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The Power of Terror- Bulgaria, next to Ukraine

The military conflict with Russia is still in full swing, and we do not really understand what has been happening in Eastern Europe and in Bulgaria in particular. And what the millions of Bulgarian immigrants have brought with them over the last 20 years. What remains in our death spot is fear, terror, veiled hatred of the West, huge public support for Putin's regime, nostalgia for Communism, Far-Left mixed with Far-Right, lack of freedom of speech, xenophobia, homophobia, religious intolerance... covered up by failed Bulgarian politicians!

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, children from children from Pazardzhik, Bulgaria are learning how to use weapons and explosive devices in Russia:

Child Soldiers- Para Military Bulgarian Russian Organization from Pazardzhik (

Russian National Television on 01/03/2023: Russians and Chinese have had synchronization problems but it is time to synchronize in East Asia and create a joint Death Squadron to purge their political opponents, we understand the depth of the crisis we are in. Not each to act separately, but to have joint death squads.

London, UK, May, 2022- "Let's elect Kalashnikov"- an invitation from the London group of the pro-Russian Vazrazhdane Party to its supporters to vote appropriately...:

Bulgarian-Ethno Export: a Spiritual Gateway between Two Civilizations (

Bulgaria, September, 2020

The Russophile political party Vazrazhdane plans to hold a kind of people's court if it gets the opportunity to govern Bulgaria. The idea of creating the repressive apparatus, associated in Bulgaria with the communist regime in its darkest and most sinister years, was announced by party leader Kostadin Kostadinov at a press conference in BTA. Kostya Kopeikin, as he is known for his warm ties with the Kremlin and the Russian embassy in Sofia, plans to the heads of all those who have ruled Bulgaria over the past 30 years - a period in which the country managed to become a full member of NATO and the European Union. It is clear from the statement that the tribunal will prioritise the liquidation of the country's diplomatic elite in order to sever established allied ties with the Western democratic world. It is not clear from Kostadinov's words whether the plan envisages the entry of Russian troops into the country to assist the reorientation towards Eurasia - similar to the 1944 scenario. Coincidentally or not, Kopeikin's proclamation is eerily reminiscent of the grim sweeps of the Third State Court of the Bulgarian Peasants' Union of 1920, as well as the People's Court of the Communist-dominated Fatherland Front, whose sole purpose was to deal with political opponents. Then the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ordered the Bulgarian Communists to conduct swift and unilateral judicial proceedings "in which no one should be acquitted, and no considerations of humanity and mercy should play any part." Thus Russia and its Bulgarian creatures legitimised the murders committed after the occupation of the country by the Red Army, destroyed Bulgaria's political and intellectual elite, and killed unreliable political opponents. More than 28,000 people were arrested, more than 9,000 sentences were issued, sentencing 2,730 compatriots to death. The subsequent authoritarian regime of the Communist Party subjected thousands of Bulgarians who dared to oppose Communist ideals to inhuman torture, murder and exile.

Vazrazhdane's proposal to hold a criminal "death" tribunal is a natural continuation of the anti-European and anti-democratic policy which the Russian State is pursuing in Bulgaria.

"Възраждане" сформира Народен съд по образ и подобие на комунистическия - Фактор (

In Bulgaria, after the fall of Communism, the Communist Party had only to change its name, remaining a major factor in all processes in Bulgaria under the name BSP. As the leader of the BSP, he became the leader of the European Socialists, a major party in the European Parliament.

Bulgaria, January 2023. One of the most established journalists at Bulgarian National Radio, Peter Volgin, expresses his understanding and sadness for the people's court and the death squads seeing the ignorant and insolent rich people in Bulgaria.

He was born on September 28, 1969 in Sofia as Petar Petrov Georgiev (the pseudonym Volgin by which he is known comes from the Volga River in Russia). He completed his secondary education at the 32nd Unified Secondary Polytechnic School with Russian language teaching "Kliment Ohridski" in Sofia. Then he became a graduate of the National High School for Ancient Languages and Cultures "Konstantin Kiril Philosopher", Russian Language and Culture profile. He graduated in Bulgarian Philology at the Sofia University "St. He graduated from the University of Sofia, Sofia.

A little more about the post-Soviet culture and journalism, devoted to Moscow, which shaped the nostalgia for totalitarianism and gratitude (and obligation) to Russia:

Russian Art and Media Fraternity in Bulgaria (

Bulgarian literature in Europe as a "Spiritual Gateway" to Russia (

The Power of Terror

Updated: A list of oligarchs and Putin critics found dead since Ukraine war | Euronews

Suicides and assassinations are recipe from Putin's Terrorist Menu. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, a huge number of influential figures and public figures have mysteriously killed themselves. The effect on society and most especially public figures has been chilling. If there were any semblance of political opposition, dissenting public opinion and free press(and expression) they have been destroyed. The result is public support for Putin around 90%, a totally compliant media repeating in chorus what they are told. Death to journalism, as such.

Russia, 16th of February, 2023:

Russian official's 'suicide' latest mysterious death that raises questions for Kremlin (

Bulgarian Terror- The First Wave - Suicides

In 2013, Bulgaria was shaken by mass protests against the miserable life and big monopolies- economical and political. But what was exceptional was the wave of public suicides that swept the country, all of them by self-immolation.

Documentary movie about Plamen Goranov, a 37-year-old construction worker and artist from Varna, Bulgaria set himself on fire in 2013 as a form of political protest. PLAMEN (also meaning "flame" in Bulgarian) explores what led the young activist to his protest and ultimately to his death, thus setting a disturbing trend of mass self-immolations(dozens of cases). PLAMEN ( The protests are a consequence of the corruption paralysing Bulgaria, but these are tens of missing billions. The terror of the suicides is achieving its effect of paralyzing society. This is a precedent, not only in Bulgarian history, but in world history, suicides are by self-immolations and are within a few months. After 2013, there have not been even a single such case.

Psychiatry as an Instrument of Terror

The communist regime used psychiatry to disable and remove from society political opponents. The term "philosophical intoxication", for instance, was widely applied to the mental disorders diagnosed when people disagreed with the country's Communist leaders. It was impossible for people in a socialist society to have an anti-socialist consciousness. Soviet physicians themselves, revealed terrible misuses of medical power, wherein individual critics of the state were beaten by orderlies, given forced injections of psychopharmaceutical agents, and were made to endure long stretches of isolation within hospitals. Condemnation of efforts to instrumentalize psychiatry for political purposes came from all corners, including academics (Fireside, 1979), physicians (Bloch and Reddaway, 1977), and human rights campaigners (Amnesty International, 1975). Throughout the decade, Western medical societies mounted campaigns to publicly shame East European authorities for these types of practices.

Download PDF • 421KB

Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union - Wikipedia

Are Suicide Terrorists Suicidal? A Critical Assessment of the Evidence - PMC (

Updated: A list of oligarchs and Putin critics found dead since Ukraine war | Euronews

The Secon Wave of Terror -2020 - Murders

The second wave of mass protests began in Bulgaria in 2020 with the advent of the pandemic and restrictions, combining conspiracies and discontent. But the COVID crisis turned into a Financial and Military crisis, and the protests turned into a political crisis in Bulgaria, with no government yet. But the characteristic thing that happened, unlike in 2013, is the numerous murders of people living abroad and returning to Bulgaria.

On the photo are 3 recent examples. Ivan came after 15 years from US, very famous psyhologist in Bulgaria, aiming to change the society, . Dendy, very bright person with alternative sexuality, came from long stay in Germany and Austria, changing the Bulgarian society and the LGBTQ image for good- beaten to death in a particularly cruel manner by unknown perpetrators. Yanek, after long time in France, came to do business in Bulgaria, killed in very mistery case.

Few of many young people killed in Bulgaria 2022/23

In Bulgaria (with a population of 6 million) are Missing 25, 000 people according to official data.

A second British citizen finds his death in Bulgaria in less than a year, one is missing. The British woman killed in Novo Selo in Turnovo had worked for one of the world's 10 largest law firms for a long time. British media revealed that the deceased was an employee of Clifford Chance. Tina Diane Eyre, 62, came to Bulgaria to realize her dream of having her own farm with animals.

Убитата в Ново село англичанка работила за прочута адвокатска кантора (

Even seemingly ordinary tragic stories are suppressed by the police in Bulgaria:

Family of England fan who died ‘suspiciously’ in Bulgarian police custody slam cops for trying blame his death on drugs – The Sun | The Sun

Military Union - Bulgarian People's Militia "Shipka" BNO Shipka is part of the "Soldiers' Union - Vasil Levski". The main goal of the organisation was to defend the rights and social activities of former current military and police officers.

But the entire rhetoric of the Retired Military and Politicians is built on destroying Traitors and Foreign Agents:

Some open candidates for the Death Squadron name

The Shipka Militia, consists of retired officers and policemen. On their official website, they call openly for a People's Court and Death to Traitors and Foreign Agents. They were the first Bulgarian pro Russian Militia to be investigated by their former colleagues in the police. The latest case of a returned Bulgarian from the USA, is the psychologist Ivan Vladimirov, who gained media and public popularity in Bulgaria in a short time, was killed by a retired officer. The story is presented by the police (as all such stories) as a domestic quarrel lasting months.

No comment: Radical Armed Russophilism Investigation in Bulgaria (

Васил Левски: Предателите се наказват със смърт! (

Full article: Murder on Waterloo Bridge: placing the assassination of Georgi Markov in past and present context, 1970 - 2018 (

Easy prey? Russia’s influence in Bulgaria – European Council on Foreign Relations (

But in the countryside of Bulgaria, not only is the existence of pro-Russian para-military formations normal, but they are viewed with pride:

As well as not only the open support towards Russia, but also the institutionalized cultural and pedagogical exchange with Russia for years:

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria and Stavropol, Russia, Brothers Forever! (

The terror and the fear generated is the answer why nobody talks (it is not a question of measures taken) the problem is huge and has permeated the whole society in Bulgaria.

The reasonable question of any citizen of the UK or the Western World would be, Why isn't All This Talked About, it's Absurd? After all the BBC and other media outlets have Bulgarian journalists too? And yet where do these journalists come from, did they work and study in Bulgaria(don't we understand that before 1989 journalism in Bulgaria meant working for the Propaganda Apparatus and State Security. And even getting into University, a student of Journalism Department, meant being marked by the State Security.)

The journalist Slavi Angelov

Secondary questions are to what extent are journalists and especially media owners directly or indirectly tied to pro-Russian parties or businesses/advertisers? To what extent do unions and journalists' professional bodies exert influence? The AEJ (Association of European Journalists), sponsored by America for Bulgaria, how is it doing its job? Isn't complicity called knowingly covering up and covering up crimes? Why everything begins and ends with the capital of Bulgaria. And the countryside relies on pro-government correspondents who live in the countryside and are reasonably afraid to take any position, let alone make a disclosure.

The province, the case of Pazardzhik: 2015 was a significant year for media and society in Pazardzhik. The man responsible for the Public Image of Pazardzhik was demonstratively executed!

An unidentified man shot 33-year-old Tatiana Stoyanova, the PR to the mayor of Pazardzhik, Todor Popov, with six bullets on Monday evening. The killer waited for Stoyanova to drive her jeep into the garage in the backyard of the apartment building where she lived. She had barely taken 2 steps when the killer jumped out and fired 4 bullets into her body. The woman collapsed next to the car, and the killer controllably fired 2 more bullets into the back of her head. Immediately after that he disappeared, leaving no trace. Everything after that event was different. All journalists had their mouths shut! It is also important to note that a month after the assassination in Pazardzhik the Para Military Organization Vityazi was born.

The Minorities Political Representation January 19th, 2013 is a key moment for Bulgarian politics in general. A failed assassination attempt was carried out against Ahmed Dogan, one of the main faces of the Transition, the face of the ethnic Turks in Bulgaria. Demonstrating to all political players that no one is untouchable, instilling Fear and Terror and stiffening political life for the next 10 years.

Society held hostage by Terror

When we talk about the EU, we have to take into account the fact that annual corruption amounts to 800 billion euros, money that disappears into the pockets of criminal bureaucrats.

Corrupt European countries costing EU nearly £800bn a year, says study | Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (

When we talk about Bulgaria, we should take into account the fact that it and Hungary share the first place in corruption. Both countries are in an unspoken competition in support for Putin and far right (or left) populism. With radicalisation being the result of a corrupt bureaucratic elite needing radical methods to preserve it.

What happened to EU Funds in Bulgaria? - The Black Sea

EU bleeding untold billions to fraud (

EU Funds Fraud in Bulgaria Committed on Massive Scale - - Sofia News Agency

When we talk about the last two years of crisis in Bulgaria and the period of Governments of Change (so called pro Western democrats, we have to take into account the foreign debt, which grew from 11 billion euros (20% of GDP) to 41.5 billion euros (52.5% of GDP) in two years. Despite the funds to deal with COVID, the Bulgarian economy is either in free fall or we are talking about cosmic corruption.

България влиза в кризата с втория най-нисък дълг в Европа -

Почти 41,5 млрд. евро е външният дълг на България - България -


When we talk about Bulgaria, we have to abstract from any ideology because we are talking about the draining of tens of billions of euros, known and unknown. Let us not forget that tens of billions have been lost to the UK by extremely well-organised and perfectly coordinated Bulgarian and Romanian schemes during the COVID crisis. As well as bearing in mind that there is an unscrupulous elite, and its creators and protectors in Moscow, who for 75 years have been prepared to do anything to preserve their profitable positions and investments.

Why 57 per cent of Bulgarians think they lived better under socialism than today

A third of Bulgarians find the practices of communism, Stalinism and Bolshevism acceptable.

The miserable existence of the vast majority of people and the lack of any dignity and respect for the individual is ideal Environment for Putin's Fascism - How People Live in Bulgaria. But also; Terror, Fear, Murder are a typical and evolutionary features of Bulgarian political culture. Stefan Courtois in his book "The Black Book of Communism" - reveals that in Bulgaria during Communism were built the most camps per capita compared to all other Eastern European countries.

Map of concentration camps during Communism

Pazardzhik is an illustrative sample of the Bulgarian countryside. A city located between the two largest Bulgarian cities Sofia and Plovdiv, next to the most important NATO bases. Next to the city is one very important NATO center- The Training and Combat Support Centre "Crancha" of the Joint Special Operations Command (#JSOC) develops and uses a new training methodology based on the experience gained from international exercises and courses of the Special Operations Forces of NATO Member States and partner countries.

Pazardzhik is a region with huge demographic problem, dysfunctional institutions, huge corruption problems and massive under the surface influence of Russia.

On April 20, 2009, on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of their idol Adolf Hitler, the people of Pazardzhik climbed an abandoned chimney of the former factory "Sila" to hang on its top a huge red flag with a swastika. The 52-metre-high structure was littered with grease-stained steps and cardboard cylinders resembling explosive devices to thwart or at least delay the flag's removal.

What is the radical Putin system: Putin's Far Right is characterized by Fear and Terror! Also open Homophobia and lack of any respect for Individual Civil Rights, hostility to anything associated with the West (a culture promoting freedom and democracy)- the source of All Evil, Education based on Traditionalism and Ethno Centrism, Rejection of modern advances of the modern world, Intolerance of other Cultures and Beliefs, until the start of the War in Ukraine and against NATO the enemy was usually Islam, due to negative sentiments in the West and attempts to influence Far Right Western European Parties through them.

Far Right in Pazardzhik

During a special operation of the Regional Directorate of Internal Affairs in Pazardzhik in September 2003 a gathering of the skinhead organization "Blood and Honor" was broken up. It was organized in the former disco "EMCG". The police attacked about 100 youths from Plovdiv, Dimitrovgrad, Pleven and Sofia. According to preliminary information, the purpose of the gathering was a rock-concert of a metropolitan band "Brannik". Among the detainees there were 4 Dutchmen. According to the RIA, the foreigners arrived from Serbia, where the international organization "Blood and Honour" had its structure. Leaflets were also found, in the left-hand corner of which was published the photograph of Rudolf Hess. Below the photograph were the years of birth and death, 1894-1987, with 1941 in black letters and 'Eternal glory for the dead heroes'. The leaflet is signed "Iron Pazardzhik".

Download PDF • 855KB

Football Hooligans

When talking about the Far Right in Bulgaria, it is extremely important to take into account that the core is made up of Football Hooligans. And the important questions are who are the Owners of the Clubs(who de facto sponsor and support the Football Clubs) and in which cities(what is the political governance) are the Football Clubs because they are de facto tied to the cities.


"Ultras of the football clubs Levski and CSKA committed contract killings. " are some of the headlines after a special prosecution raid in Bulgaria in 2017.

Потресаващо! Ултраси на Левски или ЦСКА извършват поръчкови убийства - Спорта.бг (


Lyubomir Delev, Daniel Iliev and Pavel Georgiev, the coaches of the Sofia West fan club, are behind bars for a fight and a gunfight that happened 9 days after the attack on the editor-in-chief of "168 hours". Several prominent figures from the Levski football club were detained. Two of them are MMA fighters Lyubomir Delev and Daniel Iliev. Their colleague from the ring Pavel Georgiev-Pavka was also wanted.

Ултраси на "Левски" са задържани за побоя над Слави Ангелов - Спорт - Дневник (

Двама ММА бойци и боксьор, всички от футболна агитка, са задържани за побоя над Слави Ангелов (

Четирима ММА бойци от Левски - Запад са в ареста за побоя над Слави Ангелов -

Far Rigjt Origins in Moscow

It is interesting to look at who the owners of the Football Clubs are. Because along with the football club come its ultras, acting as para military brigades:

Plovdiv is located next to Pazardzhik, and next to Plovdiv is the most important NATO military airport Graf Ignatievo. On several occasions the owner of Botev Plovdiv has used the fans as a protest force to achieve political goals. But the real capacity and possibilities of the fan mass in Bulgaria is much more. It is equivalent to the biker movement in Canada for example- wet orders, drug trafficking, prostitution...

The Religions under the Terror

In Pazardzhik, one of the biggest judicial farces in recent Bulgarian history was staged against people preaching Islam. The questions are, who was behind the staging of this public accusation against a group of people and a religion? Who was responsible for turning Islam into Enemy Number One in Pazardzhik? Because we understand when we create an enemy, there has to be a counterpoint, a Right Side or a Right Religion?

The Farce with the Islam in Pazardzhik? (

In the 1980s, the communist government forced many Muslims to change their names. Mosques were closed, and head scarves for women were banned. Deadly riots ensued, pressuring the government to open the border with Turkey in 1989. Some 300,000 Muslims — mostly ethnic Turks — fled to Turkey in what the parliament recognized this year as an act of “ethnic cleansing.” Now the Muslims make up about 12 percent of Bulgaria’s 7 million population and most belong to a centuries-old community, largely ethnic Turks.

2022, Pazardzhik, door of the Evangelist Church- the inscription is "Sects get out!"

And this is how nationalists in Bulgaria deal with "sectarians". After all, the nation should be Slavic and the religion should be one and that is the one coming from Moscow:

Minority Groups are subjected to no less Terror. As fear is a major tool.

The Human Rights under the Terror

And here is the attitude towards the LGBT community:

The 2010 Pride Parade in Pazardzhik was attacked by a group of over 100 skinheads. This was followed by a ban by the mayor of Pazardzhik on the public display of sexual and other orientation in public places. A de facto ban on LGBT parades. For which he and the prosecutor who issued the order were awarded by Metropolitan Nicholas of Plovdiv for Defending Christian Values.

Here is Metropolitan Nicholas of Plovdiv, who is not only a graduate of Moscow but is also a collective image of the entire Russian far-right Propaganda in the last 15 years:

Metropolitan Nicholas is the Godfather of the child of the District Governor of Pazardzhik Trendaphil Velichkov, as well as a frequent guest of Pazardzhik since he has been in government:

The Governor himself lives in the village of Cruncha (located a few kilometers from the city), which is extremely important for NATO in the Balkans:

When we talk about Pazardzhik, we have to take into account the extremely important location of the city, between Sofia and Plovdiv, on the most important communication artery, the Trakia highway. Between the most important NATO bases in Bulgaria. As next to Pazardzhik itself is the Tsrancha training ground, the NATO laboratory for the most modern military methods.

Terror for Export

The question is what is happening in the Bulgarian communities abroad. Are they a no go zone. What happens to the small Bulgarian businesses that do not want to be linked to the Bulgarian nationalist network? What happens to the people who give voice to the problems in Bulgaria?

London, UK, Bulgarian Far Right Group

The big question that needs to be answered is if Bulgaria is Russia's Trojan Horse in the EU and NATO, do Bulgarian communities abroad perform the same function. And how they do is easy to answer, you just have to look at their priorities over the last 15 years.

When talking about the far right in Bulgaria, one should not make full analogies with the far right in the West, they are just instruments at the hands of Russia. To a great extent, it is a copy cat of Russian propaganda aimed at expanding Moscow's influence among marginalized groups in the West.

Case of Bulgaria. Russian Octopus in the Black Sea Region: Identifying Vulnerable Areas and Strengthening Resilience - Prism Ua

When we talk about Hybrid Warfare and the use of Terror as a weapon, it is very important to talk about the images that are created through media and mass culture. It is important to understand who the main players are, who the producers are, how it is produced and who the performers are. Because if we take the example of the huge corruption in Bulgaria and if we look at it through the prism of Sustainability, the classical threads of the search for funding are torn. Because realistically, assuming that Bulgaria is in the hands of Russia, Russia does not need direct funding, on the contrary, the European Union funds can now be seen as potential sources of Profit for Russia.

The Orthodox Oligarch, His Guard Dog, and Their Tsarist Dream (

In the Interest of the Kremlin? Russian Oligarch Creates Far-Right Movement | Warsaw Institute

Download P • 2.71MB

The Bulgarian Secret Services(and proxies like extremists at their hands), subordinated to the Kremlin since the time of Communism, deal in the most cruel way with any opposition. The question that must be asked today is to what extent these pro-Russian death squad alike formations (reformed services, preserved structures and networks, retired officials, para-military militias...) operate in Bulgaria or western countries. Because according to Bulgarian and Western media they are active:


Bulgaria set up secret unit set up to 'execute' opponents (

Bulgarian Survivor Of Suspected Russian Poison Attack Condemns Suspension Of Probe (

Easy prey? Russia’s influence in Bulgaria – European Council on Foreign Relations (

No comment: Radical Armed Russophilism Investigation in Bulgaria (

Васил Левски: Предателите се наказват със смърт! (

Full article: Murder on Waterloo Bridge: placing the assassination of Georgi Markov in past and present context, 1970 - 2018 (

Easy prey? Russia’s influence in Bulgaria – European Council on Foreign Relations (

Download PDF • 501KB

Anton Shekhovtsov - Aleksandr Dugin's Neo-Eurasianism: The New Right à la Russe (

Децата на агентите от Държавна сигурност | Български хелзинкски комитет (

Просто фашизъм… (

Цивилизации, Анти Цивилизации и Аномалии по Скалата на Кардашев! (

Russian Spy Ring Aimed to Make Children Agents - WSJ

Download PDF • 203KB

Johannes Due Enstad

Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol. 12, No. 6 (December 2018)

And one should not forget the Bulgarians with dubious media appearances and projects directly and indirectly linked to Russia.

Bulgaria’s Largest Telecoms Firm Shares Bought by Group Linked to Sanctioned Oligarch (

TV Producer For Russian Oligarch Charged With Violating Crimea-Related Sanctions | USAO-SDNY | Department of Justice

Bulgarian NGO official charged with spying for Russia | Reuters

Russia Stages Influence Operation in Bulgaria | Warsaw Institute

Ex-Fox News Producer Charged for Working With Russian Oligarch - The New York Times (

God, church, Tsar: The world of Russian oligarch Malofeyev and his Western associates (

Former Fox News Director Linked to Russian Oligarch’s Crimes: Feds – Rolling Stone

After all, the Regional Governor of Pazardzhik himself, Trendafil Velichkov, is a specialist in media, media producing, media strategy and political PR. With some investments in Greece.

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