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Racist statements of the director of the Bulgarian Football Union Georgi Ivanov

I share an article from the most liberal pro-western media in Bulgaria. It clearly shows the journalistic fear to utter a word that should have been in the headline- Racism. And to talk about that racism throughout the article. To alert FIFA and UEFA and all the organisations protecting our sport from hatred and racism. Lots of questions journalists should have asked and taken an extremely firm stance! After all, this is a media that exclusively and only associates itself with the USA and the West, and there such things are not only not tolerated but categorized as CRIMINAL!


A footballer with a foreign passport and a different skin color will not play in the Bulgarian national team. This was announced by the technical director of the Bulgarian Football Union (BFS) Georgi Ivanov - Gonzo, quoted by Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

"Only Bulgarians should play in the Bulgarian national team. As long as I am the director of the national team, a foreign player with a foreign passport, with a different skin colour, will not play in the Bulgarian national team," Ivanov said at a meeting in Montana with representatives of youth teams from Montana, Vidin and Vratsa regions.

"It is a dignity for all Bulgarians to play for the national team, if they can't, it beats on us. I do not want players from other countries to replace the Bulgarian ones. In some countries it can be, but for me it is a vicious practice," Ivanov said.

Some time ago he said that the problem of the national team is the large number of foreigners in the club teams.

In recent months, the Bulgarian Football Union has been trying to strip passports from players with Bulgarian roots who were schooled abroad. This was the case of Sylvester Jasper, whose mother is Bulgarian and his father from Nigeria. He played in England but recorded a few games for the youth national team.

Ivanov also spoke about the men's team, which has a goal of qualifying for Euro 2024.

"The goal of the national team right now is to qualify for the European Championships. There is nothing to talk about. Some people say that this is putting a lot of responsibility on the players - no, no. I haven't seen an athlete go to the Olympics and just have a run."

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