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The Purge of the Gypsies and George Ganchev

Pazardzhik is the city where the main Police Academy was during Communism (the main repressive apparatus, directly subordinate to Moscow), one of the reasons why Police Stories and Policemen in leading roles are so popular. As we know from the history of the White Supremacy Movements core members of the clans are in Law Enforcements.

The most glorious story in the urban legends of Pazardzhik is about a purge Just after the fall of Communism. Myth about how the special forces beat up 10,000 gypsies. A story from 1993, when the entire state apparatus was still made up of people who worked under the former communist regime, portrays the entire transition. In Pazardzhik then Colonel Arlin Antonov (father of one of the most prominent cultural figures in Pazardzhik, the director and director of the Pazardzhik Theatre Grigor Antonov) entered with special police units and military equipment into the minority quarter of Pazardzhik. What follows is a mass beating of anyone who comes into their sight, over 10,000 people live there.

At the forefront of the ethnic lynching is the Director of the National Security Service, Col. Arlin Antonov. Head of counter intelligence, since the time of Communism (when the intelligence was under the direct command of the KGB and Moscow), who is from Pazardzhik, and who even today 2023 is in the government of Pazardzhik, as a Municipal Councilor.

Western Politicians in the Bulgarian New Politics

It seems to have become a tradition in Bulgaria that behind the "Western new Bulgarian politicians" there is always at least one elite policeman. Why the West is Failing(was it failed by...) in Bulgaria (

In the 2001 elections the ex the Director of the National Security Service was the vice-president of George Ganchev - one of the most provocative figures in Bulgarian politics. Imagining himself successful in the West, he headed the first Bulgarian pro-business party, which was a factor in Bulgarian politics for almost a decade. But more importantly, with Georges Ganchev a trend is set in the Bulgarian political theatre of "supposedly importing successful people to Western Europe", which is valid until now and sells quite well.

After George Ganchev, Bulgarian patriotic populism was born.

Since the beginning of Bulgaria's accession to NATO, a parallel movement for the legalization of Para Military Militias in Bulgaria began. During the time, all Nationalist and Patriotic groups advocate for the creation of squads that "supposedly" to deal with gypsy crime. But in the end, alongside them or based on them the birth of the Pro Russian Militias was enabled.

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