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There are two Bulgarias and one is Putin's!

The photo is from a protest of anti-European and pro-Putin forces in Sofia. The gallows is erected in front of the monument to the Russian Tsar Liberator, located right in front of the Parliament. The message is more than clear.

In Bulgaria(as in the UK), on the brink of Russia's military conflict with Ukraine, something to say the least is happening. A pro-Putin political force is rising up in Bulgaria that has a real claim to lead an EU and NATO member state. A group that, like the Kremlin regime, relies on threats, terror and fear-mongering. A proxy that not only promotes the interests of the Kremlin, but is also supported by numerous active groups not only in Bulgaria but also in the EU, the UK and the US. After all, Bulgarian supporters of these same supposedly "right-wing" forces were among the Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol, with Russian Intelligence being the main suspect behind organizing the riot in Washington.

(Supporters of the pro-Putin Vazrazhdane Party in London, 5 minutes from High Park and Royal Albert Hall. The photo is from their official Facebook group, where all their contacts can be found, and much more.)

Law enforcement agencies in Bulgaria and the UK should take a serious interest in an organization that is not only a conduit for Putin's interests, but is formed and operated in the manner of terrorist cells. For history provides a number of horrific examples of such movements one day becoming a bloody reality. Like the one with the Vazrazhdane has already crossed more than one or two red lines.

Lists of Enemies of the People to be lynched and Calls for Russia to Hit the American Embassy with Missiles.

(Photo from the Vazrazhdane London website. An election ballot paper, with the choice made for a machine gun. The message is more than clear, no interpretation is necessary.)

From the rostrum of the National Assembly Konstantin Konstantinov uttered something that has long circulated in our society, that the party has a list of "National Traitors" and what awaits them is a "People's Court" and red terror:

"The ugly mutant, born of the absurd symbiosis between cultural Marxism and liberal fascism, clearly doesn't have much time left." And further, personally to the author of this comment, "So the time will soon come when its servants and conduits in this country will have to pay for their deeds. And finally, let me not forget - in that order, Sandy, you will be one of the first on the list, don't you know?" read more...

Vazrazhdane MP Yelena Guncheva wrote the following on her Facebook account: 'Don't despair, there is some hope - Russia has high-precision (according to its understanding of high-precision - b.a.) weapons, so it might just hit the Council of Ministers if Just Kiro sends our missiles to the buffoon Zelensky. We might as well send them a link with Mustafa's coordinates." To which there was no reaction in Bulgaria from the institutions, which gives us the impression that there are two Bulgarias and one is Putin's... read more...

Who are the Vazrazhdane?

(From the website of Vazrazhdane, London. This is a tree in London, the very centre. On it the certificates are compared to the Nazi Swastika. Which is what the West is in the eyes of Putin Propaganda, Nazi. As are the brainless people, as are all Westerners in the eyes of what consider themselves highly moral and highly intelligent Putin supporters).

Not just love of country, but hatred of anything foreign

In the new century, the more recognizable nationalist parties in Bulgaria have been VMRO-BND, Ataka, NFSB (renamed in 2021 as "Strong Bulgaria") and "Revival". To them, at some ideological distance, gravitated "Bulgarian Vozhod". Their distinguishing feature is, of course, the patriotic declarations. Therefore patriotism in this case must necessarily outgrow its common meaning of love for the homeland and harden to xenophobia - it is not enough to love your own, you must also be against the foreign.

Conspiracy as an essential element

The ideology of nationalism is essentially a conspiracy theory, according to which Bulgaria is a great European country, but after its past glory it is unfairly disadvantaged historically. On the matrix of the national liberation struggles in the Ottoman Empire, an enemy is being constructed from which our national interest must be defended, and again we can rely solely on Russia. To the extent that there are differences between these parties, they are in the assessment of who our own present enemy is, Turkey, the West, our neighbours, or all but Russia. While there are also partial variations in their attitudes towards today's Russia, they are on the positive spectrum, allowing for opposition and criticism of Putin's misguided policies, the weak Gorbachev and Yeltsin, or the Russian oligarchs associated with the West, but this is to reinforce concern and love for Russia.

(Vazrazhdane has held numerous and open meetings in London, completely unmolested.)

How Vazrazhdane has declared itself firmly behind Russia

The cub in the niche, Renaissance, made of power ambitions, managed to throw out its old occupants because it went all the way in the conspiracy. He saw the enemy of the nation in our Euro-Atlantic partners and selflessly sided with Putin. On both counts, it tapped into the resource of collective fear - first of the coronavirus and then of Putin himself. It was the rhetoric of anti-Waxerism that got him into parliament. It was a political phenomenon disguised as a medical one, which was supposed to create an angry distrust of vaccines and carry it over to the West in general, where the vaccines came from. Now Vazrazhdane is garnering the support of those stricken by Russian propaganda in this country, which is supposed to make Putin out to be a victim of the West, which did not respect his demands.

(Some of Russia's top pro-Russian journalists and public figures are guests of Vazrazhdane, London)

Fear as a basic function of terror

It remains unclear on what grounds we should respect the demands of an authoritarian regime, except that Putin has nuclear weapons and is mad enough to use them. This is the second time that fear has intervened, which prompts you, instead of incurring the aggressor's wrath by opposing him, to appease him by casting your vote for Kostadin Kostadinov. Stefan Yanev is also trying "on the fly" to board this train, but he is unlikely to succeed because he cannot surpass Kostadinov in his willingness to identify our national interests with Russia's.

The BSP, on the other hand, has irretrievably missed the Russian train after finding itself in a government that had the audacity to expel 70 spies working in the Russian embassy. In this election there is no one way or the other. Putin has so soured international relations that you are now either against him or for him, the middle ground has fallen away. And Kostadinov and his associates have convinced the voter that the best way to vote for Putin in Bulgaria is to vote for them.

(Some of the biggest pro-Russian journalists and public figures are guests at Vazrazhdane, London)

How VMRO and Ataka remained isolated

The other heroes of the patriotic niche have been left behind in time and their versions of the conspiracy theory of nationalism now sound naively romantic. IMRO, which rebranded itself as the successor to IMRO from 1919 to 1934, sees a threat to our national interests primarily in our neighbors with two enduring fixations - Turkey and Macedonia. However, since the migratory pressure began, Turkey is a sought-after ally, and the controversy with the Macedonians has been smoothed over with Macron's help, leaving IMRO seemingly without an ideology.

And former NFSB leader Valery Simeonov was willing to take anti-communist positions and even criticise Putin, so he dropped out of the nationalist fashion of rants against NATO and the EU and of loyalty to the Kremlin. Only Volen Siderov insists that he is more loyal to the Russians than Kostadin Kostadinov as well - Ataka is the original and Revival is fake, he says from the screen of his own television. But there is no one to hear him because Siderov was used to getting his vote back with election scandals in the media and on the streets, and today's supporters of the Kremlin regime want to vote for a clean-shaven Führer, not a political comedian. To war as to war...

A stain that will be hard to erase

How is it that nationalism has gradually gone from an auto-therapeutic retroutopia filled with kings and patriarchs, rebuilt fortresses and war marches, nightly inspections and squabbles with neighbours over every scrap of history, to banal political support for the bloodiest invasion of Europe since the Second World War. And it was presented as a defence of the Bulgarian people. How long will the next nationalists need to wipe this stain from the face of the nation.

(On 07/122/2022, in the midst of the heaviest fighting in Ukraine, the former Bulgarian monarch welcomed the Russian ambassador and the Russian metropolitan to his residence in Bulgaria. A gentle reminder of what happened in Germany and the prevented coup (More on this). Simeon's party NMSV, which ruled Bulgaria a little over a decade ago, is once again on the political firmament claiming now to be liberal, and to get pro-Western voters. Simeon's influence is no less in the Bulgarian community in London. )

In the March 1, 2022, Alpha Research poll, a third of Bulgarians continue to approve of Putin and a fifth have no opinion, but we can suspect that there are a large number of closet Putinists among them, since after all, in the midst of war, it is not very prestigious to admit to being a fan. The remaining 48 per cent disapprove of the Kremlin ruler. That is, Bulgarians are divided in two. The Kremlin's propaganda has serious merit - it has been at work for a long time, deeply, powerfully and effectively. It relies on official media, journalists and public figures, as well as trolls and hybrid platforms. Researchers at home and around the world have demonstrated its technology. For example, by creating Facebook groups and sites that first target audiences prone to conspiratorial thinking. Then it expands with well-targeted messages. And bingo - the believers in chemtrails, in chipping, in 5G colonisation, in the illusory nature of Kovid, are the same ones who believe in Putin.

The questions to be answered are, who are the Bulgarian citizens and businesses in the UK directly and indirectly supporting the patriotic pro-Russian movements in Bulgaria and abroad? The big question should be, who controls, medium and large Bulgarian businesses on the Island? Are there proxies being used in the hybrid war or are they just sleeper cells?

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