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Stories about pedophiles, murderers and obligations to Moscow- Fraternity Alumni Russia

When we talk about the acquittal of Ivan Evstatiev, as well as the countless unsolved crimes in Bulgaria, we must keep in mind who the perpetrator is. Because there is no way that a man who graduated in Moscow can be brought to court. Russian education is like a wild card in Bulgaria, it gives you almost unlimited freedom, and no one asks questions about you. Example, the leader(and MP) of the most "pro-Western" party Proceed the Change in Pazardzhik has graduated MA Diplomacy in Moscow, in the most elite diplomatic university in Russia, already two years. No one is talking about it.

Tweet of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria about the newly opened Russian Monument in Strelcha

In the Russian press, Strelcha (a tourist town in the Pazardzhik region), the town in which after Pazardzhik is the mayor Evstatiev of the Russian Press is called Little Moscow, and not without reason:

This is what the Russian media say for Bulgaria, which yearns for its Liberators, the Rusnatsi brothers: "On 2 May 2015, an extraordinary event took place in the Bulgarian town of Strelcha. A new monument to Soviet Marshal Zhukov was unveiled in a NATO and EU member state. A guard of honour from the 61st Stryama Mechanised Brigade stood next to the gilded Soviet coat of arms on the monument. A banner depicting the hoisting of the Victory Banner over the defeated Reichstag was unfurled near the monument."

The media are talking about thr sacrificial lambs, figures who actually serve only to create the delusion that Bulgaria is pro-Western. But in reality, we see that there are two Bulgarias, and one is to Putin, where the people as Evstatiev are untachable. Some time ago the drugged naturalized Russian Maxim Evgenyevich Stavisky, a figure skating competitor, drugged, with his huge Hummer jeep crushed a young couple. The verdict was acquittal and he continued skating on the ice....

Ivan Evstatiev boasts a solid biography. He graduated in law with full honors from the Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski", defended his doctorate in Moscow during the Soviet era, has experience as a prosecutor, even a diplomat. Before Strelcha he was also mayor of the regional center of Pazardzhik. He was one of the most erudite and launched representatives of the BSP (former communist party). According to many, Ivan owes his turbulent party career in large part to his father-in-law. We are talking about the former first secretary of the district committee of the Communist Party in Pazardzhik Boris Dimitrov.

Evstatiev's first big blunder was as mayor of Pazardzhik, when in 2004, besides eating and drinking, he offered a visiting delegation from abroad underage prostitutes. But then

the lusty ruler got off dry by denying everything and calling the allegations against him a "political attack". The big scandal was when the daughter of his secretary in Strelcha, who is 16 years old, accused him of rape. Thanks to his good lawyers, Ivan Evstatiev managed to get away with it, and they got him off with mental problems. But he is definitely quite good at weaving corruption schemes for millions.

The second story is the most startling crime in the recent history of Pazardzhik, as well as one of the most terrible in Bulgarian criminology. Two sisters(Belinski), Rositsa(18) and Hristina(15), go out to a disco. On the main street, dotted with bars, cameras and hundreds of people, an expensive car stops. Apparently knowing the man behind the wheel, the sisters get in. They are found on the 31 January naked, raped and murdered outside the town. No one saw anything, the records are gone. What is said in town is that the perpetrator is known, a very powerful man, but the name is not mentioned, everyone is in fear. A long police investigation begins, the "as everyone says" scapegoat turns up, confesses and serves time. Period. Of the most horrible crime.

In Bulgaria, some crimes will never be solved. As in the days of Communism, crimes were not talked about at all. When there was a caste that was omnipresent, that could kill, that could rape, that could sexually exploit the people who worked under them... And this has remained, there are untouchables for the law and there are others that the law can make a fool of, can take away their businesses, can punish them, warn them... Just like it was under communism.

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