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So Important Russian Memorials

In Bulgaria, a member of the EU and NATO, are happening strange things compering to all the rest of Eastern Europe:

Bulgarians give a history lesson to their politicians. Headline from the Russian press.

Болгарский народ дает своим политикам уроки истории (

Motive enough for War one Day when its time comes:

The motive to invade Ukraine was exactly the population Russia wanted and expected. A population that dreams of being liberated. The biggest and most dangerous Myth in Bulgarian Society is that the Russians have liberated us. Myth that we were the Slaves of Turkey and Russia came and gave us the Freedom!

Russian Field Marshal in Bulgaria Mitrofanova in August, 2021 unveils Monument to the Russian Liberator in Pazardzhik, EU.

Руският посланик откри паметник на генерал Брок - Труд (

This monument in Pazardzhik is symbolic. It is to General Brock, called "the hero of the Russo-Turkish War, the liberator of Pazardzhik from Turkish slavery". The first Russian military commander entered Pazardzhik in 1878. The monument was unveiled in 2021 by the Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova and many Bulgarian officials. She is officially surrounded by Bulgarian NATO troops who honour her all the time. Who allowed this mockery?

August, 2021, in Pazardzhik, EU, Russian Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova and Deputy Mayor of Pazardzhik - Petar Petrov unveiled the monument to the liberator of the city of Pazardzhik - Gen. Nikolai Brock. Among the guests of the event were President Georgi Parvanov, Mayor of Plovdiv Zdravko Dimitrov, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation Georgi Gergov and others. The monument was consecrated by Metropolitan Nikolay of Plovdiv:

It is the work of the famous sculptor Spas Kirichev. Who is Spas Kirichev and his wife Margarita Ivanova and what do they do to preserve the Memory of the Russian Liberation:

Built with the sponsorship of the well-known Pazardzhik businessman ("Euro Finance Champion") Georgi Delchev:

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According to the former mayor of Pazardzhik Evstatiev, only because of the monuments honoring Russia in Pazardzhik(more than 25 built only by him) and the region, should be entered into the Guinness World Records.

In Russia, war memorials are an important element in the patriotic and military education among adolescents strongly promoted by Putin's ideology. As memorials acquire a cult status.

And it is important to be understood in the larger context of big social architecture for the last 40 years.

The Right memorrials:

In the pictures you see terrorist monuments and how to celebrate around them. On one of the photos is the mayor of Lesichovo Municipality - Seryozha Lazarov in the last 15 years, with children. On the other the monument of a communist activist in the same municipality restored with Euro funds.

In the municipality of Lesichovo are some really provocative communist memorrials:

Who is Nadia Klissurska:

The Wrong memorrials:

Russia, despite its almost identical ideology with the Third Reich, branded all its enemies as Fascists:

Although theatrical, "supposedly" misleading performances are sometimes given in Bulgaria in front of monuments or symbols.

Strongly involved in the opening of the Russian monuments, as well as the placement of Orthodox Crosses is the Regional Governor of Pazardzhik Trendafil Velichkov:

Just a few years ago under the patronage of the same Governor Trendaphil Velichkov, the former mayor of Pazardzhik Ivan Evstatiev, the former Minister of Justice Yanaki Stoilov and the former Russian Ambassador was inaugurated in the Pazardzhik Region (Strelcha) another significant monument, that of General Zhukov:

Children, paramilitary units in military uniform and military equipment give honor to the "Russian Liberators".

And the cult of War and War Heroes mixed with history leads to:

It should not be forgotten that all this is part of Russia's decades-long strategy in Bulgaria. Methodologically and purposefully implemented in the background(although Bulgaria is seemingly pro-Western, to a point), it remains at its core Traditionally Communist, turned towards Russia. As Memory and History are one of the main tools of pro Russian Propaganda!

Culture Under the Rule of the Ex Komsomol

Komsomol, Russian abbreviation of Vsesoyuzny Leninsky Kommunistichesky Soyuz Molodyozhi, English All-Union Leninist Communist League of Youth, in the history of the Soviet Union, organization for young people aged 14 to 28 that was primarily a political organ for spreading Communist teachings and preparing future members of the Communist Party.

The name of the Russian media telling about the monument is Russian Bulgaria

On September 22, 2015 Bulgarian Independence Day, a monument to Marshal Tolbukhin was unveiled at the Kamchiya sanatorium as part of the 4th European Student Festival, the Russian World portal reported. The initiator of the opening of the monument was the Fund for Sustainable Development in Bulgaria. Anti-fascist and civic organizations of Bulgaria, Stanka Shopova, chairman of the Foundation for Sustainable Development of Bulgaria, students of the IV European Student Festival, representatives of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Varna and representatives of the Russian World Foundation took part in the opening ceremony.

Kamchia Resort is a territory in Bulgaria that is officially Russian Land, owned by the Moscow City Hall

Stanka Shopova is believed to have had extremely close and intimate relations with the dictator who ruled Bulgaria for 45 years - Todor Zhivkov.

The person who financed the monument Stanka Shopova is the owner of the Fund for Sustainable Development in Bulgaria and has many similiarities with the Architectur of the Cultur in Pazardjik Georgi Spasov. Member of the BKP since 1974. She completed a degree in Bulgarian language and literature at Sofia University, just like Georgi Spassov. In 1976 she became Secretary of the University Committee on Komsomol. From 1977 to 1981 she was Secretary of the DKMS Central Committee, and from December 24, 1981 to March 24, 1986 she was First Secretary of the DKMS Central Committee. George Spasov has been Director of the House of Pioneers and Komsomol (Young Communists) in Pazardzhik until 1989. Since 1989 Stanka Shopova has been developing various business ventures with countries of the USSR.

Russia's relations with Bulgaria are not at the political level, they are reduced to People's Diplomacy as well as to administration at the level of cities and regions, which in reality means that the political power in Bulgaria to a great extent has nominal power.

In conclusion, one of the most interesting new projects is in Pazardzhik. A project called For Peace, with extraordinary similarities to the Communist Regime:

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