant that in today's extremely fragile political situation every institution and every party should strictly adhere to the law.

"According to the legal framework, imposing a veto cannot change the texts of an already concluded international treaty. Referral to the CC after ratification of an international treaty is impossible. The CC has absolutely nothing to rule on," he said

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