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The Most Innovative Methods of NATO War - Tsrancha Village Training Ground

The most modern training ground for NATO Special Forces in Bulgaria is in the village of Tsrancha. With what it includes in terms of facilities where people rest, eat, cook, and with the minefield, the centre claims that what has been done is indeed new, modern and executed to the best NATO standards. There's a recreation center, a rec center, a center for classroom instruction, briefings, not to mention the state-of-the-art water treatment plant, tanks, and command tower. Resources have been invested in the minefield itself, in the various sub-centres of this range for conducting various trainings. There will be a NATO-standard polo field, which will also be used for military pentathlon competitions, a discipline that is yet to be introduced to the Bulgarian army from the calendar of military sports championships. There are four short-range shooting centres, which are called "kidneys". What has been done so far for classes, class recovery, gym, medical centre is state of the art. There are state-of-the-art facilities for training snipers. There will be another range for throwing hand grenades. There will be moving targets, so-called ranged targets. Recently, a Special Forces Conduct Center has been constructed in buildings - a 4-story building made with containers. In it there are various rooms, diversions, apartments. It has a helicopter hover pad on top of it. From it you can shoot with a sniper rifle and different weapons. There will be moving targets with remote control so that inside can be fired with ammunition that the place allows. We can't fire live ammunition into these containers. Overall, the range is intended as a testing ground for the study and application of NATO's most innovative methods of warfare.

But the tsrancha is the subject of unprecedented interest from various pro-Russian currents:

The English Putin Supporters Club

The MP from the nationalist pro-Russian Vazrazhdane Party Stoyan Taslakov turned out to be from Tsrancha. His family comes from the village of Tsrancha, Pazardzhik. In 2016 he decided it was time to get some international experience and went to the UK. After working for one of the biggest furniture(wood) manufacturing companies in Pazardzhik, he accepted a job for what he says is the biggest construction company in the UK and the sixth biggest in the world. In 2017 he registered his own company - TASLACORP LTD, Company number 10692643, dealing with passive fire protection and continues to work as a sub-contractor.

Before the recess of the deputies the MP from "Revival" Stoyan Taslakov made a request to the Minister of Defence Dragomir Zakov in connection with a signal from concerned residents of the village of Tsrancha. The fears of the villagers are that the forthcoming expansion by 500 beds of the military training ground located meters away from the last houses of Tsrancha could mean an expansion of the area of the specialised training centre. In view of this, Stoyan Taslakov also asked for an answer to the question of whether the forest near the village of Debrashchitsa is to be cleared.

"No vegetation or forest clearing is envisaged. In the future, there is no plan to increase the area of the range with neighbouring properties," the defence minister was quick to reassure the residents of the neighbouring settlements, explaining that the Pazardzhik municipality had donated the forest.

2020 Protests against the expansion of the military training ground

Protests against the decision of the Municipal Council of Pazardzhik to sell the forest of Cruncha, municipal property. The Public Council for the Development of Cruncha and the Foundation "For the Future of Cruncha" chaired by the current Governor of Pazardzhik Trendafil Velichkov organized a petition, the idea is to make the petition national and to preserve the forest.

Trendafil Velichkov lives in Cruncha, where he recently acquired a new house in the centre of the town. Graduated in Ukraine, during the pro-Russian period

Media and PR specialist, TV producer. Specialist in Telecommunications. Chief metodolg of the Youth Socialist Movement. Has interesting real estate investments in Greece. Trendaphil Velichkov is a strange case of how an anti-NATO protester with a deep past in the communist party and an almost Russian education can become Governor of Pazardzhik in the biggest political and geopolitical crisis for Bulgaria. After all, in the most sublime moments, governance is in the hands of the real decision-makers.

Teslakov was also involved in a noisy PR action against the alleged Euroatlantic from Peshtera, Pazrdzhik. Son of the mayor of the town.

A media story with some strange threats, and an even stranger beating.

And after all, when we talk about Crunch and NATO, we cannot but talk about the Bulgarian Socialist Party (the former Communist Party). After all, the BSP has been one of the most consistently pro-Russian parties, starting with pushing Putin's Ethno-Fascism and going all the way to Bulgaria's role in NATO and the EU. One of the Socialist MPs is from Cruncha, a prominent champion of Orthodoxy, of tradition, a man who developed with the Governor the transformation of the local school into a Patriotic Centre.

As well as the man behind one of the biggest Pro-Russian protests with the BSP structure in Pazardzhik:

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