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People's Diplomacy from Pazardzhik

Why is so important?

While Russia is not at war with NATO, it is unfortunately not possible under international law to attack this equipment, which is on the territory of Germany, the Netherlands and other countries, even knowing that it will arrive in Ukraine, the scientist added. "What is also needed, in my view, is an intensification of people's diplomacy in those countries in Europe that are at risk of being in the conflict zone. All kinds of civic initiatives in Europe should be supported in the struggle for peace. And of course, the mobilization of society in Russia itself, because we are really confronted by the entire collective West," Alexander Kamkin suggests an algorithm for counteraction. Alexander Kamkin, PHD in Philosophy ,senior researcher, Political Change and Identity, Analysis Branch, staff member, Comparative Political Studies Unit, unit member, Centre for Comparative Socio-Economic and Political Studies, Sphere of academic interests: Russia-Europe relations, EU labour market, migration processes, parallel worlds in European states, processes of dialogue of civilisations in Europe.

Народная дипломатия и мобилизация: политолог о том, что противопоставить концентрации оружия для Украины в Европе (

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People-to-people diplomacy is a system of establishing direct relations with the peoples of other countries. The concept of people-to-people diplomacy also stands out in other systems of international relations, most notably the system of promoting peoples' interests and self-government . The concept of people-to-people diplomacy, although its categorical apparatus has not been clearly established, has now become firmly established in our lives.

In a country with a population under 6 million already almost a million are Russian citizens bought over 500, 000 real estate. Separate arable land is becoming Russian. According to Consulate General of Russia in Bulgaria, 500,000 houses in the east of the country is owned by the Russians. Tells about news portal Bulgaria Novinite . For 10 years, the Russians have invested about $ 2 billion in real estate in Bulgaria . Five Russians in 2014 became citizens of Bulgaria, to invest in the country BGN1 million ($ 580 000). Most Russians, temporarily or permanently residing in the regions of Varna, Dobrich, Shumen, Burgess, Sliven and Yambol are engaged in business, mainly related to tourism and real estate market.

Russian MP: ‘We will buy Bulgaria, we already bought half of the coast’

To a large extent, there is a reason in the words of the Russian politician, because next to the small investments flooding the real estate market, we must take into account the huge business investments in tourism, retail parks, agriculture, wine production. As well as the use of Bulgarian proxies for investments in Western Europe.

Руснаците в Благоевград изгориха коронавируса на Масленица | Вяра - Информационен всекидневник на Югозападна България (

Бургаски деца ще изпратят зимата с руския обичай Масленица | Бургас | Бесове.бг (

3 в 1: Руска Масленица, Сирни Заговезни и Баба Марта в София - Последни Новини от DNES.BG

Transfer of Culture and Slavic Ways

New Radical Right- Ethno Nazis- The Dugin Slav Unique Way

Far-right parties and heads of state are often portrayed as nationalists. From the rallying cry of ‘America First’ to Orbán’s, Le Pen’s or Salvini’s tirades against the EU, the far-right wants to restore national sovereignty. Radical Right are now promoting a world order in which cultures and civilizations—not nation-states—are to set the scene. Europe is a continent defined by ‘Christendom’; Russia by its Eurasian identity.

Towards great ethno-civilizations and spiritual empires? | DIIS

Dugin’s Evil Theology | National Review

Nazism and the Racial Corruption of Religion - ABC Religion & Ethics

A small package of literature (in English) recommended by Eurasian groups on Facebook:

The rise of the traditionalists: how a mystical doctrine is reshaping the right (

Towards great ethno-civilizations and spiritual empires? | DIIS

Torchlight processions are becoming something typical in Bulgaria. The main elements that deserve attention in general are the Ethno Elements, the Green Flags of the Revolution and symbolizing the myth of the "Russian Liberation from Slavery", and the attraction of young people in them, who eventually spill over either into the far right or patriotic organizations. The Big Question for One Million is WHO support the Ethno Nacis officially in UK?

Celebration of the Russian New Year in Pazardzhik

Forum Hotel – Welcome

How Russia is winning Bulgarian villages and small towns by The People Diplomacy / Putin leaves Bulgaria with a gas deal and a new puppy (

On the basis of the Karakachan Dog after 2001, international FCI judge Stefan Popov and associates created a new breed-the modern Bulgarian Shepherd Dog, which is sensationally popular in villages and small towns. Realistically, as a club of interest, members and people owning the Bulgarian Shepherd Dog are overtaking the Hunt. The founder of the dog breed Stefan Popov is from Pazardzhik, and the town (its surrounding villages) is the cynological center of Bulgaria.

He is a nice person, cheerful, likes to sing, always with a smile, a great conversationalist. In Soviet times (when the DOSAF system was alive) he trained K9 servicemen for the Special Forces, once engaged in boxing professionally, collects all kinds of national trinkets, he likes to visit Russia and the Ukraine. He founded and runs the National Club "Bulgarian Sheepdog", is a member of the Governing Council of the Bulgarian Canine Federation and has several mandates. Comments from Russian social networks about Stefan.

Стефан ПОПОВ / Stefan POPOV (Bulgaria) - СУДЬИ И ЭКСПЕРТЫ - МИР - Маламутский Интернациональный Ресурс (

Эксперт Stefan Popov (Болгария) – Отзывы об эксперте Stefan Popov (

Стефан ПОПОВ / Stefan POPOV (Bulgaria) - СУДЬИ И ЭКСПЕРТЫ - МИР - Маламутский Интернациональный Ресурс (

Пазарджиклията Стефан Попов журира Националната купа по кинология на Русия | PZdnes | Днес новината си ти

Stefan Popov is a star judge in Russia, where he is an international judge at countless dog shows and competitions. But the very fact that he was the foundation of creating a breed of dogs that became the most popular dog in Bulgaria is telling. The man who trained the Police Special Forces dogs in Bulgaria during the Communist era made an amazing career, creating not only a dog that entered the homes of tens of thousands of Bulgarians. But also created a lean organizational structure, and a network of fans. Dog breeding itself is a lucrative business for the network of supporters and the structures built.

Dog Gas Pipeline

Куче Газопровод - може и така да му викат (

Instantly a song about the dog appeared on You Tube. It is a cover of a tune by the Bulgarian pop star in Russia Philip Kirkorov. It sings how in the midst of a business visit to the "dear Bulgarians" Putin was overwhelmed with important state affairs, but the puppy with one "jaff" melted his heart. Now it wags its tail in his sleep or nibbles his slippers, and he is crazy about it.

Путин дал кличку своей собаке по совету пятилетнего мальчика - РИА Новости, 29.02.2020 (

After thousands of suggestions for a name for the sweet puppy from Bulgaria, a child from Russia managed to suggest a suitable name.

This was the beginning of a strong relationship between the Bulgarian prime minister and the Kremlin dictator. It culminated with the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline through Bulgaria, which enabled Borissov to bypass Ukraine for gas supplies to part of Europe and thus make a future war there less risky for the Kremlin. This goal was apropos said by Putin almost bluntly shortly before he got his puppy.

In the years since the first occupation of Ukrainian territory, Crimea in 2014, talks about building the pipeline have become much more difficult. Borissov, however, did not give up and raised the issue extremely frequently both at the European level and in his meeting with US President Donald Trump and other leaders.

The puppy presented by Borissov was named Buffy after a nationwide contest in Russia. His name was last chosen by Putin, although the most common suggestion in letters to him was to name him Balkan. If the current Russian dictator had listened to his people, there would hardly be a happier one than Boyko Borisov. At the time he was working extremely hard to implement the so-called Balkan gas hub.

Дружбата между Путин и Борисов блесна в попарт за юбилея на руския диктатор (

Три минути: България е и без газ, и без добра слава. Фронтът приближи Молдова (

Участниците в изложба на българско овчарско куче с Бойко Борисов на тениските си | RNS

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