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Why the West is Failing(was it failed by...) in Bulgaria

The face of the anti-communist parties in Bulgaria is the IT multimillionaire Mr. Terziev, a man whose whole family is connected to the repression machine of the Bulgarian Communist Party until 1989 - the State Security (Bulgarian Stasi). 1989 and the fall of Communism found him in Washington as the son of a commercial attaché. He then enrolled at the most expensive private American University in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, graduating in the midst of Bulgaria's greatest social and economic crisis in 1997, when the wage in Bulgaria had reached a few dollars. After that, his multi-million dollar IT technology business initially went through partnerships with arms trading companies.

According to his account, how was the estimated $300 million company Telerik founded? He had no money (in Bulgaria it is 50 BGN) to register his own company. There was also no way to rent their own office. And so they started as... part of the holding company Kimkoop Trading. Dealing in arms and components around the world... and with relevant connections, including as far as software products are concerned.It is an open secret in Bulgaria, and around the world, that the arms business in Eastern Europe and the USSR, is under patent of the KGB and under their direct umbrella, under which are the local equivalents of the KGB, directly subordinate to Moscow. Structures in which the young entrepreneur's entire family worked.

Vasil Terziev is the mayoral candidate of "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria". Parties positioned as modern, progressive and pro-Western, but at the same time deeply burdened with descendants of the former services and communist elite. As well as with deep ties to Moscow.

And the same democratic forces in Bulgaria, heavily funded by digital companies, some investigated for multi-billion money laundering scams, terrorism and ties to the Kremlin have ended the few semblance of the rule of law in Bulgaria.

The Power of Terror- Bulgaria, next to Ukraine (

Killing of Democracy

On the 26th of May, a member of parliament from what claims to be the Pro-Western Political Party (PP) appeared before the media in Bulgaria with recordings of a National Press Conference of the young party. The recordings revealed with startling frankness and arrogance details of Bulgarian Political reality. Young people, educated in some of the most prestigious universities in the world, discussed in a vulgar and unceremonious way European Leaders with whom the second way they planned to make fraud, how through "ala bala"(tricks) of 7 percent in the elections thanks to the President they took 24 percent, how they were going to "launder" the most corrupt figure in Bulgarian modern history, how they were going to control the security services, how and with which embassies they were coordinating their actions and how the services were under the direct control of the embassies of foreign countries. .. This was happening against the backdrop of a series of political assassinations and the terror to which Bulgarian society and institutions were being subjected at that more about it here...The Power of Terror- Bulgaria, next to Ukraine (

What is shocking in the story is that all claiming to be Pro-Western Forces are directly and indirectly involved. Which totally destroys the faith of Bulgarian society in Democracy, Euro Institutions and NATO at a time of war in Ukraine and growing Russian aggression.

German MEP after the “Change” recording for Von Der Leyen: We don’t need a crisis with the euro!

The reactions in Brussels after the scandalous statements from the recording of the National Council of “We continue the change” have not stopped for the third day. The liberal Moritz Koerner, a member of the European Parliament from Germany, published the part of Kiril Petkov’s explanations about Bulgaria’s circumvention of the rules for entering the Eurozone. “It is claimed that Ursula von der Leyen has secretly promised Bulgarian government negotiators to accept Bulgaria into the Eurozone, even if the country does not meet the necessary conditions for this. A tragic mistake. Eurocrisis 2.0 is the last thing we need right now,” said Moritz Koerner on Twitter. When Petkov explains to the National Council about his conversation with the President of the European Commission, he says that Ursula von der Leyen promised support, but with a request from her side, “not to be quoted”. Petkov, however, announced the conversation to members of the National Assembly of the PP, and after MP Radostin Vassilev provided the recording to the media.

U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Merten on Kiril Petkov's recordings: 'I haven't discussed names with anyone, it's none of my business!'

Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev at the meeting, seemingly naive (if one does not assume that a purposeful blunder, gives very strong arguments to the opposition against the West) of their party claim that they have discussed with Western Embassies and a certain Embassy who will be the heads of the Bulgarian Security Services and all the names of the directors have been approved by the embassies.

This was not Kiril Petkov's first blunder in which he embarrassed the US services. Similarly, there was a complete disconnect with what Kirill Petkov was saying about US Vice President Kamala Harris and what she herself said. Kiril Petkov claimed that she called him to thank him for taking care of Ukrainian Refugees in Bulgaria (which turned out to be the biggest corruption scandal Kiril Petkov's party is involved in).

At the end of May, 2023, the Interior Minister Ivan Dermendzhiev submitted a signal to the Parliament about huge abuses with immigrants from Ukraine worth 100 million leva from the office of Kiril Petkov. This is money that official figures are in excess of the previous ministry, and was overpaid to government-linked hotels for Ukrainian refugees who only fictitiously exist on documents.

Minister Demerdzhiev explains from the rostrum in the National Assembly whether Kalina Konstantinova(Konstantinova holds a master's degree in Sustainable development from London School of Economics. Deputy Minister of Economy In office 12 May 2021 – 16 September 2021 and Deputy Prime Minister for Effective Government in Government of Kiril Petkov in 13 December 2021 - 2 August 2022.) is involved in the scams of the hoteliers with Ukrainian refugees. It became clear that the Ministry of the Interior has established a number of duplicate and fictitious registrations of the so-called Ukrainian refugees. Konstantinova herself explained that checks were carried out in her time and if there were abuses, they were at very low levels, and the name should not be involved in such scandals. An inspection by the Ministry of Internal Affairs has found a number of duplicate registrations of Ukrainian refugees in the hotels, Interior Minister said from the parliamentary rostrum. There are hotels that accommodate more than 1.5 times more people than the maximum capacity, children who were not born and people who did not enter Bulgaria, said Demerdzhiev.FIRST IN PEAK TV: Kalina Konstantinova under fire in the parliament for scams with Ukrainian refugees (LIVE) (

"Ala Bala" -with the President we falsified the Elections

Kiril Petkov says a lot in the meeting where the coalition with the party associated with corruption and the theft of tens of billions of euro funds - GERB - is discussed. But the most scandalous thing is that he claims that the electorate of his party is about 7% and the remaining 17% are the result of "tricks" made together with President Rumen Radev, whose protégé and political project was Kiril Petkov himself.

Kiril Petkov Quotes
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Another issue is that no one from the party of the Pro-Western forces in Bulgaria objected to everything said, as well as the coalition with GERB and Boyko Borissov. On the contrary, even the alleged draft mayor of the capital Sofia, who owns a large IT company, says it is a good deal.

Bulgarian Elections- Between Venezuela, Russia, and the Chinese Parts

Technical Fair in Plovdiv 2019, presentation of machines and software for voting machines.

At the beginning of 2021 Bulgaria signed a contract with Smartmatic for the purchase of voting machines, 800 of the machines arrive directly from Taiwan.. Machines from the same company were hired by the CEC for the experimental machine voting in 2014 and the presidential elections in 2016. Smartmatic is one of the leaders in the machine and electronic voting business. However, the company has a very controversial fame, the article says. Founded by Venezuelans, it was originally registered in the US state of Delaware and subsequently re-registered in the UK and the Netherlands. According to secret cables by US diplomats in Caracas leaked to Wikileaks, its owners are wealthy Venezuelans linked to the Bolivarian government of Hugo Chavez and hidden behind a web of offshore companies.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the Russian Ambassador open the Technical Fair in 2019. Fair Plovdiv owner Georgi Gergov is in the back of the photo.

Smartmatic has also supplied machines for elections in the US, where it was investigated in 2006 for links to the Venezuelan government, the New York Times reports. This came after Smartmatic acquired the US company Sequoia Voting Systems in 2005, which provided voting machines in 17 US states and Washington DC. Smartmatic eventually sold its stake in Sequoia, but doubts remain that its lysed software is still being used in US elections.

A detailed report on the U.S. Department of Commerce website from 2008 described the use of Smartmatic software in U.S. elections as a potential national security risk.

Remarkably, of the numerous elections in which the company has been involved, only Venezuela has had no complaints of problems with the voting machine. It was also the most financially successful election for Smartmatic - $128 million for the 2004 referendum in which Venezuelans decided whether Hugo Chávez should remain president. The order was awarded expressly by the pro-presidential Venezuelan electoral commission. Chávez won the referendum. The opposition then blamed Smartmatic for the loss because of a suspicious two-way communication with the central server detected before the protocols were printed.

Smartmatic's voting machines are distributed in Bulgaria by the company Ciela Norma. It is related to Adv. Ivan Todorov, who according to Momchil Mondeshki has strong oligarchic ties. A significant problem is that Smartmatic's machines are like a "black box" and nobody in Bulgaria knows how they work. In previous elections, the CEC gave the expert commission one day to check one of the machines before all the others were sent to the polling stations, Bivol writes. Bulgarian Voting Machines – Torn between Chavez, Soros, Delyan and Chinese Laptops Mind the horns! (

Coalition with Corruption and Putin

"Boyko Borisov" is Putin's Servant - this is the inscription on the banner during the protests against GERB's rule - on the photo is one of the leaders of DA Bulgaria - former Director of Intelligence General Atanasov.

During a round table discussion at the International Economic Forum under the patronage of Russia in Valdai in Krasnogorsk in November 2011, Russian President Vladimir Putin compared the European Union to a hamster which, having filled its cheeks with food, now cannot swallow. Certainly an apt metaphor addressed to the new EU members by a former KGB colonel who is surely very familiar with the metaphors of the political classes in this region. As well as their symbiotic existence with Russia.

In Bulgaria it is possible that a party born in the protests against the Mafia, claiming to be pro-Western, but launched by a pro-Russian President in 2023 could first unite with the former Communist Party and rather dubious left populists, then agree on coalition reformist governance with the so-called Mafia and finally reach out for a coalition to the most pro-Russian party in Bulgaria, no matter how absurd this might sound in the perception of a citizen who has grown up in a democratic environment. One of the main fallacies that the pro-Russian very old elite in Bulgaria has managed to push is that "there is change" or "change is coming" in the face of young people educated in the West. Political Theatre played for more than 15 years, in front of the Bulgarian public as well as the EU and NATO


The reaction of Kiril Petkov and the "pro-Western" coalition around him is to organize a rally in support of Ukraine and to accuse President Rumen Radev of being a pro-Russian President. Bulgaria did not help Ukraine during the rule of the same "pro-Western forces". During Kiril Petkov's Cabinet, through legislative restrictions, aid to Ukraine was FORBIDDEN- and this was presented as a Pacifist measure. But at the same time Bulgaria sells arms for 500 million. "The New York Times told a story about Bulgarian arms exports through an American company and again through Poland. България не е дала оръжие на Украйна през Полша - Новини СЕГА (

The Protégé of President Rumen Radev

Who is Kiril Petkov

Kiril Petkov was one of the faces of the protests against GERB and Boyko Borissov in 2021. This was followed by a ministerial seat in the caretaker cabinet of President Rumen Radev, the favorite of President Rumen Radev, then a project promoted also by the President and enjoying in the society and voters the understanding that it is President Radev's project. And in 2023 Kiril Petkov

In 2007 Kiril Petkov returned to Bulgaria after immigrating to Canada with his family as a child. Three months after his return he gave a very interesting interview in which he talked about the very interesting people he worked for who have multi million dollar businesses in Russia. He also talks about his time in Russia, a $150 million joint project with the Russian government that he led and his time in Russia.

Who are PP (We Continue the Change)

The PP is a political project similar to the one created in Pakistan by Imran Khan, designed to distract the public until the old political elites regroup. A project promoted as pro-Western, consisting of two main political figures Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev (former deputy finance minister in Boyko Borissov's government, GERB party ruled Bulgaria almost the entire period in the EU). Initially they were caretaker ministers under Rumen Radev, who promoted them to form his own party. Their project PP first ruled in coalition with Kornelia Ninova the leader of the Bulgarian Socialists(ex Communist Party) who nominated Rumen Radev for President, then they were in advanced negotiations to rule with Boyko Borissov and GERB. As the assassination of the Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev failed their future coalition government. Read more about the assassination of Ivan Geshev, the biggest political terrorist event in recent Bulgarian history, and the PP's reaction here.. The Power of Terror- Bulgaria, next to Ukraine (

Bulgaria with ministers like Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev will look different- October, 2021- President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev on his appointed ministers Harvard graduates.

We Continue the Change is a political protest party that emerged as a result of the mass protests in 2020 against the most corrupt government (more than a decade of GERB) in Europe, leading to massive embezzlement of Euro Funds and pandemic corruption in Bulgaria. As well as huge breaches of Russian interests in Bulgaria, most notably in the energy carriers. After Rumen Radev appointed Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev as interim ministers in 2021, the two became leaders of the PP(We Continue the Change) party, de facto launched by Rumen Radev. Created as an antipode to corruption and the rule of Boyko Borissov and his party GERB.

In 2022, the official opening of the Party was hosted by the Honorary Consul of Russia in Bulgaria, one of the leaders of the Bulgarian Socialist Party and Owner of the Plovdiv Fair - Georgi Gergov.

Russian Consul Gergov with President Rumen Radev

The doubts about the rapprochement of Gergov's camp and Kiril Petkov's people started with the election commissions. Kiril Petkov were represented in Plovdiv by Ivan Karchev, Manka Babajanova and Nikola Kotselov. They are not random. They were previously in the same election positions, but from the quota of the Bulgarian Union of Socialists in Plovdiv are known for their proximity to Georgi Gergov and his wing in the party.

It was at the fair that they held their inaugural meeting in April. They had rented the convention center to elect their governing bodies without worrying that the facility was under the control of Georgi Gergov. On December 18, We Continue the Change held its second national forum, again at the International Fair m in Plovdiv, now finally controlled by Gergov after the court decision.

Gergov's relationship with the future leaders of We Continue the Change dates back to the first caretaker governments in 2021, according to people familiar with their relations in parliament. Back then, Kiril Petkov, Assen Vassilev and Nikolai Denkov were ministers appointed by the president Rumen Radev and had excellent relations with him. In spite of the "emancipation" presented to the audience and the subsequent "confrontation" with the camp that created the We Continue the Change party.

BSP's results in Plovdiv also speak eloquently of the red oligarch's withdrawal from the party's ranks. In the regular elections in 2021, for example, the party had 19 763 votes in the city and 26 101 in the district. In November 2021, when We Continue Change first appears on the ballot, the BSP is down to 10,000 in the city and 14,000 in the district, CEC data show. Only to collapse as early as this October. According to polling agencies, most of the red voters in Gergov's district voted for the new leftists of "Change".

Who is Georgi Gergov

"Бизнесът иска тишина". Панаирът, дупката, милионите и общото между Гергов, Борисов и Пеевски (

Georgi Gergov is a man who has managed to do business through any management. From being a supporter of the Bulgarian Democrats (SDS), he managed to do good business during the reign of the Bulgarian Monarch Simeon Saxe-Cuborgotski, and even more successful business under GERB and Boyko Borisov.

Together with the Russian Ambassador and GERB leader Boyko Borisov

As Russian Consul, he is one of the closest people to the Russian Embassy.

More about Georgi Gergov, read here...Georgi Gergov- Plovdiv- The Red Fortress of the Red Baron (

Origins of the Concept

The first annual "Bulgarian Easter" meeting was organized by the United Democratic Forces government with Prime Minister Ivan Kostov at the Easter holidays in 2000. The stated aim was to attract Bulgarian professionals with experience in various fields from all over the world and students abroad to help in the process of the country's accession to the European Union. Building on the idea and the concept, in 2001 the former Bulgarian monarch Simeon Saxe-Coburggotsky formed a government, which included the graduates and expatriates Milen Velchev and Nikolai Vassilev (the latter was an active participant in the initiative, while the former only attended the Easter meetings). In the monarchist party's circles there are also other graduates abroad, including Antonia Parvanova, Lyubka Kachakova and Krasimir Katev. The NDSV does not maintain contact and does not pay attention to ideas and invitations for joint work on socially important projects. The link between the state bodies and the initiative is breaking down. Since 2002 there has been an Internet forum gathering the most active followers of the initiative. In 2004 the same people created the Bulgarian Easter Movement Foundation (BEMF).

Differences with similar formats

The main difference of the Bulgarian concept of young people being educated abroad and transferring the knowledge learned to Bulgaria with similar formats such as the China Scholarship Council ((CSC) which for 2021 has sent 21,000 students on state support) are fundamental. As the very germ of the Bulgarian initiative is the basis for large scale Corruption. In the Bulgarian model there are no clear regulations and criteria, no conditions, and the state takes no part in the selection and care of the students. In the Bulgarian model, the real educated and returning to Bulgaria are the children of those who have positions in Bulgaria and huge financial resources. The example of the Minister of Finance, Asen Vassilev, is illustrative, where we see how a deputy director of the traffic police (the most corrupt unit of the police) can afford to send his son to study at Harvard, at his personal expense and then he can be several times Minister of Finance, first in GERB, then under Rumen Radev, then create a party that is against GERB and Rumen Radev, fight corruption and finally ally with GERB. In general, in the Bulgarian Model, there is no transparency and meritocracy, everything is based solely on corrupt interests and dependencies.

Previous Pro Western Forces in Bulgaria

The new coalition partner of the so-called Pro-Western Reformers is long-serving Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and his party GERB. But the problem is definitely not Boyko Borissov, who is obviously a puppet on strings that can be sacrificed at the right moment. The problems are in the GERB Party structures, in the thousands of mayors, in the administrators at national and regional level, through whom one of the biggest thefts of Public Funds (from EU funds) in Modern History has taken place. According to unofficial data, tens of billions of euros are involved.

Boyko Borissov was Bulgaria's prime minister for almost the entire EU period which means that all European Funds and Subsidies have passed through his management. In the photo from an article in 2015, he says he loves Russia and that Lavrov is the best diplomat in the world.

One of the most eloquent examples of GERB's governance, excluding the systematic support despite European interests in the promotion of the Russian Gas Network, was a Russian language teacher who graduated from the Institute "A. С. Pushkin" in Moscow, who reformed the Bulgarian Education and was Mayor of the most important (and the city that absorbed billions of Euro Funding) city in Bulgaria, the capital Sofia- Yordanka Fandakova from GERB.

What is purposely happening in Bulgaria from the moment of its entry into the EU, as is most evident after the start of the war in Ukraine, is an Assault on Democracy and the Foundations of the Western World from within!

After all, there is something much scarier in the Bulgaria case than the Theft of the Century and the Incredible Corruption at the heart of the EU. It is that Bulgaria is a de facto puppet state in the hands of Russia, through which subversion of the EU and NATO is carried out.

For the sake of objectivity, one should take into account the fact that the previous face of Change and of the pro-Western Democracy in Bulgaria was Boyko Borissov himself and his party GERB.

As he not only built Putin's gas pipeline that ignited the war in Ukraine. But was repeatedly rewarded by Russia for good relations.

Previous GERB pillars

In 2014 ABV, the party of President Georgi Parvanov, nominated by the Bulgarian Socialists, supported the party of the then right-wing pro-Western reformists GERB of Boyko Borissov, thus de facto saving his government. A few years later, the same thing was done by the then patriotic and nationalist formations united under the name United Patriots (parties that ideologically and in embryo belong to the ideology coming from Moscow). In 2023, on the way to do the same was the party We Continue the Change, also launched by President (Rumen Radev) nominated by the Bulgarian Socialists.

Rumen Petkov (pictured), who is the chairman of the ABV Party, is one of the most controversial figures in contemporary Bulgarian history. On February 10, 2006, Ambassador Byerly reported to the State Department on one of the most complex personalities in Bulgarian politics, then-Minister of the Interior Rumen Petkov. "The pragmatic Petkov maintains good connections across the political spectrum: from Boyko Borissov on the right, to the hard left in the BSP, to representatives of the State Duma, passing through the MRF. As the BSP's campaign manager and finance officer, he is inevitably associated with accusations of corruption and links to organised crime, but "his modest lifestyle suggests he did it for the party rather than for personal enrichment", says Byerly. "Under Petkov, there has been no progress in prosecuting organized crime. The country's five largest organised crime groups - TIM, VIS, SIC, Nove Holding and Multigroup - continue to operate with impunity. Petkov has long been linked to Russians who are either directly or indirectly linked to Russian intelligence." Wikileaks: Румен Петков арестуван за уриниране във фонтан Mind the horns! (

Together with the Director of Russian Foreign Intelligence Naryshkin, who is also the President of the Russian Historical Society.

Read more about ABV Red Guards- Socialist Youth (

One of the Fathers of the Bulgarian Right

In order to understand the so-called Pro-Western Political Parties in Bulgaria, we need to look at their ties to Moscow and actually which people get the gender position and proper leadership track. One of the Fathers of the Bulgarian Right (so called Democratic Community) and Pro West oriented is the Professor of Economics Ivan Kostov.

Ivan Kostov was born on 23 December 1949 in the town of. He was born on January 23, 1949 in Sofia. The questions from which family he comes, what is their economic situation and what are their political convictions are silent. Until 1969 he was a worker at the Slabotok factory in Sofia. He did his military service in Kardzhali.

After 1970, he applied to be a flier at BGA Balkan and went to school in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, where he stayed for about two months.

According to information from several different sources, in Kremenchuk Kostov underwent a special check to see if he met the requirements to be drafted as an agent of the Russian military intelligence GRU.

After a stay of about two months, he was returned to Bulgaria, and in the meantime his studies were arranged. Kostov was a reserve, but has now been accepted as a full-time student at the Karl Marx Institute. In 1974 he graduated with a degree in Political Economy.

Ivan Kostov immediately started working as Head of the Planning Department at the paper processing plant, Iskar Station, and then he was Head of the Planning Department of the Secondary Raw Materials Department.

In 1982 he graduated from the evening higher education at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Sofia "St. He became a Master of Mathematics with a specialization in Mathematical Modelling of Economic Processes.

In the period 1982 - 1984 Ivan Kostov was a student at the Institute for Advanced Training in Moscow.

After Moscow, Kostov worked as an assistant professor at the VMEI "Lenin", Department of Political Economy of the Center for Ideological Disciplines.

In 1985 he defended his PhD in economics and was appointed as a scientific consultant at the Scientific Research Institute on "Forecasting the Socio-Economic Development of Bulgaria". The Institute works for the State Planning Commission and the Council of Ministers and is involved in the development of forecasts for the development of the national economy of Bulgaria. This is a very responsible job even for a party member, and Kostov is non-partisan and is highly trusted.

In 1988 and 1989 Ivan Kostov made attempts to become a member of the Communist Party. In connection with his party candidacy, he was investigated by the State Security and rumours of his ideological deviations started. Prof. "Ivan Kostov is a political economist with very solid training. He knows very well the works of the classics of Marxism - Leninism and is a convinced Marxist and defender of our socialist system."

At the end of 1989 and the beginning of 1990, when the Union of Democratic Forces had already been established, Kostov published two articles in the party newspaper "Workers' Work" in which he advised the BCP on how to eliminate the opposition.

His first article for the party official was headlined "No reprieve". It was written on 12 November 1989 and printed on 30 November in the party organ "Workers' Work" and has no slogans "Down with the BCP" but an appeal for "strong state power, which should be a powerful weapon for the implementation of reforms". State power was then in the hands of the BCP and State Security.

At the Round Table, Ivan Kostov was an occasional expert of the caucus of the KNSB, which was involved in negotiations with the BPC group. As such, he wanted to sit in the seats assigned to the BPC, but Lukanov would not allow it, saying, "Abe we are not relegated to assistants, we have professors of political economy." This is what Zhelyu Zhelev writes in his book.

Together with prof. In exchange for payment, Ivan Kostov participated in the preparation of economic analyses for Krustyo Petkov, chairman of the KNSB.

Apparently Kostov impressed the BSP as an economist. His article "The Anatomy of Illusions" was printed in the magazine "Otechestvo" on 11 July 1989 and had a wide response. It was published only a few months before the coup and was used by Andrei Lukanov in the report delivered on 13 July 1989 at an extended meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the BPC. It was Ivan Kostov's contribution to the struggle of the reformists in the BCP led by Andrei Lukanov. Ivan Kostov's connection with Andrei Lukanov and the BSP is obvious.

Kostov has now been appointed a full-time expert of the KNUB and as such attends the Round Table in the BSP group, closely observing the struggle between the political parties.

Lulled by the many problems of the negotiations, Zhelyu Zhelev and the blue group around him, did not understand about Ivan Kostov's contacts with the BPC people and his desire to please Lukanov. A few days before we handed over the lists, in May 1990, I said to him, "Ivan, are you going to run or not?" I, Lubo (Lyubomir Pavlov) and Sofianski looked at each other. "I looked at him astonished, he must have already been refused by the others" (BSP), wrote Zhelyu Zhelev in his book "Despite Everything". Two days later Ivan came and said "Okay, my wife said yes". Zhelev could not have guessed then that this was his deliberate behaviour and tact.

Ivan Kostov and Todor Tagarev

In the photo is Ivan Kostov together with the Military Minister of the political party We Continue the Change (of Kiril Petkov) - Todor Tagarev. Minister Tagarev, who completed his PhD at the Military Academy in Moscow, in 1989, worked in the defense and military industry (as director of a leading military enterprise in Bulgaria with a multi-million turnover), before he was elected Minister, a legend was created in the media that he was pro-Western and pro-Ukrainian. What legends are created in Bulgaria about pro-Western politicians imitating the Russian Opposition and oppositionists like Navalny. Navalny, Russian style Opposition, Nationalists and Bulgaria (

GERB's Last Stand

On April 25th, 2023 after the 5th elections in a row and two years of political crisis which gave all the power in the hands of the President in Bulgaria Rumen Radev (who was nominated by the former communists, and he himself launched the leaders of the PP) were held negotiations for a coalition government between the GERB- SDS(started as a reformist pro-western party) and the so called new pro-western reformists PP and DA Bulgaria, which by this time had already ruled with the former communist party(and DA had ruled with GERB). At the base of all was the SDS- so called anti communist and pro western alliance since 1989. The talks were about the budget, how and what to do about which mandate there could be, what the government would look like and who would make the policies. All of this may seem confused, but what is even more confusing(if we weren't talking about Bulgaria's extremely important strategic position, Russia's huge interest in its most loyal satellite for 80 years, and massive corruption worth tens of billions) is that it was taking place against the backdrop of massive Pro-Russian protest

On May 2nd the Reformists from PP and YES Bulgaria proposed a cabinet and a program of the old GERB government. Their proposal for a coalition was rejected by GERB, but one name stood out in their draft cabinet. Ivan Krastev, was proposed as Social Minister:

Ivan Krastev, 2019, celebrates the 9th of May, Russia's Victory Day, in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, under Russian flags. Before that, he had a meeting with young socialists, telling them to seriously think about Europe:

This is another Social Minister from 2021, passed through the Bulgarian Socialist Party, former partner of the "Pro West" PP and the Bulgarian Russophiles. A Minister who did not impress either the "Pro-Western Media" receiving millions of funding from the USA, nor the EU from which billions fell into the hands of the same Social Minister, nor the proclaimed Pro-Western Parties in Bulgaria. Red Female Guards (

No less interesting is the PP's view on justice and the chairman of the Law Commission (which should carry out legislative reform in Bulgaria) in Parliament elected after the lack of any legal and constitutional basis "Gentlemen's Agreement" with Boyko Borissov and the GERB party. Acts and persons killing the few fragments of Democracy in Bulgaria in the last 30 years.

His name is Stoyu Stoev, 31 years old from Plovdiv, with two years of experience as a lawyer in his father's law firm. And the father is one of the landmark figures (privatization and huge corruption deals) in the government of the NMSV, the party in which GERB leader Boyko Borissov started his career, as secretary of the Interior Ministry and then mayor of Sofia.

His father, it turns out, is one of the supervisors in the Privatisation Agency from the time of the NDSV, Teodor Stoev, who was a consultant in the deals of the French company "Mekamidi" for the cascades "Sandanska Bistritsa" and "Pirinska Bistritsa". The appointment of an energy consultant as supervisor of privatisation caused a scandal in 2001. On the first one, AP refused to conclude the deal with the Czech Energo Pro and decided that it would announce a new procedure after the adoption of a strategy for privatisation in the energy sector, Mediapul recalled the same year. The deal for Pirinska Bistritsa was also not signed because in the course of the procedure the French buyer Mekamidi was joined by the company of businessman Grisha Ganchev. The agency then explained that there were no guarantees that the new buyer company "SIF Mekamedi-Litex Ltd" would keep the commitments in the privatisation contract, which was signed only by the French company. "Corrupt (in my opinion) is also the deal for the cascade "Sandanska Bistritsa", of which I am one of the designers, and which was sold for 18 million dollars to a Czech company. It is made up of 3 power plants with very large floors and a lot of electricity. The three process 103 million cubic meters of water mass per year and total 52 megawatts", explained in 2006 Eng. Manol Timov. The name of Theodor Stoev became famous 2 decades ago with the idea of revision of the privatization contract for Golden Sands. "It was a dropped phrase. My personal opinion is that the deal is null and void because Petar Zhotev did not have the competence to conclude it and did not propose it for approval by the Supervisory Board of AP," the supervisor explained. Stoev's name was also on the tenth place in the list of candidates of the National Movement Simeon II in Varna. According to the Varna media, he is among those close to Borislav Ralchev, a member of the NDSM. "Ralchev and I have known each other for 16 years, but only as colleagues," Stoev said at the time.

GERB- The First Reformers

At the very beginning the GERB party itself stood in its identification of its accusations against the Bulgarian Socialists who were guilty of billions of abuses (even such a commission was created to investigate them) and the Communist Regime (which according to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov killed his grandfather, although Boyko Borissov himself was a guard of the Communist dictator Todor Zhivkov). GERB demonstrated their hatred of communism in every possible way, even vaudevillianly (going so far as to suggest that every building in Bulgaria should bear a sign that the communist regime was criminal), and this was apparently positively received by citizens hoping for a pro-Western change along the lines of the Baltics, the Czech Republic and Poland.

15 years later, the political theatre in Bulgaria has changed roles and several new actors.

The Conception of Bulgaria Being a Bridge Between Russia and the EU

In the Bulgarian intellectual circles, since before the fall of Communism, the concept of Bulgaria to be a bridge between Russia and the EU has existed. An idea that ensures the Communist Elite to preserve itself by only demonstrating changes of facade.

- Prof. Boyan Penev- "Could we imagine the image of our intelligentsia outside the Russian influence? In fact, Russian teachers created it - they directed its first steps..."

- Prof. Ivan Shishmanov - "The Russian school discovered modern life for the first time, and introduced us into the order of civilized nations... But would our development have taken place so rapidly if we had not availed ourselves of the ready help of the Russian people, who placed at our disposal a whole richly developed literature, and this rapprochement opened up a whole new world."

- Acad. "There is Russia - there is Bulgaria, there is no Russia - there is no Bulgaria."

- Sergey Stanishev, Chairman of the PES - Stanishev: Bulgaria can be a bridge of relations between Russia and the EU

- Volen Siderov, leader of the Bulgarian Nationalist Party Ataka - Bulgaria can be a bridge between the EU and Russia!

- Iliana Iotova, Vice President of Bulgaria - Bulgaria can be a bridge between Europe and Russia.

- Georgi Gergov, Bulgarian Oligarch, Leader of the Socialist Party in Plovdiv, Honorary Consul of Russia - Bulgaria must be a bridge between Russia and the EU!

It is interesting to trace the development of this idea among the so-called Democrats in Bulgaria, who generally hysterically position themselves pro-western. An illustrative example is Bulgarian literature, and in particular one of the biggest publishing houses, Janet 45, behind the most launched Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov. The position of Manol Peikov, a member of parliament from YES Bulgaria and son of the publisher Bojana Apostolova is more than eloquent:

Among other things, Peikov himself is a man who appreciates the Russian Patriotic Songs, as well as their promotion in Bulgaria, despite his demonstrated orientation towards the West.

As well as apparently the graduated from the American University of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria Manol Paykov likes to sing with friends about WWII and the Red Army's grand one victory:

The publisher and reformist politician Manol Peikov from DA Bulgaria is a representative of the radicals Pro Western Bulgarian politicians and public figures.

He has been selected as Man of the Year in 2023.

More about Bulgarian Literature, which is perceived as a spiritual gateway to the West by publishers rich through Russia...Bulgarian literature in Europe as a "Spiritual Gateway" to Russia (

LGBTQ Rights Advocates

The Coalition of Change, uniting Yes Bulgaria (who are part of the European Conservatives - EPP) and We Continue the Change (a party that has stated its pro-Trumpist and Populist political positions since its inception) in Bulgaria are the only parties that are de facto advocates for LGBTQ. Being personified and called liberals . And Manol Peikov is one of the most prominent public "defenders" of sexual minorities, although he is definitely a straight man with a traditionally large family, as is Kiril Petkov by the way. And in the political coalition, there is no one who has openly acknowledged an alternative sexual orientation.

On 17/06/23 the traditional Pride Parade was held in Sofia (although it was not exactly a parade, it was surrounded by police and you had to go through security and a checkpoint.) On the same day the Prime Minister of the Coalition of Change went not to the Pride Parade but met with the head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to get a blessing to govern Bulgaria.

On 17/06/23 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church issued a position on the ongoing Pride Parade in Sofia. "The Holy Synod of our native Orthodox Church categorically expresses its disapproval and disagreement and opposes the organization and holding of a gay pride parade on June 17 (Saturday) in our dear capital Sofia." "Driven by concern for man, who is created in the image of God, we emphasize with fatherly concern the fundamental truths of humanity and strongly affirm that homosexual behavior is a completely conscious and sinful alteration of one's God-given gender identity. Sexual orientation is not a matter of choice but is, as the pages of Holy Scripture testify, a firmly established given." They state that they are deeply concerned about the growing trends in Bulgarian society, in which the acceptance of homosexual acts as normal and even natural among the youth is increasing. The preaching and voice of the Church of Christ in the world, along with its ontological action of stating categorically what is good and what is evil, is also to preach with fatherly concern the biblical and Christian moral values bequeathed to us by our Creator Himself. Committing the sins of fleshly same-sex interaction are unnatural and unbecoming of human nature. Therefore, regardless of the circumstances in consciously choosing to commit this sin, the Orthodox Church can find no excuse for such actions and relationships.

The leader of the Coalition of Change - Kiril Petkov, at the Rila Monastery with part of his large family. The photo was circulated on Easter, 2023 by him on social networks. Any such photos related to Pride are not available from any of the pro-Western liberal-conservatives.

All Orthodox anthropology, categorically states that the sole purpose of human life, including bodily existence, is to glorify God. It also emphasizes Christ's command, "Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect" (Mt 5:48); and the admonition of St. Paul, "glorify God in your bodies" (1 Cor 6:20). The Orthodox Church has always advocated respect for man's free will in the choices that determine his life. But alongside this, it has firmly upheld moral truths, uninfluenced by the pressures of the powerful of the day, the fashions and vanities of the times. The Holy Synod is also deeply disturbed by the fact that in the organization of the gay parade, in the streets of the capital of our beloved homeland, a separate stage will be used for children, who will be live observers and even participants in this unacceptable event, because "whoever seduces one of these little ones who believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone be put around his neck and that he be thrown into the depths of the sea" (Mt 18:6). "We call on all responsible institutions to do everything in their power to stop this act of darkening the mind and involving the youngest and pure in heart in this event, a manifestation of the highest form of decay in the moral and ethical principles of our society," the Bulgarian Patriarchate added.Новини от източника (

Like several years earlier, the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church urges the authorities to forbid the holding of this Sodom gathering and the citizens not to participate in these, in the words of the Apostle, "unfruitful works of darkness" (Eph. 5:11), which are contrary to sound doctrine and destroy the foundations of public morality. Изявление на Св. Синод на БПЦ по повод гей-парада в София (

Read more about the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and how Russian State Ideology and Social Trends reach and are implemented in Bulgaria.

On the West and Evil- the wisdoms of Plovdiv Archbishop Nikolai (

The State as a Mafia Structure

When we talk about Mafia and Organized Crime in Eastern Europe and Russia, we cannot draw any parallels with Western Europe. In the East, everything begins and ends with absolute power(or the state), with everything else being mere gravitating vessels around a center that can be manipulated and managed, depending on the will of the center of power, but never by the will of the individual or democratic principles. In the Eastern conception, all gravitating elements are subject to the center of power. And they may, according to circumstances, take any form they wish, even imitating a struggle among themselves.

Choral Singing is the theme for one of the most popular series of 2023 in Russia- Chorus. The very concept of children being harnessed into a collective art(as well as a collective sport) was at the heart of Totalitarian education, which nurtured a working administrative machine in which everyone knew their place and time to deliver their little or bigger part, but in the end it was all for the sake of the collective.

Asen Vassilev was a GERB minister in 2013, along with one of the most powerful people in GERB, Delyan Dobrev, they are part of the children's choir of their hometown of Haskovo. From the same choir, during the regular government of Asen Vassilev and the anti-GERB coalition PP, another minister from the same Haskovo choir appeared in power, it was the Minister of Culture Atanas Atanasov.

The father of one of the two leaders of We Continue the Change - Assen Vassilev was a deputy chief of the traffic police in Haskovo for a long time, and then a construction supervisor of the Maritsa highway.

When we talk about highways, construction supervision and corruption, we cannot fail to mention that one of the biggest corruption scandals in Bulgaria is related to the collapsing highways and 30% less pavement than what is declared to have been laid. Here is footage of a collapsed section of the Maritsa Highway, which Minister Vassilev's father oversaw:

Read more about the corruption that has made Bulgaria an easy prey for Russia here... Bulgaria- Easy Corrupt Prey to Russia (

The EU started as a project for Peace and Bulgaria should be the main engine in it!

While he was Prime Minister of Bulgaria, in early 2022 Kiril Petkov(the leader of the new so called pro Western aliance) published a video message on the occasion of the beginning of the 15th year of Bulgaria's first EU membership. First of all, he noted that the EU was a project for Peace, with trade coming later. He also stressed that Bulgaria should be a driving force in this project!

Typical of totalitarian regimes are the mass demonstrations, which even today amaze with their scale if we look at the 9th of May in Russia or the celebrations in North Korea. This is the main mechanism by which any germs of democracy or individual freedom are destroyed. The roots of the collective manipulation of public consciousness in Bulgaria in the direction of Peace and Neutrality (which give rise to Pan Slavism) lie at the end of the failed Eastern project called Communism. You can read about the founding of cult beliefs in Bulgaria in the late 70s and early 80s of the last century here... Anti System Cults- The New Old Terrorism (

23/04/2023 March for Peace in Bulgaria

At the heart of the Peace Marches in Bulgaria are the Bulgarian Socialist Party (the former Communist Party), which is a former coalition partner of the new Reformist pro-Western party called We Continue the Change. As well as the Socialist Party nominated President Radev, who gave way to the Reformist Pro West Party.

Although there were few Russian flags at this protest, as the Russian Ambassador had advised in an interview a few days before the march, there was a strong Orthodox moment. As well, numerous anti-NATO and anti-EU banners were present.

The March for Peace was also covered in the Russian Media:

According to the organizers of the March for Peace on 24/04/2023, there has not been such a protest in Sofia for decades. Which was held in 30 Bulgarian cities simultaneously and gathered over 30, 000 people.

The rhetoric for Peace is not dissimilar to the 1984 Communist Propaganda in support of the Inte

rnational Peace Movements and Tent Camps in London, UK for Peace against the US Imperialists:

Russian State Television news from 1984, 11 April. The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivan Ganev also took part in the newscast and spoke about Peace.

At the demonstrations, a representative of the BSP leadership announced that Bulgaria has given Orthodoxy and the Language to Russia, now it will give them Peace.

The reaction of the Bulgarian Democratic and Pro-Western Community to the protest of 23/04/2023.

On the day of the protest The pro-Western reformist party, PP (We Continue the Change) leader Assen Vassilev, said it would begin negotiations to form a government with the pro-Russian Vazrazhdane Party that was in the heart of the protests.

Part of the 30, 000 protest messages.

An Interesting Statistical Fact Is Who are the voters of the new promising itself to be reformist and pro-Western party We Continue the Change, whose leader is one of the founders of their coalition partner and considered a champion of Democracy- YES Bulgaria. One of the most prestigious international polling agencies announced after the fifth consecutive election that 1/3 of the votes of the Pro-Russian Revival Party, which came third, came specifically from voters for the Pro-Western coalition. "Gallup": 100 thousand former voters of the PP voted this time for "Vazrazhdane"

President Rumen Radev on his appointment of a Minister of Economy in the summer of 2021: With ministers like Kiril Petkov Bulgaria would look different! Which de facto appointment in a very short time has become a political formation that governs in coalition with the BSP (the former communist party and the party that nominated Rumen Radev, after a huge scandal with Russian involvement, for president).

Some claim that the main problem in Bulgaria was corruption, laws, Attorney General, Prime Minister or mayors. Similar were the practices during Communism, an entire party enriched itself for 45 years and continued to do so afterwards, with a scapegoat in the person of one man - Todor Zhivkov. But let us look at the sons and grandsons of this Communist Party, which managed to preserve itself(unlike other communist regimes in Eastern Europe) only by sacrificing one man, saving all the others. Let's look at why the West is failing with a bang in Bulgaria, by people who were educated in the West. But just because someone was educated at Harvard or lived in Canada does not in any way mean that they have any ideological preferences stronger than financial motivations or other types of attachments and dependencies.

Example of the Change Imports

Gabriela Kirova is a young lady living in London, who has been around the leaders of the party, most of all Kiril Petkov, since the establishment of the PP.

She is definitely a lady with very interesting acquaintances and quite a glamorous lifestyle, which few Bulgarians in London can enjoy.

She herself is the foundation of a new feminist political movement in Bulgaria.

But Western education and diverse political and social VIP contacts do not always mean liberal pro-Western positions. Interesting are its open positions, which in some cases completely overlap the propaganda coming from Moscow. For example, the fact that civilisationally Bulgaria differs and stands out from the rest of Europe in that Man is Man and Woman is Woman. Or with the posts of the far-right heiress of the last Fascist who ruled Italy under the slogan that Europe needs more such women in politics. As well as the apocalyptic pictures of London suffering from the food crisis due to BREXIT and its wrong policies(only no mention against Russia)!

Misconceptions and Stereotypes Working in Favor of Corruption and Russia

Osama bin Laden (second from right) on a family holiday to Sweden. The bin Laden family made $5 billion in the construction industry, of which Osama later inherited around $25–30 million. Other interests included writing poetry; reading, with the works of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery and Charles de Gaulle said to be among his favorites; black stallions; and association football, in which he enjoyed playing at centre forward and followed English club Arsenal F.C.

The prejudice that after someone has lived and studied in the West he is a representative of the West has been skillfully used in Bulgaria and in Bulgarian political life for more than 30 years. As the most vocal are precisely those representatives of the communist nomenklatura whose children have received education in the West, which de facto for them is a Political Indulgence with which they try to erase the past.

The youngest of Kim Jong Il ’s three sons, Kim Jong-Un(leader of North Korea) lived most of his life out of the public eye, and little was known about him. Reportedly educated in Gümligen, Switzerland, at the International School of Berne, he went on to study at Kim Il-Sung National War College in P’yŏngyang from 2002 to 2007. He loves NBA

The Bulgarian Opposition, shamelessly like the Russian Comedians

One of the most provocative figures in Bulgaria in 2022 and 2023, the journalist Hristo Grozev, awarded an Oscar for his film about Navalny in January 2023, stood up in an online link to the Parliament of Bulgaria. He made the shocking announcement, according to the European Council on Foreign Relations. Navalny, Russian style Opposition, Nationalists and Bulgaria (

Grozev(few months ago, he claimed to be on Putin's kill list, but unknown to anyone why Putin had spared to put him on paper only to allow him to create a noisy PR) created another Hollywood truther hypothesis that in April 2016, Russia tried to overthrow the government in Sofia. According to his account, Russian military intelligence (GRU) planned the coup, which was to be carried out by two paramilitary groups, similar to the coup attempt in Montenegro that year. Grozev's testimony suggests that the government of the time - led by Boyko Borissov and his GERB party - was tiptoeing around the issue of Russian involvement in Bulgaria even before the coup. But although the coup attempt was discovered and stopped by accident, it seems to have made the government even more cautious about dealing with Russian influence in Bulgaria. Easy prey? Russia’s influence in Bulgaria – European Council on Foreign Relations (

With this de facto statement Grozev has polarized the Bulgarian Political Theater, allowing the Political Elite to continue a political spectacle(similar to the political plays played out in Russia, in which the Communist Elite simply mimic from one form to another), in the way it has pleasingly positioned itself for 35 years since the fall of Communism- Pro Russian and Pro Western. Thus legitimizing two political parties- GERB and PP/DP for a future so-called "Pro West"Why the West is Failing(was it failed by...) in Bulgaria ( Two parties with the same roots that had already ruled together under different forms.

Grozev's investigation was based on several explosions in military factories in 2014- 2016. Explosions that were not officially seen in Bulgaria as just an accounting fraud, a way to hide weapons that had already been sold. He also pointed out that there are Russian agents in Bulgarian media, politics and business. A claim that sounds naive and superficial (which by the way is typical of various reports presenting the picture in Bulgaria to the West. The way the Russian Opposition worked for more than 30 years, claiming to be the opposition. But at the end of the day, with the war in Ukraine, if one thing is for sure, it was realised that the opposition in Russia is much weaker than the opposition that was in Afghanistan. Even though Russia actually gained not only enormous funding but also know how to build opposition regimes. ), more so from someone who has such a rich history and deep knowledge. After all Bulgaria, which was the only country in Eastern Europe that allowed the Communist Regime to be preserved. At the Provincial level, Russia has no need for agents because it has not only the Elites but also enormous public support through preserved or rebuilt cultural, religious and social bridges.

The "expert" who compiled the publication is part of the NGO sectror in Bulgaria (which is largely a product of the Euro Funding in Bulgaria, and remains an indifferent observer and de facto accomplice for most things that happen in the countryside of BulgariaChild Soldiers- Para Military Bulgarian Russian Organization from Pazardzhik (, to the anti-government protests (related to the huge corruption rampant in Bulgaria and the huge abuse of Euro funding) against the same party GERB against which the protest parties did nothing (except theatrical PR actions), and are about to coalition. Vessela Tcerneva was Deputy Director Foreign Policy Advisor to the Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.

The person who was responsible in 2022 for the Foreign Policy of the "Pro Western Forces in Bulgaria" associated with the USA, and the person who is currently is deputy for European Council on Foreign Relations - Vesela Cherneva in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television in 2020, in which in a similar manner to Macron says that the US does not act as an ally of Europe.

More about the naive reports and naive perceptions being built about Russia and Bulgaria... Putin Influencers- Much more than Troll Farm (

‘All countries have some corruption, but #Bulgaria has become a mafia state’ Yoncheva MEP - EU Reporter

Kiril Petkov was the face of the change promoted by President Rumen Radev. Initially, he was a caretaker economic minister in Rumen Radev's cabinet, as he was announced by the President that we need such young and educated people to bring about change in Bulgaria. This was followed by elections and a government of the Harvard-educated Petkov in which he was in coalition with the BSP (the former communist party) and a populist party supporting the president's copy of the 5 stars from Italy. A new series of elections followed, all the time the main enemy was the "corrupt" GERB and Boyko Borissov who had ruled for 13 years(almost the whole period of Bulgaria's EU membership and the huge accession funds).

But I will state very clearly: we are determined to bring Boyko Borissov to justice. Borissov ruled Bulgaria for 12 years. These are 12 years of lack of control, corruption, schemes with bundles and bribes. That is why, after October 2, we want to reform the Anti-Corruption Commission so that it prosecutes the corrupt and goes the way of Borissov's money. This is the only possible way forward for Bulgaria if we want to stop being the poorest and most corrupt country in the European Union. Will Borissov eventually go to jail? I am sure of one thing: this will not happen if our political opponents win the elections.

When it came in 2022 to the butafor arrest of Borissov, on evidence collected by Kiril Petkov of Google, over 20 articles in the search engine showing that Borissov is corrupt. To come to 18/04/2023, after the fifth consecutive election and legislative coalition between Kiril Petkov and Boyko Borisov.

The new legislative coalition negotiated 30 laws. One of the chief negotiators was Harvard-educated lawyer Lena Borilavova.

Lena Borilavova, who was the chief negotiator for the new Legislative Coalition, was one of the main critics of Boyko Borissov's system, for its ties with the Kremlin and for the corruption that Bulgaria had developed.

But all this remained at the level of social networks and collages for more than two years. The Party of Change, which for more than two years played out political theater on Instagram and Facebook, but in reality did absolutely nothing about the corruption and the Kremlin's tentacles that have gripped Bulgaria. Not only that, the Change Party itself in the countryside, (far away from the Western Embassies) filled up with people close to GERB or with children of GERB leaders, turning them into a natural feudal extension. Read more why the West completely failed in Bulgaria. Why the West is Failing(was it failed by...) in Bulgaria (

In the photo Lena Borilavova together with leaders of the party she blamed for all corruption in Bulgaria - GERB

Над 100 общественици и интелектуалци призоваха проевропейските партии да съставят кабинет - България -

From the same "pro-Western" media, which is a political organ of the reformist movements in Bulgaria, we learn that over 100 public figures and intellectuals have signed a declaration for the formation of a government between Kiril Petkov and Boyko Borissov. Among them are such personalities as Vladi Vargala:

Vladi Vargala is part of the homophobic referendum initiated by a large number of leaders of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, aimed at banning LGBTQ propaganda in Bulgaria. Exhibition of Degenerate Art- The New Bulgarian National Socialism (

The New Generation of Politicians in Bulgaria

When we talk about the new generation of politicians in Bulgaria (as well as in Eastern Europe), as well as about the new Bulgarian elites, we have to keep in mind the main challenges facing Russia. The digital revolution we are witnessing and the harsh sanctions Russia is subjected to also suggest the development of a certain type of elites that can provide solutions to the problems created.

At the end of 2022, Bulgaria was in the global media spotlight with a uniquely criminal scheme. From Reuters to the Financial Times, everyone is talking about the collapse of Bulgaria's next multi-billion dollar Ponzi digital scheme - NEXO. A $100 billion financial scam, intertwined with terrorism, assassinations, money laundering, pseudo revolutions, political engineering and the Putin regime's hand glimpsed in the distance.

This is a company registered in the City of London, a crossing point for various Bulgarian clubs in the UK of successful professionals who have been behind various political projects in Bulgaria since the early 2000s. Starting with the Bulgarian Monarch's project NDSV(read more about one of the main names behind NDSVStoyan Ganev: The Beautiful Mind Bulgarian Politics as a Totalitarian Religious Cult (, which was the basis of GERB, followed by We Continue the Change. The most famous is the City of London Club, as well as the Technology Club(Digital Slavs - Back Doors to the EU and NATO (

At the end of 2022, Bulgaria was in the global media spotlight with a uniquely criminal scheme. From Reuters to the Financial Times, everyone is talking about the collapse of Bulgaria's next multi-billion dollar Ponzi digital scheme - NEXO. A $100 billion financial scam, intertwined with terrorism, assassinations, money laundering, pseudo revolutions, political engineering and the Putin regime's hand glimpsed in the distance.

About what happens after the Crypto Laundry Bulgaria attempt to be stopped by the Attorney General The Power of Terror- Bulgaria, next to Ukraine (

Borislav Sarafov, head of the National Investigative Service, said the NEXO case is unique in the world...The profile of the four accused of the NEXO crypto bank scheme is that of highly intelligent and highly educated people. People who are citizens of the world. One can be proud that they are Bulgarians. I won't say their names, but maybe you know some of them. They have been charged with having participated in, and one of them led, an organised criminal group with a self-serving purpose to commit crimes - money laundering, tax crimes, computer fraud and banking without a licence - in the territories of Bulgaria, the UK, Ireland, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands from the beginning of 2018 until 12 January 2023. All the accused have been banned from leaving our country "There is evidence that these individuals have extremely large financial capabilities. They have expensive properties in Dubai, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and own yachts. In one of the homes searched, 35 paintings by expensive artists such as Salvador Dali, Picasso and Matisse were found and seized, which will be handed over to the National Art Gallery," said the spokeswoman for the Prosecutor General Siyka Mileva. According to Sarafov, 20 people have been questioned so far - some of them anonymously. Some of those questioned have said they fear for their safety and will be included in the witness protection programme.

Ruja and her house in London

But Bulgaria's Generation Y criminal mastermind has a unique brand of organized crime, made up of people who in any other reality would be entrepreneurs and inventors, public figures and visionaries. The biggest financial fraud on the Island, which has harmed the most vulnerable in the UK's social sector. Suspected Bulgarian gangs misused funds intended for aid to deal with the economic impact of the coronavirus in the UK. The most wanted refugee on the planet with a 3.2 billion financial fraud is also Bulgarian and linked to London.Ruzha Ignatova was born in 1980, she is a typical representative of the Bulgarian generation Y and the most wanted by the FBI crypto thief. Meanwhile, despite being the most wanted woman in the world, in January 2023 she claimed an apartment in London, as reported by the Times.

Two of the biggest influencers in Bulgaria take care of Ruja's image. One is the journalist Martin Karbovsky, who is also one of the biggest conduits and tribune of Putin's policy in Bulgaria. The other is the organizer of the Russian Balls in Bulgaria Evgeny Minchev, brandishing with the title Lord.:

Ruja is one of the world's most wanted fugitives, having allegedly defrauded investors of £3.2 billion in cryptocurrency, the British daily recalled. However, Ruzha Ignatova, also known as the "missing crypto-queen," appears to have briefly shown up this week to formally claim a London townhouse worth £13.5 million, the Times reported, cited by BTA. Ignatova, who is on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list, has been missing since 2017, when United States officials issued a warrant for her arrest. She founded OneCoin, a Bulgaria-based company that trades in the cryptocurrency market. "WanCoin offers buyers a commission if they sell currency to other people - a Pyramid (ponzi scheme) disguised as cryptocurrency, the newspaper explains.

Speaking of digital crimes, we are proud to mention another very famous, US-educated and extremely intelligent Bulgarian, Vlad Tenev and his crypto empire Robin Hood, which, after going under in 2022, is not only in liquidation, but also under investigation by the US authorities, although it seems that Vlad has managed to get out in time, at least for now.


Bulgaria has been in a political crisis since 2021, with the fifth elections in a row to form a government held on 02/04/2023. Which seems to be unsuccessful again. But an interesting headline appeared in the newspaper Dnevnik, which is the official mouthpiece of people with pro-Western views in Bulgaria. The Coalition of Democratic and Pro-Western Parties in Bulgaria has received a donation of 500, 000(biggest donation) leva before the elections from one of the most controversial figures in recent Bulgarian history. Sasho Donchev, the owner of Overgaz, Gazprom's long-time partner in Bulgaria. Owner of one of the key medias in Bulgaria- Sega, who in the Faculty of Journalism of Sofia University during the communist regime was Komsomol secretary(Communist Youths Leader), Long-time partner and Russian Gazprom's top man for Bulgaria. .

Sasho Donchev and his partners
Download PDF • 2.11MB


The same day there was another big news that the wanted for the NEXO affair are in Serbia for a meeting with a banker linked to the biggest bank fraud in Bulgaria (who Serbia does not want to extradite) and the Prosecutor's Office of Bulgaria is making unsuccessful attempts to detain them.

A bit about the Bulgarian banker in Serbia:

A little more about the media assets of CCB and TV7 in Bulgaria. As well as about the scandals related to the election of President Rumen Radev, who was the first to lynch Kiril Petkov in politics, as well as to legitimize his political project, presented in the media as Pro West:

Bulgaria, Russian Media Environment (

Финансово Цунами

If we go beyond the producers and look at the main actors, the Pro-Western, what claims to be Pro-Western, has a monopoly over Pro-Westernity and does not allow anything else to flourish in Bulgaria if it is not through them. Who are these people, what are their actions, deeds, behaviour:

15th March A bomb was thrown in the Bulgarian media space- Bulgaria is facing a Bankruptcy! There is a huge hole in the budget! For 2022 the recovery fund from COVID has been used to patch the budget, next..? After two years of young Harvard hopefuls, Bulgaria is broke...These are the headlines from all media!

One of the Great Faces of Democracy in Bulgaria- Asen Vassilev

The second most influential figure in the Party of Change is Assen Vassilev is from Haskovo, the son of a Police Chief and a librarian who managed to send him to study at Harvard.

Twice Minister of Finance with GERB, once as caretaker Minister of Finance of President Rumen Radev, and once as caretaker Minister with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (former Bulgarian Communist Party). His springboard into big business is the Chinese Communist Party, at least according to his former partner are at the heart of a multi-million dollar deal involving airline ticketing software and air traffic monitoring. “He is a fraud, but he is very, very smart. Extremely smart. We invested 15-20 million euros to develop the software, we had between 30 and 50 programmers in Bulgaria. He deceived not only me but also his friends. I was stupid and naive, and I believed him. He and several programmers took the code and went to China and sold it to the Chinese government after I found these customers. The software was owned by the company, and he just took it and sold it himself, “Morten Lund told bTV.(The largest television network in Bulgaria)

Morten Lund, BTV

Who is Who: Asen Vassilev is known to the public from a previous interim cabinet - that of President Rosen Plevneliev, when he entrusted him with the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. Rosen Plevneliev(Political Party GERB), Minister of Regional Development and Public Works 2009-2011, President of the Republic of Bulgaria 2012-2017. GERB party is the main "political opponent" of Asen Vassilev party. The Construction Sector and the billions of State Projects whose foundations are laid by Rossen Plevenliev, is a sector with huge Euro Funding from Europe in Bulgaria. Appointed Minister of Finance by Asen Vassilev by President Rumen Radev (nominated by the Bulgarian Socialist Party and with certain pro-Russian positions), who appointed Asen Vassilev's partner in the Reformist Party PP - Kiril Petkov Petkov as interim Minister of Economy.

The Bulgarian Political Crisis and the populist formations are reminiscent of Imran Khan's Pakistan Political Project, released to the public while the old projects regroup.


One of the Great Faces of Democracy in Bulgaria- Lena Borislavova

She graduated first in her class from St. Kliment Ohridski", studied European Law for half a year in Germany, was a Fulbright Scholar and in 2016 graduated from Harvard Law School, USA. He is a regular donor to the causes of the 1 Percent Change Association and believes that if everyone contributes a little, we can all make a big difference together. He supports judicial reform and the need for education reform. He organizes and lectures a course for law students on pleading and helps prepare them to participate in international law competitions. Lena believes that young and educated people are the future of Bulgaria and therefore we should work to encourage them to stay and/or return to the country. By the way, her father has a multi-million dollar business that has been working with Bulgarian Healthcare System(The health budget in Bulgaria is 6, 500, 000, 000 LV, a huge part of which is subject to corrupt practices) for years and is involved in equipping Bulgarian Hospitals and Doctors.

How did your political career start?

Lena Borislavova political career began with a series of Scandals that would not only cost the heads of those involved, but would also be the end of the Political Formations that those involved represent. But it is unknown why, and in whose interest, in Bulgaria they have been left for two years to be associated with the words West and Democracy.

08.33 on the Sunday morning of June 20, 2021, Lena Borislavova brings Kiril Petkov to an Airbnb in the centre of Sofia.

Beyond the juicy details emerging from the footage, which shows how, despite being a family man with three daughters, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov gropes his chief of staff Lena Borislavova in intimate areas, the closeness between the two could have serious political implications stretching far beyond their personal space.

Kiril Petkov justified his absence on Sunday morning with an interview with BNR, which, however, took place two and a half hours after the intimate meeting with Lena Borislavova. According to the recording, made by a security camera, Lena Borislavova brings (she brings him under the spotlight of the cameras) Kiril Petkov to a private apartment, which they both do not seem to know. Borislavova takes some time to unlock the front door, during which time Petkov seems to be having fun groping her below the waist with his right hand.

Strangely why, Lena Borislavova did not deny the authenticity of the records, but casually confirmed them, saying it was simply a matter of angle and interpretation.

The date and time at which the recording was made - 08.33 on the morning of 20 June 2021 - turns out to be significant. It falls on a Sunday. A time that a father and husband presumably set aside for family and loved ones, especially if you were busy the rest of the week. By the time Kiril Petkov and Lena Borislavova become intimate, he is a caretaker minister of economy in Rumen Radev's government. By all appearances, Petkov had indicated it was a work commitment so that he could get out of his family home on Sofia's ul. "Shishman" and indulge in fun with the assertive lawyer Borislavova. Two and a half hours after Lena and Kiril were photographed being intimate, the caretaker minister of economy was photographed again, this time in the studio of the weekly review programme of the Bulgarian National Radio's "Horizon" programme - "Sunday 150". In the building of the radio station on Blvd. "Dragan Tsankov" 4 Kiril Petkov gives a lengthy interview.

BGN 13 690 salary for Lena Borislavova from the state-owned BDB with Kiril Petkov as principal

Ten days after the recordings, the directors of the state-owned Bulgarian Development Bank appointed by Kiril Petkov - Vladimir Georgiev and Tsanko Arabadzhiev, signed a contract for legal services with the law firm Dzhingov, Guginsky, Kyuchukov and Velichkov. In the contract it is explicitly stated that per month the Bulgarian Bank of Bulgaria, the principal of which is Kiril Petkov as interim Minister of Economy, owes a fee to lawyer Lena Borislavova (u's name is explicitly stated) in the amount of BGN 13 690. The contract between the BDB and the law firm, under which Lena Borislavova receives a salary significantly higher than even that of the President, was terminated when u joined the election campaign in mid-October 2021. Since mid-December 2021, Lena Borislavova has been the head of the Prime Minister's political office, and has also held the position of government spokesperson. In this case, it is Kiril Petkov who is her direct supervisor, with whom she obviously has a relationship that goes far beyond the official one.

Two days before the racy recording appeared in the public domain, Kiril Petkov unilaterally announced who should be the next chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, in this case - Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov, and that "We Continue the Change" insists on the speedy adoption of a reform of the special law on anti-corruption and conflict of interest. Except that as of Friday, Kiril Petkov and especially Lena Borislavova should be subject to scrutiny by the same Anti-Corruption and Asset Forfeiture Commission they want to put under their personal control.

One of the Great Faces of Democracy in Bulgaria- Boyko Rashkov

If we want to characterize what happened in Bulgaria after 1989 in one sentence, this sentence should contain the words Boyko Rashkov and the Communist militia.

This is the house today of a young police detective back in 1989.

This is how the space around the National Assembly, dotted with young people and students, looked on the evening of December 14, 1989, when the angry General Secretary of the Communist Party of Bulgaria and Chairman of the State Council of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, Petar Mladenov, threw the megaphone, furious that the crowd was booing him. Then he turns around and, surrounded by UBO guards before he has even returned to the parliament in front of the main entrance, addresses the Minister of National Defence, Gen. "It is best that the tanks come".

Illustrative of what interests Boyko Rashkov served is the fact that it was he who in 1990 was entrusted with the case of the so-called tank remark of Petar Mladenov, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Bulgaria and Chairman of the Communist Party, made during the protest in front of the National Assembly on 14 December 1989.

On the occasion of the video material broadcast on Bulgarian television, a rebuttal by Petar Mladenov was read out, in which the footage and sound shown were declared to be edited. An investigation was launched. Evgeny Mikhailov was interrogated for over 20 hours at the investigation. The investigator in the "tank tape" case is the then young investigator Boyko Rashkov - today Minister of Interior in the government of the quadripartite coalition ("We continue the change", "There is such a nation", BSP and "Democratic Bulgaria") headed by Kiril Petkov, was previously in the two caretaker cabinets of President Rumen Radev.

Evgeny Mikhailov tells about the investigative manipulations and pressures:

"On the very first day, Boyko Rashkov gave me an interrogation protocol to sign - several pages written in shorthand - with pencils and scrolls. He told me to sign the interrogation protocol. I said - I don't know what it says here, give it to me in Bulgarian and I will sign it. "No, no, you'll sign like that." I refused. He said, "You won't get out of here if you don't sign." And so one or two hours pass. Finally they give it to me typed in Bulgarian, but with a lot of mistakes. The first 1-2 pages with typos, then with factual errors, and by the fifth-sixth page - I'm ready to be hung on the rope. Everything was a lie. They wanted to prove that I didn't take the picture, that I wasn't in that square at that time, that it was a recording that was made by other people, that it was a cover-up by the Americans. It's funny now, but it wasn't then."

Download PDF • 2.71MB

Boyko Rashkov appointed Plamen Stoilov Ferdov, a full-time employee of the Sixth Directorate of State Security (the Bulgarian Stasi) for the fight against ideological subversion since 1987, as an advisor in the Ministry of Interior.

One of the Great Faces of Democracy in Bulgaria- Georgi Spassov

Who activated the Sleeper Cells in Pazardzhik?

And this is an MP candidate from Pazardzhik- Georgi Spasov. A man who led the ideological training of the youth organization of the Communist Party until 1989. As well as director of Education until 1989. After the changes and Bulgaria's accession to the EU, after 2004 he was Director of the Culture Department at the Pazardzhik City Hall.

Tanya Kolchakova-Yaneva, daughter of the mayor of Pazardzhik from the SDS (opposition party, part of GERB) Ivan Kolchakov. A young politician who focuses on ethno-national roots and national patriotism, in addition to his international prestigious education. However, many of the children of the political and business elite of Pazardzhik (and Bulgaria in general) are returning to Bulgaria with a desire to do politics and in opposition formations.

Ivan Kolchakov, is one of the most prominent Democratic and "pro-Western" figures in Pazardzhik. Owner of one of the first private hospitals, working as manager of the largest private hospital chain owned by a doctor from Pazardzhik region.

Ivan Kolchakov, is one of the most prominent Democratic and "pro-Western" figures in Pazardzhik.

Ivan Kolchakov had accused Ivan Kostov- who was the 47th Prime Minister of Bulgaria in office from May 1997 to July 2001 and leader of the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) between December 1994 and July 2001. (one of the founders of the party, part of whose coalition his daughter is an MP candidate) of being a Russian agent. By declaring Yane Yanev a Bulgarian Conservative and was part of his party in Parliament.

As the agent communist past of Yane Yanev himself was exposed by other right-wing representatives:

But the biggest was the farce that Yane Yanev, with his party that claimed to be reformists like We Continue the Change created with their campaign against corruption in Bulgaria. They launched a campaign "I will fire Boyko Borissov", as the whole country was dotted with billboards with the slogan for the dismissal of the Prime Minister, who is also accused of all sins by the new reformists. Subsequently, Yane Yanev was appointed adviser to Boyko Borissov on corruption.

Stoyan Ganev is one of the most important people in the formation of Bulgarian Democracy and elite. Graduated in Law in Moscow the top USSR university "М. В. Lomonosov" in the 1980s, married to the Russian Marina(according to Bulgarian sources, daughter of a KGB officer), this is one of several people who formed Bulgarian Democracy in its infancy.

One of the Great Faces of Democracy in Bulgaria- The leader of the Party of Change in Pazardzhik

Something similar happened with the opposition forces in Pazardzhik. From 2021 to 2023, supposedly the forces of the Protests, fighting against Corruption and for Change, did not raise a single issue of Corruption in Pazardzhik. Let alone any question of Russian influence was raised, in Pazardzhik, which is generally a taboo subject, even in private conversations. And the questions are very many, even starting from the mayor's house:

The owners of a pharmaceutical company and factory located in the center of a depopulated village of Kalugerovo are the leaders of the new pro-Western politics in the Pazardzhik Region. The so called Pro-Western Party of Change is led in Pazardzhik by a Russian MA graduate Diplomacy in Moscow University of Foreign Relations, son of one of the famous Bulgarian counter spies in the Department of State Security (Bulgarian Stasi) fighting ideological diversion and propaganda. until 1989. And also was director of the police. Бащата на депутат от "Продължаваме Промяната" подслушвал американското посолство в разгара на Студената война (ДОКУМЕНТИ) -

The father of the leader of the list of "We Continue the Change" in the 13th MIR-Pazardzhik and already elected MP Ivaylo Shotev, was a key figure in the former department of the Second General Directorate of State Security (VGU-DS), which developed the American legation and the CIA residence there in the first half and mid-1980s. This was noticed by after it got acquainted with the personal personnel file of Valentin Iliev Shotev in the archives of the Commission on Files.

The father of today's PP deputy began his career in the structures of the repressive State Security on 21.10.1983 as an intelligence officer in Department 01 of the Second General Directorate (VGU-DS), after graduating from the 1st faculty ("State Security") of the Higher School "G. Dimitrov" in Simeonovo.

Let us recall what the international environment was at that time. The Cold War between the US (NATO) and the Soviets (Warsaw Pact) was at one of its ominous peaks, with the former head of the KGB, Yuri Andropov, as General Secretary of the CPSU. Andropov perceived international politics through the prism of a sinister conspiracy that Washington and its allies were preparing against the communist bloc, including a so-called "surprise nuclear missile attack" (SNMA). This apocalyptic picture of the world, which shaped the thinking of the Soviet gerontocrats in the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, made it necessary for the Soviet secret services and their "affiliates" in the Soviet bloc to increase spying on the American embassies in their capitals in order to detect the "nefarious" plans of U.S. imperialism against the Communist camp.

It was in this dark and ominous time that Valentin Shotev began working as a staff officer for the All-Union State Security Service, Department 01, Division 01 (counterespionage against the American legation in Sofia). Immediately, a "Plan for accelerated and targeted introduction into operational work and training of Lt. Valentin Iliev Shotev", in which the main elements are as follows:

-familiarization by the head of Department 01 on the problems of counterintelligence work in the department along the lines of American intelligence;

-familiarization with materials and days on specific forms and methods of work of American intelligence;

-familiarity with the structure and interaction of embassy liaison between Division 01 and 02. Interaction between 01 and 03 Division.

-acquaintance with the available data, forms and methods and organization of work of the bodies of the State Department, respectively under the 01 division, against the American intelligence on the line of the residence concealed in the US Embassy;

-the use of OTM "Pirin" (tapping the Legation's telephones), "Rodopi" (tapping the Legation through microphones installed inside and outside the building), B, B, etc., conducting M-"D" (secret search), using VN (external surveillance);

The father of today's MP of the "pro-American" party PP "We Continue the Change" was apparently very stiff and dedicated to his work, because in his attestation for the period 1983-1986 we see that he quickly rose to "senior intelligence officer" in Department 01. As well as the following evaluation, "In a relatively short period of time, he entered into the problems of the CIA Residency work, disguised in the US Embassy, on which he worked. Worked assiduously and eagerly to accomplish assigned tasks, striving to improve his qualifications."

According to the documents, the father of the MP from the presented as democratic and pro-West Party(who graduated from the MA International Relations- school for spies in Russia) is a de facto KGB agent:

Notice what else is written in this particularly important document for any personnel officer of the then State Security Service: 'Studies the experience of the KGB'! The study of the Soviet KGB's experience in this hot phase of the Cold War was hardly done without the appropriate guidance of KGB officers - we have already described of what utmost importance for the KGB, ergo the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU, was any information from the American embassies - in this case from the one in Sofia.

And now the icing on the cake - Valentin Shotev's testimonial says that he "participated in the conduct of complex operational and technical activities within the department". End of quote! Let's put it in human language - the father of today's key deputy in the "pro-American" party of Kircho and Kokorcho, was involved in wiretapping, secret searches and half a dozen other sophisticated OTMs (operational technical measures) to obtain documentary and other information from the embassy itself and related to the CIA's residency in the American Embassy in the mid-1980s.

In 1986, Valentin Shotev's career took a sharp turn, but in a different direction - he was elected first secretary of the District Committee of the Communist Party in the Ministry of the Interior and remained in this high nomenclature position until the fall of the communist regime. By Order No. 34/26.02.1990 he was reassigned as an inspector in Department 01 of the National Service for the Protection of the Constitution (NSPC), as the VGU-DS was formally renamed, thus preserving the cadres of the repressive State Security Service, but under a new name and insidiousness and an old one. In the autumn of the same year, 1990, he was dismissed due to staff cuts. After that, Shotev took up serious business, wine production and other activities, became a partner of Alexey Petrov-Traktor, but that is another story.

For the purposes of this investigation, it is important to uncover other persons in the two blood-red maternal and paternal lineages of father and son Shotev. Valentin Iliev Shotev was born on 17.5.1960 in the town. He was born on 17.17.17 in Pazardzhik to father Ilia Kostadinov Shotev and mother - Magdalena Pavlova Shoteva. The father graduated from the Military Academy in 1955 and was an officer in the Border Troops for many years, as well as a commandant of the Dospat commandant's office. He is a member of the Communist Party. The mother is the party secretary of the PGO in ZMA-Dragor, where she works. She also comes from a strong communist family - her brother Ivan was a political commissar of the Smokar gang "Angel Kanchev" before 9 September 1944, then became a lecturer at the AONSU, recognized as ABPFK. And her other brother - Georgi - was recognized as ABPFK. The brother of Valentin Shotev himself - Vesko Shotev - also graduated from the faculty of "State Security" of the "G. Dimitrov" in Simeonovo.

Alexey Petrov- Business Partners from the Ministry of Interior

On a deeper look, however, the story looks like just a squabble between ex-cops and business partners. The two are colleagues in the Interior Ministry, but Shotev was fired in one of the first purges after the fall of the regime because of his Komsomol past. A year or two later, Petrov also left the system. The two started a joint business in 1994. They signed a contract with the karate club "Atlas" of "Levski-Spartak", the agreement being to invest in their sports facility and operate it. It was a 28-acre property, which was restituted in 1997 and purchased jointly by Petrov and Shotev. They acquired equal ideal shares.

Thus, the former sports base became private property. Shotev's wife opened the private school "Dr. Petar Beron" and a kindergarten. In the same school the child of another famous hero of the transition - Mladen Mikhalev-Madjo. There is the joint office of Shotev and Petrov. Everything was going well until 2000, when, according to Shotev, the former beret suddenly decided that she wanted the property all to herself. She started threatening him that she was going to knock his teeth out, smash him, etc. He refuses a court partition, sends the security guards from his own company "IN-80" to close the school, cuts off his electricity, organizes tax inspections.

Shotev files a complaint with the police and the prosecutor's office. There is no response. Instead, he is charged with criminal impersonation of Alexei Petrov. The case is being handled by prosecutor Chudomir Spasov. According to Shotev, in an informal conversation Spasov told him that Prosecutor General Filchev personally wanted this case to go to court. The prosecutor in question will also be questioned as a witness in the case. This is where the current Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, at that time still the head of a security firm, comes into the story. When Shotev did not receive protection from the state, he turned to Ipon, who provided him with security. Borissov tells the blackmailed man, "Comrade Shotev, you are the main culprit in making this little pig (Petrov) such a big pig."

Shotev himself, on the other hand, claims to have helped Petrov many times in the past. As Komsomol secretary, he helped him establish the Atlas karate club, where Alexei and other young karate players got a chance to develop; he also took him to the Spartak pool for the first time, which Petrov later turned into his base. The way things are presented, it seems that the former beret is just an ingrate who turned against his former benefactor.

However, it is not very clear from Shotev's explanations what was the cause of the rift between them. He claims that Petrov wanted the entire property for himself. At the same time, however, Shotev could not explain what accounting the two had kept of their joint business. It came out that they had a cashier, a treasurer and... that was it.

Shotev stated that he received almost no income from their joint business. The money coming from the restaurant "The Golden Calf" (where Filchev remembered that he had taken the guests of the prosecution) went for repairs of the restaurant and salaries of the staff. They had a checking office with not very clear functions. Nowadays, Shotev is hardly so careless with his business. A reference to SACSI shows that the former Interior Ministry official and Komsomol secretary is involved as an owner in 13 companies.

The End of the Partnership- The Fake Alcohol Factory

Nearly half a ton of alcohol without a tax stamp was discovered in the wine cellar of Valentin Shotev, a former partner of Alexei Petrov. The company is owned by the Bulgarian Wine Company and is located in the village of. Zlatovruh, Asenovgrad region. Customs and economic police officers found a total of 405 litres of mastic and bottles of grape brandy in the cellar. The alcohol was not listed in the warehouse logbook and was seized. A customs offence report was drawn up. The cellar was closed on Saturday. "On Friday customs officers came and took something, now we are not working," explained a security guard. Shotev could not be reached for comment.

About the Democratic Political Forces in Bulgaria, the Young Reformers and their Relationship with Pazardzhik

Ganev at the dawn of Bulgarian Democracy, together with a number of agents of the former secret services

Ganev was born on 23 July 1955 in Pazardzhik. He graduated from mathematical high school and then from the Law Faculty of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski. Since 1980 he has taught constitutional law there. In 1985 he defended his dissertation in constitutional law at Moscow State University, "24 hours" recalls. Ganev is co-chairman of the United Democratic Center and spokesman for the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF). He then became chairman of the United Christian Democratic Union (formerly the UDC). He was also a deputy to the 7th Grand National Assembly and the 36th Ordinary National Assembly. He was elected Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. From September 15, 1992, he was President of the 47th Session of the UN General Assembly for one year. From 21 August 2001 to 4 March 2002, he was Director of the Office of Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburggotsky, after which he left for the USA, where he lived with his family. Since 1996 he has been a professor at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA and at New York University, New York, USA.

In 2001 Stoyan Ganev from Pazardzhik was appointed head of the cabinet of Simeon Saxe-Coburgotski. Together with the future Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, they held two of the key positions then.

Read more about Soyan Ganev here. Stoyan Ganev: The Beautiful Mind Bulgarian Politics as a Totalitarian Religious Cult (

A picture that describes the whole Bulgarian Democracy and everything that happened in Bulgaria in the last 35 years after the fall of Communism!

On the photo is the Bulgarian monarch Simeon Sax-Kuborgotsky, in his palace and Solomon Passy (the figure associated with Bulgarian Euro-Atlanticism)

Hawkish position of the leader of the Bulgarian Atlanticists


The Bulgarian Monarch's position on Putin's arrest warrant- according to him it is absurd, like all absurdities of European bureaucrats. A so familiar Euro Sceptic refrain has taken England out of the EU

Photos from the monarch's annual meetings with the Russian ambassador. The Russian bishop met with Bulgarian metropolitans, and during his talks and church services he was accompanied by Russian Ambassador to Sofia Eleonora Mitrofanova and ABB leader Rumen Petkov.

Russia officially declared Simeon II the legitimate Bulgarian Monarch. On the website of the Moscow Patriarchate appeared a curious announcement that Metropolitan Anthony of Volokolamsk was received by the head of the Bulgarian royal house Simeon II Saxe-Coburggotsky, which in fact means that the Russian Orthodox Church officially recognizes His Majesty as the Bulgarian Tsar and the sole claimant to the Bulgarian throne.

2022, Simeon Saxe-Coburggotsky to the Polish newspaper. "Always with the EU, never against Russia!"

Simeon and his coalition partner Sergei Stanishev - chairman of the European Socialists and then leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (former Bulgarian Communist Party)

Here is a little more about the Pazardzhik structures of the BSP (former Communist Party):

Enemy at the Gates of the Memorial- BSP Pazardzhik (

Young Red Guards- Anti- System Politics (

An Ordinary Putin's Influencer from Pazardzhik (

Politics in Bulgaria, the political crisis of the last two years, can be told in three covers of the newspaper Capital(funded by America for Bulgaria):

Two years, a demonstration of the lack of any morals and principles in the most corrupt country of the EU, one of the last in the world in freedom of speech, with the lowest standard of living, with the fastest declining population which according to unofficial data is 1/3 immigrants. After two years in which the young reformers went through all sorts of combinations and governments with former communists and Kremlin dependents, campaigns of demonization and vilification, they finally got ready for a coalition with GERB, the party that all along was the main problem for corruption and the complete failure of the state. This is what ordinary citizens in Bulgaria see. This is also the main trump card in the deck of cards of Russian propaganda.

The results of the Democratic Community that gave birth to YES Bulgaria and We Continue the Change in the 2017 elections were 2.4 percent.

On the basis of fomenting (and rhetoric around it) ethnic conflict with the Turkish ethnicity and the party representing the minorities in Bulgaria in 2020, in the elections in 2021 YES Bulgaria passes the limit for political representation in Parliament taking 9.4 percent. At that time, the We Continue the Change political party did not exist. But Kiril Petkov(the future leaders) and Asen Vassilev, of the YES Bulgaria party, are appointed as temporary ministers after a regular government has not been formed. All the spotlight is on Radev's(pro Russian) "young and Western-educated temporary ministers," which is the PR springboard for the party's creation and, in a few months, its passage to first place in the election results. With them forming a regular government in 2022 in coalition with YES Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Socialist Party(former Communist Party).

This is Democracy in Bulgaria...And this is the so-called "far right and conservatively", which eventually mimicked into the pro-Russian Party:

Bulgarian Pseudo-Nationalism- 35 years in Russia's shadow (

And in general, ever hear anything from the Democratic Powers that be, what's going on in their Hometowns? Have they ever raised the issue of True Russian Propaganda and Influence? Have they ever made it an Issue before Western Embassies, Institutions and Offices? This is Democracy in Bulgaria, a Showcase behind which countless other important things have been hidden.

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