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Why the West is Failing(was it failed by...) in Bulgaria

15th March A bomb was thrown in the Bulgarian media space- Bulgaria is facing a Bankruptcy! There is a huge hole in the budget! For 2022 the recovery fund from COVID has been used to patch the budget, next..? After two years of young Harvard hopefuls, Bulgaria is broke...These are the headlines from all media!

Few days to the Storm

13/03/2023 year, the most watched TV time, after 10 min report about the glamorous Oscars Ceremony in the USA, where the extremely controversial Hristo Grozev in Bulgaria, won an Oscar (as the most rotated joke in Bulgaria is that they should have given him an Oscar for his act that he is a journalist).

As no one in Bulgaria asked the question, what is the difference between Lenin who was in opposition to Stalin in the USSR, for example, and whether there is any opposition at all in Russia or just preparing the ground for a post-Putin project that was received very warmly by the West back in 1999 in the hope that it would stabilize Russia. But perhaps such a question is the answer to what has been happening on the Bulgarian political opposition scene since the fall of communism in 1989.

After 10 minutes about the Oscars and the Bulgarian victory telling the whole world about the "Russian democratic opposition", the second news is about the monstrous inflation in Bulgaria.

In general, the arrangement of news and the messages that reach the audience are something quite important, especially when we are talking about a country like Bulgaria, not accidentally called Putin's Trojan Horse.

But what is more interesting is how the public and politicians who define themselves as pro-Western react. One politician from We Keep the Change is blowing up the public space with his positions on social media. And as if on purpose he is demonstrating not only inadequacy but cynicism generating waves of anger among ordinary people living on salaries of a few hundred euros and pensions ranging between 100 and 200 euros.

In her social posts, Lena Borislavova from We Continue the Change explains how during their rule pensioners can now buy not two milks but three yogurts. Фейсбук скочи на Лена Бориславова: Момиче, вземи се лекувай! Закопахте държавата! (

As if they don't seem to have the foresight, and as if they seem to have the desire to generate hate to the point of handing out empty shopping bags, during the greatest inflationary and societal crisis.

And this is the main street of the city of Pleven, ethnic orchestra leads the manifestation of Kiril Petkov, the most western party in Bulgaria.

Speaking about communism, one of the leaders (the second person in the party, and according to many the first - Asen Vassilev) of We Continue the Change is a very interesting figure. Having worked in various governments, his star rose during the interim government of President Radev, who appointed him and Kiril Petkov as ministers. Assen Vassilev is from Haskovo, the son of a Police Chief and a librarian who managed to send him to study at Harvard, as well as get amazing business opportunities. But what's more interesting about him is the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Government, which according to a former partner of his, are at the heart of a multi-million dollar deal involving airline ticketing software and air traffic monitoring.

“He is a fraud, but he is very, very smart. Extremely smart. We invested 15-20 million euros to develop the software, we had between 30 and 50 programmers in Bulgaria. He deceived not only me but also his friends. I was stupid and naive, and I believed him. He and several programmers took the code and went to China and sold it to the Chinese government after I found these customers. The software was owned by the company, and he just took it and sold it himself, “Morten Lund told bTV.(The largest television network in Bulgaria)

Morten Lund told bTV

Speaking about communism, another aspect of the so called Alumni of the West election campaign and social posts are interesting. The measures to deal with the economic crisis.

The main slogan is unambiguous: "Bulgaria imports products instead of producing everything itself!"- "Time to change this!"

The main slogan is unambiguous: "Bulgaria imports products instead of producing everything itself!"- "Time to change this!"

At the same time there is talk about prices and how to solve the problem. Establishing regulatory bodies and solving the problem of Speculative Pricing (this is a term for market pricing from the time of Communism. The way to deal with it is through planning mechanisms and government control of pricing. By reinforcing their thesis with the creation of regulatory bodies to deal with Speculation. In "The Western Educated" anti- crisis measures in the spirit of Lenin's 1922 reform(NEP), small farms and small producers are the main priority. Currently, the caretaker government of the same president has launched the We Continue Amendment imposing a cap on the markup of large chains. Таван на търговската надценка: как политиците употребяват цените - Бизнес - Дневник (

Costs of Price Controls?

Price controls have costs whose severity depends on the broadness of the control and the degree to which it changes the price from the free-market price. The costs include the following:

  • A government bureaucracy and law enforcement must be funded to enforce the controls.

  • Goods and services are allocated inefficiently, both in consumption and production.

  • Competition shifts from production to political markets as firms attempt to influence price-setting decisions.

  • Widespread evasion of price controls promotes disrespect for the law.

  • Suppressed inflation appears when temporary controls are relaxed.

Who is the Customer Protection Agency?

How much does protectionism cost? Protectionism Could Cost the Worldwide Economy $10 Trillion by 2025. The global economy will lose up to $10 trillion in GDP in 2025 unless governments repeal or reduce tariffs and nontariff barriers that currently obstruct global merchandise trade, according to a new report released today for G20 governments.

Protectionism Could Cost the Worldwide Economy $10 Trillion by 2025 (

She graduated first in her class from St. Kliment Ohridski", studied European Law for half a year in Germany, was a Fulbright Scholar and in 2016 graduated from Harvard Law School, USA. He is a regular donor to the causes of the 1 Percent Change Association and believes that if everyone contributes a little, we can all make a big difference together. He supports judicial reform and the need for education reform. He organizes and lectures a course for law students on pleading and helps prepare them to participate in international law competitions. Lena believes that young and educated people are the future of Bulgaria and therefore we should work to encourage them to stay and/or return to the country. By the way, her father has a multi-million dollar business that has been working with Bulgarian Healthcare System(The health budget in Bulgaria is 6, 500, 000, 000 LV, a huge part of which is subject to corrupt practices) for years and is involved in equipping Bulgarian Hospitals and Doctors.

How did your political career start?

Lena Borislavova political career began with a series of Scandals that would not only cost the heads of those involved, but would also be the end of the Political Formations that those involved represent. But it is unknown why, and in whose interest, in Bulgaria they have been left for two years to be associated with the words West and Democracy.

08.33 on the Sunday morning of June 20, 2021, Lena Borislavova brings Kiril Petkov to an Airbnb in the centre of Sofia.

Beyond the juicy details emerging from the footage, which shows how, despite being a family man with three daughters, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov gropes his chief of staff Lena Borislavova in intimate areas, the closeness between the two could have serious political implications stretching far beyond their personal space.

Kiril Petkov justified his absence on Sunday morning with an interview with BNR, which, however, took place two and a half hours after the intimate meeting with Lena Borislavova. According to the recording, made by a security camera, Lena Borislavova brings (she brings him under the spotlight of the cameras) Kiril Petkov to a private apartment, which they both do not seem to know. Borislavova takes some time to unlock the front door, during which time Petkov seems to be having fun groping her below the waist with his right hand.

Strangely why, Lena Borislavova did not deny the authenticity of the records, but casually confirmed them, saying it was simply a matter of angle and interpretation.

The date and time at which the recording was made - 08.33 on the morning of 20 June 2021 - turns out to be significant. It falls on a Sunday. A time that a father and husband presumably set aside for family and loved ones, especially if you were busy the rest of the week. By the time Kiril Petkov and Lena Borislavova become intimate, he is a caretaker minister of economy in Rumen Radev's government. By all appearances, Petkov had indicated it was a work commitment so that he could get out of his family home on Sofia's ul. "Shishman" and indulge in fun with the assertive lawyer Borislavova. Two and a half hours after Lena and Kiril were photographed being intimate, the caretaker minister of economy was photographed again, this time in the studio of the weekly review programme of the Bulgarian National Radio's "Horizon" programme - "Sunday 150". In the building of the radio station on Blvd. "Dragan Tsankov" 4 Kiril Petkov gives a lengthy interview.

In many developed democracies around the world, such a recording would have led to an unprecedented public scandal, not so much because it suggested that the prime minister was cheating on his wife, but because the head of the executive and leader of the ruling party was questioning not only the actions that the government was taking, but also those of the ruling majority.

BGN 13 690 salary for Lena Borislavova from the state-owned BDB with Kiril Petkov as principal

Ten days after the recordings, the directors of the state-owned Bulgarian Development Bank appointed by Kiril Petkov - Vladimir Georgiev and Tsanko Arabadzhiev, signed a contract for legal services with the law firm Dzhingov, Guginsky, Kyuchukov and Velichkov. In the contract it is explicitly stated that per month the Bulgarian Bank of Bulgaria, the principal of which is Kiril Petkov as interim Minister of Economy, owes a fee to lawyer Lena Borislavova (u's name is explicitly stated) in the amount of BGN 13 690. The contract between the BDB and the law firm, under which Lena Borislavova receives a salary significantly higher than even that of the President, was terminated when u joined the election campaign in mid-October 2021. Since mid-December 2021, Lena Borislavova has been the head of the Prime Minister's political office, and has also held the position of government spokesperson. In this case, it is Kiril Petkov who is her direct supervisor, with whom she obviously has a relationship that goes far beyond the official one.

The intimate lives of politicians cannot be the subject of privacy, especially when it is a matter of benefiting from public financial resources, securing career advancement and advancing lobbying interests. Because of this, in normal democracies around the world for such a scandal, the least that would follow is first, the immediate withdrawal of Lena Borislavova, followed by a public apology from Kiril Petkov and his resignation.

Two days before the racy recording appeared in the public domain, Kiril Petkov unilaterally announced who should be the next chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, in this case - Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov, and that "We Continue the Change" insists on the speedy adoption of a reform of the special law on anti-corruption and conflict of interest. Except that as of Friday, Kiril Petkov and especially Lena Borislavova should be subject to scrutiny by the same Anti-Corruption and Asset Forfeiture Commission they want to put under their personal control.

Who is Boyko Rashkov

If we want to characterize what happened in Bulgaria after 1989 in one sentence, this sentence should contain the words Boyko Rashkov and the Communist militia.

This is the house today of a young police detective back in 1989.

This is how the space around the National Assembly, dotted with young people and students, looked on the evening of December 14, 1989, when the angry General Secretary of the Communist Party of Bulgaria and Chairman of the State Council of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, Petar Mladenov, threw the megaphone, furious that the crowd was booing him. Then he turns around and, surrounded by UBO guards before he has even returned to the parliament in front of the main entrance, addresses the Minister of National Defence, Gen. "It is best that the tanks come".

Illustrative of what interests Boyko Rashkov served is the fact that it was he who in 1990 was entrusted with the case of the so-called tank remark of Petar Mladenov, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Bulgaria and Chairman of the Communist Party, made during the protest in front of the National Assembly on 14 December 1989.

On the occasion of the video material broadcast on Bulgarian television, a rebuttal by Petar Mladenov was read out, in which the footage and sound shown were declared to be edited. An investigation was launched. Evgeny Mikhailov was interrogated for over 20 hours at the investigation. The investigator in the "tank tape" case is the then young investigator Boyko Rashkov - today Minister of Interior in the government of the quadripartite coalition ("We continue the change", "There is such a nation", BSP and "Democratic Bulgaria") headed by Kiril Petkov, was previously in the two caretaker cabinets of President Rumen Radev.

Evgeny Mikhailov tells about the investigative manipulations and pressures:

"On the very first day, Boyko Rashkov gave me an interrogation protocol to sign - several pages written in shorthand - with pencils and scrolls. He told me to sign the interrogation protocol. I said - I don't know what it says here, give it to me in Bulgarian and I will sign it. "No, no, you'll sign like that." I refused. He said, "You won't get out of here if you don't sign." And so one or two hours pass. Finally they give it to me typed in Bulgarian, but with a lot of mistakes. The first 1-2 pages with typos, then with factual errors, and by the fifth-sixth page - I'm ready to be hung on the rope. Everything was a lie. They wanted to prove that I didn't take the picture, that I wasn't in that square at that time, that it was a recording that was made by other people, that it was a cover-up by the Americans. It's funny now, but it wasn't then."

Download PDF • 2.71MB

Boyko Rashkov appointed Plamen Stoilov Ferdov, a full-time employee of the Sixth Directorate of State Security (the Bulgarian Stasi) for the fight against ideological subversion since 1987, as an advisor in the Ministry of Interior.

And this is an MP candidate from Pazardzhik- Georgi Spasov. A man who led the ideological training of the youth organization of the Communist Party until 1989. As well as director of Education until 1989. After the changes and Bulgaria's accession to the EU, after 2004 he was Director of the Culture Department at the Pazardzhik City Hall.

How it started:

The results of the Democratic Community that gave birth to YES Bulgaria and We Continue the Change in the 2017 elections were 2.4 percent.

On the basis of fomenting (and rhetoric around it) ethnic conflict with the Turkish ethnicity and the party representing the minorities in Bulgaria in 2020, in the elections in 2021 YES Bulgaria passes the limit for political representation in Parliament taking 9.4 percent. At that time, the We Continue the Change political party did not exist. But Kiril Petkov(the future leaders) and Asen Vassilev, of the YES Bulgaria party, are appointed as temporary ministers after a regular government has not been formed. All the spotlight is on Radev's "young and Western-educated temporary ministers," which is the PR springboard for the party's creation and, in a few months, its passage to first place in the election results. With them forming a regular government in 2022 in coalition with YES Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Socialist Party(former Communist Party).

A picture that describes the whole Bulgarian Democracy and everything that happened in Bulgaria in the last 35 years after the fall of Communism!

On the photo is the Bulgarian monarch Simeon Sax-Kuborgotsky, in his palace and Solomon Passy (the figure associated with Bulgarian Euro-Atlanticism)

Hawkish position of the leader of the Bulgarian Atlanticists


The Bulgarian Monarch's position on Putin's arrest warrant- according to him it is absurd, like all absurdities of European bureaucrats. A so familiar Euro Sceptic refrain has taken England out of the EU

Photos from the monarch's annual meetings with the Russian ambassador. At the last meeting was senior Moscow clergy. A few days after the meeting Simeon received a palace from the Bulgarian state.

Симеон Сакскобургготски ПОЛУЧИ окончателно двореца ВРАНА, дни след като покани МИТРОФАНОВА там - Нюз2 (

Simeon and his coalition partner Sergei Stanishev - chairman of the European Socialists and then leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (former Bulgarian Communist Party)

Here is a little more about the local structures of the BSP (former Communist Party):

Although at the end of 2022 there is an apparent disagreement with President Rumen Radev and the BSP, in general too many rhetorical questions remain. As well as the big question, is there really a Pro-Western Party in Bulgaria? Or anyone at all who shares Western ideals. Because even Solomon Passy's rhetoric when he started the war in Russia was that it would be good for Bulgarian business and economy.

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