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Russian State Patriotism -The Future is Dark

The Expert Council on Patriotic Education was established on 13 April 2022 to improve the instruments of patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation, identify best practices in the field of patriotic education of children and youth, as well as organize cooperation with public associations that implement measures in the field of patriotic education of children and youth. It was made up of more than 40 representatives of the federal executive authorities and their subordinate organizations, and of voluntary organizations in the field of children's and young people's patriotic upbringing.

The profiles of most Experts reveal a lot of what Russia will look like in the next few decades and what Russian society is preparing for. It all begins and ends with the military and the various aspects of militarized education. Starting with Memory and History, which is completely Nationalized and Gravitated on the Great Victory in WWII. Various military organizations are represented, from the Youth Para Military to the Veteran Military. Volunteer organizations are also present, but volunteerism is reduced to the surrender of the individual to the service of the state.

Natalya Valentinovna AGRE

Director of the Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Education of the Russian Academy of Education


Chief Specialist-Expert of the Department of Methodological Guidance for Civil Defence and Emergency Situations Training of the Department of Civil Defence and Population Protection of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Evgenia Bychkova

Executive Director of the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia

KONOVCHENKO Alexandra Sergeevna.

Deputy Executive Director of the Russian Military Historical Society

Ekaterina G. KRUGLOVA

Executive Director of the charitable foundation "Memory of Generations

Sergey Sergeevich OGORODOV

Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian Public Organisation of Veterans (Pensioners) of War, Labour, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies

Natalia Vladimirovna SHADRINA

Head of the Executive Committee of the Public Movement "Immortal Regiment of Russia

SHKOLNIK Alexander Yakovlevich

Director of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.


Deputy Head of the General Staff of the All-Russian Youth Movement

CHEPURNAYA Zlata Nikolaevna

Founder of the social project "Team Star Troopers", author of the "#SportiveCountry" project

Vyacheslav Vladimirovich SIVKO.

Vice-President of the Russian Heroes Association LLC Hero of the Russian Federation

Valery Anatolyevich BURKOV

Hero of the Soviet Union, monk, member of the Stavropigial Monastery of St. Petrovsky, Head of the Heroes of the Fatherland Foundation

A huge amount of attention is given to Monuments and Museums around which to gravitate local patriotic organisations, forming sub myths under the main heroic myth.

The image of Valery Burkov is extremely interesting. Knowing all the emphasis that Russia makes on Orthodoxy as the main pillar of Patriotism, the former military, Hero of the Soviet Union, Advisor to the President, is the only Orthodox in the Council who will shape the next few generations in Russia.

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