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Gelemenov, from Diplomacy in Moscow, Skinheads to Priest fighting Satan

Rev. Gelemenov of Pazardzhik without any modesty can be called the Father of (Social) Nationalism in Bulgaria. Georgi Gelemenov studied theology in Sofia but specialized in diplomacy in Moscow. In 1991, he brought from there a sharp nationalist idea. He is chairman of the Bulgarian Christian Democratic Party - Centre, which is the first political party registered in Bulgaria after 1989 and a member of the European Nationalist International. He is also accused of leading and inciting skinheads to racial strife.

He graduated at the same time in Moscow with the future Foreign Minister from Pazardzhik Stoyan Ganev (who started the Right and Democratic Forces in Bulgaria and the whole pro-Western framework). Unlike Ganev, Gelemenov was at the heart of the extreme right, of nationalism and the imitation of neo-Nazism.

The Back of the Coin

Stoyan Ganev was born on 23 July 1955 in Pazardzhik. He graduated from mathematical high school and then from the Law Faculty of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski. Since 1980 he has taught constitutional law there. In 1985 he defended his dissertation in constitutional law at Moscow State University, "24 hours" recalls. Ganev is co-chairman of the United Democratic Center and spokesman for the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF). He then became chairman of the United Christian Democratic Union (formerly the UDC). He was also a deputy to the 7th Grand National Assembly and the 36th Ordinary National Assembly. He was elected Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. From September 15, 1992, he was President of the 47th Session of the UN General Assembly for one year. From 21 August 2001 to 4 March 2002, he was Director of the Office of Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburggotsky, after which he left for the USA, where he lived with his family. Since 1996 he has been a professor at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA and at New York University, New York, USA.

Отец Гелеменов между кръста и калашника
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To some extent his political ideas can be seen as the germ for the later Ultra Nationalist "Attack". The rebel priest was actively involved in politics until the dawn of this century. His last main project was the Bulgarian People's Social Union, which he registered in 2002. In 2013 was his last political participation in a political project - a far-right formation similar to the Greek Golden Dawn was born in Sofia. The Nationalist Party of Bulgaria (NPB) gathers 10 organisations, including the banned in Germany, Russia and Spain "Blood and Honour", "National Resistance", Bulgarian National Radical Party and the association "Offensive" of the most ardent fans of football clubs - the ultras. The establishment coincided with the anniversary of Kristallnacht in Germany. Exactly on November 9, 75 years ago, the Nazis destroyed Jewish shops and set fire to synagogues.

The NPB formulated as its first goal- "cleansing the Bulgarian population of the alien immigrant scum that keeps them in fear". Among the goals of the NPB are also "crushing gypsy terror with an iron fist" and ending social policies that encourage minority births and "parasitism." The most important goal is to deal with all the Enemies of the State- the status quo parties, business, economic oligarchy and foreign spies.

It's interesting to look at an early media look at Gelemenov and an article in the Pazardzhik press trying to cover the tracks leading to Moscow. The obliteration is done in the typical tried and tested method of the Communist era- the personality is ridiculed and caricatured.

National media, early articles on Gelemenov:

Pazardzhik media, now Moscow and a lot of details are missing, trying to erase the traces of one of the most interesting figures of the Bulgarian transition, around which the Radical Right in Bulgaria was created.

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