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Heretics and Saints: In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Party

The "reborn" as Christ Russian prophet Vissarion made a living as a militiaman during perestroika. His followers of Vissarion in Bulgaria have tried to establish a commune in the village of Muhovo(death village close to Lesichovo), Pazardzhik.


Duma, Silvia Nikolova

An underground headquarters of the prophet Vissarion sect, unregistered in the country and banned in Russia and the CIS, operates 50 meters from the building of the Council of Ministers, which also houses the Religious Affairs Directorate, a DUMA reporter found.

We know about the office on ul. "Bacho Kiro" opposite the Pentecostal church. The people of Vissarion, who are a negligible number in our country, are not registered as a religious denomination, but they have never filed an application. This was reported to DUMA by the expert of the Religious Affairs Directorate, Georgi Krastev. Five Bulgarians live in the commune of Vissarion near the Siberian lake Tiberkul. However, another 20 people have returned due to the expiration of their tourist visas, Krastev said. According to their relatives, his Bulgarian followers in Russia have sold their properties in the country and transferred the money by bank transfer to the "prophet". The commune in Siberia was named "City of the Sun" by Vissarion himself, after the treatise of the same name by medieval philosopher Tommaso Campanella. The likeness of all living and non-living creations on earth and their primordial aspiration to be likened to the Creator, however, are the only points of contact between the classical and the sectarian. Vissarion requires of his followers complete vegetarianism, that what is acquired by the members of the commune be enjoyed free and in common, that all meet the rising of the sun and pray several times a day at such times as he shall appoint. On the subject of women, their number and manner of use, however, the "reverend" says nothing definite, though he follows the general precepts of Christianity for monogamy.

Followers of Vissarion in Siberia

The Church of Latter-day Saints, as Vissarion's totalitarian sect is affirmed to be, is indeed not on record. The "At Dawn" Foundation, behind which his sympathizers operate in this country, is, however, registered. This is the 43-year-old pseudomessiah's third visit to our country. A year ago his secretary Vadim Redkin was in our country. Vissarion has been "touring" Bulgaria for several days and has been trying to recruit Bulgarians and especially their bank accounts to finance his commune in Siberia. On Thursday night he "preached" to 30 of his followers at the Palace of Culture in Varna. On Wednesday night, the pseudomessiah spoke to a small audience at the capital's Sredets Hall.

The 43-year-old new "Christ" is actually a former schlosser, militiaman and unrealized artist. Sergei Anatolievich Torop, as his name actually is, was born on January 16, 1961 in Krasnodar. He suffered from alcoholism, which actually became the reason for his being kicked out of the militia units, Russian websites claim. Before declaring himself the new "Son of God," he was actively involved in ufology, the science of UFOs. In 1990, in his hometown of Torop, he created the first mini-community, populated by his by-then cupcake friends. Five years later, he found himself with enough money in his pocket to move with his followers, now swollen to nearly 1,000, to Siberia, where he built a commune registered as an ecovillage. His adherents claim that his followers around the world are now welling up to 5,000 people. After the Russians, the most numerous among them are the Moldovans, who have also built a "City of the Sun" ecovillage in their country.

Followers of Deunov to the seven Rila lakes

Visarion's first visit to Bulgaria was in 1995, when he visited Bankya, Ruse, Sofia, Varna, and gave a lecture at the city museum in Shumen. With followers of Deunov, he has twice been to the seven Rila lakes, in front of which he has photographed himself in the poses in which Peter Deunov immortalized himself in the 1930s at the same place. According to people in the know, followers of Vissarion in our country have tried to establish a commune in the village of Muhovo(death village close to Lessichovo) in Pazardzhik. However, because of the bad reviews of the local people, they did not advertise themselves and presented themselves as a group of friends using one household.

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