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The Minister of Culture from PazardzhikVeleslav Minekov

(Minister Minekov during the 2020 protests that brought the pro Putin forces in Bulgaria)

Veleslav Minekov is a Bulgarian sculptor from a village near Pazardzhik, chairman of the Culture Committee of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. And his father Velichko Minekov was a member of Todor Zhivkov's close personal entourage (the dictator at the head of the Bulgarian Communist Party), known as "the hunting party" and acting as an informal highest advisory board. He was first deputy chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and a member of the bureau of the Committee for Culture. Such a high position under the USSR meant only one thing, direct control and accountability to Moscow.

Pictured is the hunting party of the dictator Todor Zhivkov, among them are the biggest names of Bulgarian culture during Communism. Lyubomir Levchev, Emilian Stanev, Yordan Radichkov, Velichko Minekov, Gen. Hristo Ruskov, Todor Zhivkov, academician Angel Balevski, Georgi Dzhagarov, Hristo Neykov, Svetlin Rusev, Milko Balev, Gen. Iliya Kashev.

Veleslav Minenkov is Minister of Culture in 2022, from the interim cabinet of President Rumen Radev. One of the most significant things he will be remembered for were the 2020 protests, in which he was an active part and which plunged Bulgaria into the worst political crisis in modern history. As well as giving practically more than two years of power in the hands of the President and creating an extremely pro Russian political environment in Bulgaria during the NATO military conflict in Ukraine with Russia.

Bulgarian-Russian culture is developing, but it needs to develop more

One of the first tasks of the new Minister of Culture of the Young Reformers was to meet with the Russian Ambassador Mrs Mitrofanova to explain how good the cultural exchange is between Bulgaria and Russia, but how it should be developed more. The meeting at the Ministry of Culture was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Culture Assoc. Dr. Plamen Slavov and the Director of the Directorate for International Cooperation, European Programmes and Regional Activities, Dr. Petar Miladinov.

The good cooperation in the field of culture between the two countries was noted from the very beginning of the talks. Minister Minekov shared ideas for intensifying it in various areas, proposing exchanges in the field of theatre productions, music and dance performances, joint visiting exhibitions of religious treasures from both countries, as well as holding a sculpture competition for young artists. For his part, N. Pr. Mitrofanova suggested that Bulgaria take part in the forthcoming "Art Camp" initiated by UNESCO, as well as to consider initiatives in the field of translation of fiction from both countries, and also partnership in the field of film industry.

The minister, who is from Pazardzhik, has a lot to boast about in the cultural exchange between Pazardzhik and Russia.

With the participation of Deputy Minister Slavov, the idea of developing so-called religious tourism was also discussed, in view of the spiritual closeness between the peoples of Russia and Bulgaria. The idea of establishing a School for Orthodox Art Restorers, the centre of which would be in our country, was also discussed.

The idea of School for Orthodox Art Restorers was quickly turned into reality. One of the first tasks of the Governor of Pazardzhik, Trendaphil Velichkov, was to announce the establishment of such a school in Pazardzhik.

With his entry into office, the young and assertive Governor of Pazardzhik Trendafil Velichkov pushed very seriously the religious foundations connecting Pazardzhik with the Russian Orthodox Church and ideas, most of all with the help of Archbishop Nicholas of Plovdiv:

Н. Pr. Mitrofanova said about the development of the initiative to unite cities of ancient heritage of the region in order to intensifying the tourist flow. Н. Pr. Mitrofanova also proposed holding exchange Days of Spiritual Culture in Russia and in Bulgaria to become an annual cultural event. She also mentioned the possibility of Bulgarian Bulgarian students to study with priority in Russian universities in various arts.

At the end of the conversation Minister Minekov and N. Pr. Mitrofanova once again expressed their readiness for full support and cooperation to intensify the cultural initiatives and joint projects of the two countries.

The other significant thing he will be remembered for is igniting an Ethnic Artistic Conflict that was quelled rather quickly.

(Minister Minekov guillotine during the 2020 protests. He erected the guillotine with the great desire that the red communist terror should return.)

Ethnic Conflict in Pazardzhik Recipe

The doors of the offices of the director of the National Theater Vasil Vassilev and his publicist Velislava Krasteva are again scratched - respectively with the inscriptions "office" and "reception" of the MRF. This happened on Saturday evening, but the case was not disclosed on Sunday and no wonder it will be suppressed on Monday when the inscriptions will be cleaned, sources from the National Theatre familiar with the case told Mediapool.

It is not excluded that the theatre will not report the case or deny that there were such inscriptions, as the management of the institution has no interest in blowing up the scandal, which in every way it tries to frame as a "personal" conflict, and an isolated one at that.

The author of the inscriptions is once again the director Alexander Morfov, who in November caused an unprecedented conflict in the theatre when he for the first time scratched the door of Ahmed Dogan's long-time PR woman and former DPS MP Velislava Krasteva with the inscriptions "DPS" and "Public Relations of Ahmed Dogan".

The sign with her job title was also removed. The theatre's director Vasil Vassilev called the police to check who the "unknown perpetrator" of the "vandal act" was, but Alexander Morfov announced that he was the perpetrator. He also explained why, recalling yet another public appearance by Velislava Krasteva next to the honorary chairman of the MRF Ahmed Dogan at the elections on 2 October, despite the fact that at least officially she has long worked for another institution - the National Theatre.

The position of director Boyko Bogdanov: "Where are you, my fellow directors (Nikolai Polyakov, Krasimir Spasov, Teddy Moskov, Ivan Dobchev, Margarita Mladenova, Lilia Abadzhieva, the young ones, etc., etc.). Have you chosen the profession as moral and aesthetic pillars and messengers of the spiritual growth of the Nation?...? Where is your solemn reaction to the incident...? Where is your Bulgarian, professional and civic dignity expressed in defense of a view?...? What are you allowing this female to do in our National Cultural Institute? This one...Dogan...gropes part of our sea and beaches... Halal be to him! But touching the National Custodian, doesn't seem a bit much, eh? Come on! Shame," Bogdanov was angry. And continues, "I ask you all brothers in devotion where is your public pronouncement when, for once in history, Salieri mocks Mozart. Sasho's hooliganism in this case is only a kind of litmus test of the disgusting situation we have found ourselves in by our joint efforts - and I think we should give publicity to the essence of this ugly phenomenon...". In an earlier post, he described the incident at the People's as " piggish, conniving and odious to authentic artists". And calls for Sasho Morfov's support.

Culture Minister Veleslav Minekov defended Alexander Morfov, saying he insisted on his presence at the National Theatre, where political activists have no place and will ask to be replaced, but explained the "silence" of his colleagues in the case by the fact that they keep their newly awarded large salaries. "I found out about an unprecedented rise in the salaries of the artists in the ensemble - some receive a salary of 5,000 leva, which the directors of the directorates in the Ministry of Culture do not receive"

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