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The Canterville Ghost by Tall Stories is a 5 Stars Fun!

The Canterville Ghost is presented by Tall Stories. A charity that brings great stories to life and tours the UK and the world with its exciting blend of storytelling theatre, music, and lots of laughs. The production can be seen at Southwark Playhouse, a minute walk from Elephant Castle, from 10 October to 5 November. Where with a glass of wine you can enjoy the play.

Oscar Wilde, in an unrivalled satirical manner, tells us a gothic tale about the clash of old noble manners with the modern pragmatic business class. The story is about the historic confrontation of American consumer society and British traditionalism, this time taking the conflict to extremes that, in most cases, will have you howling with laughter. After the nouveau riche Otis family brazenly enter the estate of the now historical ghost Mr Canterville thanks to their wealth, an ultimate battle to save their era begins. Although it has a foregone conclusion, the battle is highly entertaining.

The director and the writer of the production Olivia Jacobs says that: “I have huge affection for all the shows we’ve made but it’s exciting to make something new- so the newest one!” Olivia has chosen quite a talented team for the stage. Matt Jopling comes from the company of the impressive Micron Theatre. Kathy Tranter has played for BBC 1, Iris Theater, Brighton, Hexam... Some of the best projects starring Calum Patrick Hughes are The Great Gatsby, Godspell, One Man Two Guvnors... Steve Watts has been an on stage in New York, Moscow, Paris...


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