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No Comment: Venci Micoff

A comment by a rather colorful Rock Figure from Bulgaria on his Facebook from 06/12/2022, I leave it to you without comment.

Venci Micoff | Facebook

"I watched my friend Theodore Ushev at Svetlio on BTV yesterday (120 minutes).

And I completely understand him. Theo's desire to be done with interviews and appearances in Bulgaria is completely logical. In fact, he left Bulgaria in 1997 and I'm not so sure that it, his homeland, has given him much. Even then, however, his name was written in the box of the Photoshop software (or Corell Drow, I don't remember exactly, forgive me).

Theo's homeland will never forgive him for the fact that he is successful, recognizable, has an Oscar nomination, and has had a successful career not in Pavlikeni, but outside of this vanishing little country.

Theo's homeland will also never forgive him for not spitting and for having an opinion that hits the cast-iron neo-communists and self-deprecating dumb***ars that populate our country in the head.

And yes, he is right. Our country is poisoned. The atmosphere is poisoned to the core.

It is impossible to move forward here anymore. And we have ourselves to blame for that. Because instead of moving forward, guided by our shining examples, we are drowning is the revanchism of a few warlords who want to rule after their deaths.

By the way, do you know why dumb communism pleases you so much, my dear googles?

Not for anything else, but because communism didn't allow anyone to stick out. The democratic centralism embedded in the ideology of dumb socialism made it so that if you were talented and your colleague, correspondingly untalented, they took from your talent and gave to your colleague so that you were equal.

This was exactly what Vysotsky had once sung in his song about gymnastics:

"Beauty! Among the runners

The first are not and the laggards -

Running on the spot universally reconciled!".

That's what you want that time back for. In it, people like our more than 20 concertmasters of world orchestras would have been mere schloessers in a large, USSR-subsidized factory.

Do you know when I decided to leave the Union of Bulgarian Composers? When I went to a meeting some time ago and Milcho Leviev appeared there for the first time after many years of exile. Another successful and world-famous Bulgarian artist.

And do you know what happened? A prominent composer of ours from the time of the mature socialist movement jumped up and started shouting at him - "OUT! YOU ARE NOT A BULGARIAN COMPOSER!!!".

Then I understood crystal clear where we were and what was going on.

And yes, Theo, my friend. Here we are breathing poison, eating poison and se**m poison. And your film showed the image of those who generate this - the talentless and immortal biotards.

But I still think we should not be silent. That if we shut up now, the biotitans will win. Not that they haven't already almost won...

Cursed country. A country where every firefly gets in your way, fuck it...

No, I'm not gonna light you up, because I can't. But I promise I'll scream so that you go deaf. At least I can do that..."

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