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Hybrid Warfare: Pazardzhik, Putin's stronghold in Bulgaria

Let's start with the local government in the face of the District Governor Trendafil Velichkov. Born in Pazardzhik, economist, worked as a manager in a telecommunications company, twice governor of Pazardzhik. He completed his secondary education at the Technical School of Food Industry "Atanas Chengelev" in Pazardisk. Peshtera, graduated in finance and credit in Ukraine, as well as finance and bodybuilding at the NSA, the latter making him an instructor. He is qualified in the programs "Management Skills" and "Academy of Social Policy" at New Bulgarian University, "Political Management and Marketing" at the University for Democracy of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg 2008. He became famous in 2008 when he won the prize "Mister Buzludzha" at the red gathering on the Mythical Peak. Dafoe is a former deputy chairman of the BSP Youth Union, "Organizing and Training". Candidate for Mayor of Pazardzhik from the pro-Russian party of Rumen Petkov- ABV. He is also a journalist, a reserve officer, a Master of Military Academy, specialized in Strategic Leadership of Security and Defense, and a member of the Board of LRD "SOKOL 1893" responsible for fishing - Pazardzhik. The hunting and fishing clubs are probably the best organized non-branch organization in Bulgaria, having a large resource of real and movable property (preserved from the time of Communism), funds and huge human capital.

These are pictures of numerous events organized in Pazardzhik(city that is only 30km from Plovdiv) with the anti-Western Metropolitan of Plovdiv Nicholas.

And these are photos from the celebrations of Russian military victories in Bulgaria held by the regional administration in Pazardzhik in January 2023.

All of this is done in conjunction with Pazardzhik City Hall, or with the permission of Pazardzhik City Hall. There is complete media silence from the media in Pazardzhik, as well as nationally. Even more so considering the brutal war that is being waged in Ukraine and what is happening throughout the civilized world.

Rumen Petkov- the Head of Party ABV

About the actual party that is in charge in Pazardzhik:

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About the Putin support in Bulgaria


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