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Hybrid Warfare: The Biggest (failed) Game Against the West in Bulgaria

In the last year and a half an extremely risky geo-political party has played out in Bulgaria, aiming to break Bulgaria away from the West. A thoughtful multi-move combination in the best Eastern tradition, he had to use his opponent's momentum to deliver the crushing blow himself. The blow had to come from the "supposedly" best of the West. The young Bulgarians received their education in the best educational institutions, which should have turned out to be just a parody. Families immigrated to the most democratic countries like Canada, educated their children terribly. However, to make a reference to one of the greatest Bulgarian classics, To Chicago and Back by Aleko Konstantinov, the West is a terrible thing. A capitalist system that exploits people. Such an updated image had to be presented to the Bulgarian audience to recall forgotten cultural landmarks.

Let's do a retrospective on the great rise and fall of Kiril Petkov's "supposedly" pro-Western party, a platform so similar to the Donald Trump a project undermining the foundations of democracy and liberalism. One should not overlook the fact that before the war in Ukraine, which failed the geopolitical party in Bulgaria, the mood was for a Presidential Republic similar to Hungary. Sentiments fueled by the constant demonizing, ridiculing and creating a caricature image of Parliamentarism and Western Democracy, "which have brought nothing good to Bulgaria.". But definitely the war in Ukraine and the complete isolation of Russia turned out to be the "happy circumstance" that saved Democracy in Bulgaria.

Тhe prodigy Kiril Petkov and his friend Assen Vassilev, were launched by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. Rumen Radev himself.

One of the first steps of the future prime minister of Bulgaria, while still a minister, was to appoint around him a young beautiful lady on a huge salary. A compromising initial move that found a great response in the Bulgarian media and society living on average 400 euros a month.

Kiril Petkov hired a young lawyer from DB for 8000 euro monthly salary?

The journalist and analyst Mihail Krastev reported in his Facebook profile that the caretaker Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov has appointed the young lawyer Lena Borislavova as an external consultant for the colossal salary of 8 000 euros.

Perhaps this was meant to divert attention and forget similar scandals with President Radev, who while still a general in the army and married to his previous wife, appointed his young love on a huge budget salary. As well as securing housing paid for by the Ministry of Defence. The lady in question subsequently became his current wife. But this is a small touch of a ministry famous for huge corruption schemes.

At the beginning of the fast political career of Kiril Petkov and his friend Assen Vassilev used not so respectable marketing tricks, bordering on charlatanism. Which forced the Harvard University newspaper to take a stand:

The Harvard Name Shouldn't Have Decided Bulgaria’s Election

By The Crimson Editorial BoardThis staff editorial solely represents the majority view of The Crimson Editorial Board. December 2, 2021

Yet one aspect of the election that has troubled us a bit, despite our jokes, is the outsized emphasis on these two men’s Harvard educations. After all, Petkov and Vassilev were chosen by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev as ministers in the country’s interim government – from which they launched their campaign – in large part due to the Harvard name alone. Treating a university brand as qualifying in and of itself is peculiar and potentially detrimental along two axes: Firstly, it perpetuates the falsehood that a degree from Harvard instantly renders an individual more adept at handling anything than anyone else, an idea as present in the U.S. as it may be in Bulgaria. Secondly, it erases the likely far more important achievements of its subjects beyond the favorable ruling they, often in youth, are handed by the admissions office.

To that end, we hope to see a future in which we step away from name-dropping – both domestically and as far away as Bulgaria – and instead focus on what our citizen-leaders, including Petkov and Vassilev, have done with their credentials to earn our respect.

As strange as it seemed to everyone, Kiril Petkov, being unknown to everyone, having no structures in the countryside, turned from complete anonymity into the first party. There is one small detail, in Bulgaria just before Kiril Petkov, the voting machines used in Venezuela were introduced, a happy coincidence perhaps. During the year and a half of his rule, his structures throughout Bulgaria were referred to by his own party as "cloud-based". Which was a complete mystery to the population in Bulgaria, as people jokingly repeated that they did not know "anyone who voted for Kiril Petkov" and yet in the media and according to the results, his party was first, with incredible media comfort. Despite the scandals that followed one after another.

Kiril Petkov violated the Constitution even before entering politics.

The Constitutional Court published the documents it accepted as evidence in the case of the dual citizenship of Kiril Petkov. Among them is Petkov's handwritten declaration that he has no citizenship other than Bulgarian. It is dated 10 May, two days before President Radev issued the decree naming him as interim economy minister. Minister of Justice Yanaki Stoilov wrote to the CC that Kiril Petkov was Canadian and had dual citizenship as of September 14, 2021. That is 4 months after his appointment as Minister.

His reaction after his first fouls was not taking responsibility. He attacked the Constitution as an institution and the foundation of Law: Kiril Petkov: The Constitution belongs to the living, not the dead

On Russia

Bulgaria became the first EU country to agree to Moscow's ultimatum to pay for Russian gas in roubles.

It declares that it will achieve left-wing goals with right-wing methods. As well as in typical Trump and Putin style that ideologies are obsolete. It's all a matter of interest and negotiation.

It entered into a coalition with the former communist party, whose deputies, because of their active support for Russia in the European Parliament, were called supporters of terrorism.

It rehabilitated the figure of Boyko Rashkov, an elderly legendary police officer from the communist era. Known for his vast estates and his passion for alcohol.

Arrested the former prime minister on charges he said he had gleaned from Google. In the list of 19 names, prepared by Kiril Petkov and his team, on which the corruption in Bulgaria supposedly rested, they referred to Google, Tsvetan Vassilev was not even mentioned. Never mind that even the Arbitration Court in Washington exposed Vassilev for the siphoning of billions from the KTB Bank.

He entered into a coalition with the most emblematic showman of Bulgaria for the last 30 years, who, according to the words of Kiril Petkov, had proposed him for prime minister. After scandals, according to the showman for several billion, the coalition broke up. But Kiril Petkov did not dare to attract into his ranks MPs from the group of his former partner.

On the family

Kiril Petkov's father Petko, by this name he was known to the public, was an active part of the political processes. He expressed his opinions, actively defended his son in the media, participated with him in public appearances. Even Kiril Petkov's coalition partners complained that the father had the final say on many important things.

On the appointments

(Lena the lawyer with Kiril and with her husband who became head of the parliament.)

The lawyer who was appointed for a salary of 8,000 euros became his chief of staff. Her husband became head of the parliament.

Kiril Petkov spent a week in quarantine, imprisoned together with the young nice looking lawyer.

He was filmed using an Airbnb apartment they claimed was for a business meeting. Although the video showed him at one point before entering the secret lodgings nudging her with one hand in a not very decent place.

Pictures emerged and accusations that he and his lawyer were meeting with Chinese intelligence.

An old interview surfaced in which he talked about his visits to Russia and how he was greeted like a VIP.

After all, little was said about Kyril's grandfather, who was a former senior Communist Party cadre and involved in the economic aspects of the transition.

Kyril's wife was an interesting image. Linda, a Canadian, who devoted all her time while her husband was at the helm of Bulgaria, to develop her small pastry shop in the centre of Sofia. As a peak it was Easter when, according to her social media profiles, her panatonitas costing a fantastic 30 euros were sold out weeks before the holiday. She will also definitely be remembered for her interesting body tattoos.

With his racist statement that these refugees are not like the previous ones, he "won" Bulgaria scandalous fame in the world media and ridicule for himself.

On the culture

The Minister of Culture Nasko, the man will be remembered only by that name, was a childhood friend of Assen Vassilev. Together they sang in a children's choir in their hometown of Haskovo. Nasko, remained in the cultural history of Bulgaria with his selfie video from social media, where he was visibly high, on a late Friday night in his large office.

In the programme "The Week" on Darik Radio he told how much he liked Anton Chekhov's story, which, however, was written by... Leo Tolstoy, writes "Sega".

On the anniversary of his party's formation, he waxed ecstatic about the satisfaction that sometimes makes "all this shit" worthwhile and how Machiavelli's writings make him want to vomit...

His knowledge of the Bulgarian language became a comic legend:

To the complete failure of confidence in December 2022:

Trust in political leaders - a complete disaster

76% of respondents do not trust the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" and former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, while 19% trust him.

During a year and a half of presence in politics, COVID as a disease did not exist in the Bulgarian public space.

Ukrainian refugees were demonized.

No military aid was officially sent to Ukraine, despite talk of over 2 billion in sales through Poland.

Multi-billion loans and EU funds simply disappeared.

The associations made with Harvard and with Canada, where Cyril was an immigrant with his family, will long remain in the public mind as a byword.

The level of the political class has reached an unseen low. Political culture and behaviours have become a decidedly planned caricature of Western democratic models.

Faith in Demolition was not destroyed, but the damage done was enormous.

Another example of the "allegedly" total inadequacy was the New Year message of Kiril Petkov for the coming year 2023. A man who played so naturally not understanding in what misery Bulgaria lives, not showing minimal empathy, having no idea about the geopolitical storm we are in, the health hell the world has been going through for several years, the unprecedented financial crisis...

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