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Young Red Guards- Anti- System Politics

There are various ways to destroy United Europe, (as well as to indirectly help Russia) and one of them is through Protectionism and destruction of the single European market.

Тhe former chairman of the Red Youth and current Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev and the District Governor of Pazardzhik Trendafil Velichkov ex Cordinator of the young Socialists

The youth movement of the Bulgarian Socialist Party has created many strong friendships and alliances, such is the friendship between the former chairman of the Red Youth and current Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev and the District Governor of Pazardzhik Trendafil Velichkov(journalist, media expert, PR, producer). But the important thing is what ideas the young socialists, heirs of the guerrilla movement and the Red underground resistance until the coming to power of Communism in 1944, preached. Because if there is a political ideology that is Anti-Systemic in its Essence in Bulgaria, it is the Bulgarian Socialist Party (the former Communist Party).

Държавата иска система за проследяване на вносните храни - България - Дневник (

22/03/2023 "Today we are putting on public discussion the regulation that gives traceability of imported food throughout the chain for quality, quantity and prices," Agriculture Minister Yavor Gechev told Nova TV today. He explained that the system will monitor the path of all imported food to the Bulgarian consumer, including grains, fruits and vegetables. Such a register would help in the event of a signal of unsafe food, as well as facilitate control over traders. Gechev noted that oilseed sunflower and grain, which enter the EU unhindered from Ukraine, "unbalance the market and undercut both prices and demand" for Bulgarian products. "Yes, we are a country in solidarity with Ukraine, but the price paid by Bulgaria and Bulgarian farmers is extremely high," he stressed. The agriculture minister also explained how the state will fight unfair trade practices. "When the price difference between the producer and the seller is more than 25% of the gross price or 10% of the net price, they will have to notify the CPC and the CPC beforehand about this higher margin," said Yavor Gechev. He specified that meetings with the representatives of the food chains in the country are yet to be held on the issue of the price ceiling.

22/03/2023 The Commission for the Protection of Competition is investigating suspicious cartel practices among large retail chains. Several unannounced inspections are being carried out at the offices of hypermarket chains (4 big German chains, Metro, Lidl, Kaufland and Bila, operate in Bulgaria), companies and their associations related to the production and trade of basic foodstuffs in the country, the commission said.The unannounced inspections, accompanied by police seizures of documents and correspondence, which should provide clarity on trade practices in foodstuffs because of the significant price increases.

23/03/2023 Antimonopoly Commission initiates three collusion proceedings against grocery chains It is specified that the inspection is against the companies that operate the stores of the chains "Bila", "Kaufland", "Fantastico", "Metro", "Promarket" and "T-market", as well as against the associations "Associations for Modern Trade", "Union of Poultry Farmers", "Association of Industrial Production", "Association of Milk Processors in Bulgaria and "National Association of Milk Processors.

The shocking thing in this case is that this rush to a planned state-regulated economy, in complete contradiction to the WTO and the EU, is accepted as perfectly normal even by media outlets that are bullied for their pro-Western positions.

Trendafil Velichkov(media expert and Governor of Pazardzhik and Yavor Gechev at the formation of the Youth Socialist Movement. Friends under the Red comunist Star

There are Four Fundamental Freedoms in the EU(rules the EU needs to exist). Free movement of people, goods, services and capital. The freedom of movement of goods in the EU means the removal of all restrictions on the supply of goods within the EU. This freedom applies to all goods originating in a Member State as well as to goods originating in a third country but circulating freely in a Member State. The impermissible restrictions on this free movement of goods are of two types - tariff - duties or charges having equivalent effect to a duty and quantitative restrictions and any other measures having a similar effect: quotas, differences in technical requirements, packaging standards, labels and........

The TFEU (Treaty on the Functioning of the EU) prohibits all quantitative restrictions and measures having equivalent effect on the movement of goods between Member States.

22/03/2023 opening of a Hunting Fair, hosted by the Russian Honorary Consul in Bulgaria, Georgi Gergov in his Fair Plovdiv. The event is opened by the Governor of Pazardzhik Trendafil Velichkov.

Celebration of the 9th of May, the Victory Day of the Red Army, 2022 in Plovdiv- Russian Honorary Consul and Russian Ambassador

The Hunter at the head of Pazardzhik

Trendaphil Velichkov has shared that he is proud of one thing and that is that (before he became District Governor) he was a member of the Board of LRD "Sokol 1893" - Pazardzhik. At first glance, it sounds quite idealistic, but in reality hunting and fishing, behind their apparent ordinariness are extremely interesting.

Pictured is the hunting party of the dictator Todor Zhivkov, among them are the biggest names of Bulgarian culture during Communism. Lyubomir Levchev, Emilian Stanev, Yordan Radichkov, Velichko Minekov, Gen. Hristo Ruskov, Todor Zhivkov, academician Angel Balevski, Georgi Dzhagarov, Hristo Neykov, Svetlin Rusev, Milko Balev, Gen. Iliya Kashev. The hunt is the Elite Club of Communism.

The hunting farms of the communist era are in the hands of the communist elite for two reasons. Firstly, it is a huge, well-knit social network in which political affiliations don't work, and everyone is a satrap with a gun. There are 160,000 hunters in Bulgaria, with 184,000 registered guns, and a population of 5.5 million, a huge figure, with unpredictable political potential. Second is the financial benefits, and they are enormous. Starting with the bases and the adjacent land and forests, worth hundreds of millions. And in addition come the uncontrollable Euro programs that actually fund the same communist elites.

Trendaphil Velichkov together with The President of the Hunting and Fishing Union in Pazardzhik "Sokol 1893" - Evgeni Abadzhiev.

For the financial benefits, the Herald is doing an investigation. A central figure in the investigation is Yavor Gechev, the closest friend of Trendaphil Velichkov from the time of the Young Socialist Party. And even Trendaphil announced in social networks that they will make BSP 3. The scheme is to siphon off tens of millions in Euro funding.

Trendafil and Yavor, best friends who wish to create New Bulgarian Socialist Party

New scheme: 60 million BGN stolen from farmers, money goes to hunting oligarchs :

Нова схема: Крадат 60 млн. лв. от земеделците, парите отиват при ловните олигарси (ДОКУМЕНТ) -

Hunters Bulgaria Coruption
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"An interesting scheme for the rich is currently spinning. In the name of Agriculture Minister Yavor Gechev, middlemen are knocking on the door of every known millionaire in Bulgaria. The offer they offer is - you pay 3 euros per hectare for a consulting service - and you get a free hunting field at the moment! Then you outline it for a subsidy and get up to 65 BGN/ha supposedly to feed the wild animals.

In return for the service of getting a free hunting field, you have to return 20% of the total amount for the field for the consultancy fee- how in general coruption works in Bulgaria. The money earmarked for Bulgaria under this euro scheme totals 60 million leva.

Does and how much of the "fee" money reach the Agriculture Minister Yavor Gechev?

The scandalous offers that are currently raining among the rich in Sofia are a continuation of the scandals that have rocked the Ministry of Agriculture with the new Strategic Plan for Support of Farmers that they have drafted. Many organizations have long warned of this danger - funds from farmers will go to the hunting oligarchs! There were also protests on the subject. But nobody paid attention to the farmers.

While the rich people who rent hunting fields for pleasure will be able to take millions supposedly to feed the game, the farmers who produce the wheat for the bread of the people will get only £20/acre. However, the scheme is on. The Ordinance under which the farmers will apply has also been written.

Already a secret auction is going on to lease out the vacant hunting fields to divert millions of leva from the farmers to the hunting oligarchs."

Drugar- the most important word during the comunism, means friend

Pencho Kubadinsky's(Top Communist Official and friend of communist dictator Jivkov) hunting activities led to the creation of dozens of hunting farms and hunting reserves. Some of them are in the forests of old hunting forests of tsarist Bulgaria, building new lodges there. When Zhivkov became keen on hunting in the 1960s, he gradually started building entirely new hunting farms, with fenced forest areas, along the Danube, by the sea, in the Balkan Mountains, the Rhodope Mountains, Vitosha, etc., literally in all parts of Bulgaria - "Kormisosh", "Voden", "Mazalat", "Pravets", "Vitinya", "Balchik", "Ropotamo", "Iskar", etc. But because of Zhivkov, some of the hunting spots became hunting residences, completely closed to the upper echelon of power. Luxury chalets were built for their time, with more amenities and presidential apartments. No hunters of any kind were allowed there, the territory and the game were reserved for high hunting. The staff is from the UBO or at the behest of the security service. The hunting residences are only a fraction of the total number of newly built residences in Bulgaria in the Zhivkov era. There are so many that if Zhivkov spent a weekend in one of them every week, he could not visit them all in a year. However, he mostly visited the Evskinograd Palace in Varna, "Tsarska Bistritsa" in Borovets and several of the hunting lodges, later also the newly built residence "Perla" near the mouth of the Ropotamo. In some he was only once.

Hunting was a noble hobby among the highest party circles throughout Eastern Europe...

Lenin was a hunter, Stalin was a hunter, Khrushchev was a hunter. Brezhnev, Walter Ulbricht, Ceausescu, Tito, Fidel Castro, Kim Il Sung, Enver Hoxha - they were all hunters. Marx had written nothing about the hunting passions of the "revolutionary leaders," but he had not even foreseen that in the transitional period to communism hunting would remain an enduring privilege. As organized killings for pleasure would be the most sophisticated entertainment among the elites created by working common people.

How Communism worked- A strict Communist Hierarchy built on personally vetted people or put another way Friendly Circles- Ever since the resistance to Bulgaria's alliance with Gremania called Partisan Brigades the elite of the Communist Nomenklatura in Bulgaria was born. The partisans (the left movement in Bulgaria is a completely rural phenomenon, unlike in Western Europe and its intellectual roots there) eventually began to work for the villages from which they came. Basically, an updated generic communal system. And the more partisans a village had, the more a nomenklatura emerged around them. A great example is Lesichovo, Pazardzhik- 10 generals were born from the guerrilla troops, and they accordingly created a top administration of people born in Lesichovo and around in all the important ministries. After all, the most respected ambassador in Moscow was from Lesichovo- Zhulev, who was later ambassador to the USA.

The other important places for the communist circles were the party structures, the militery service and the hunting groups. The hunting parties were the elite circles, and hunting was considered a privilege of the upper class.

Jivkov and the Cultural Elite, before Hunt

An informal circle with great influence in power during Zhivkov's time was his hunting party. With it, besides having fun, he consulted and shared ideas with the academicians Angel Balevsky and Panteleye Zarev, General Hristo Ruskov (the so-called Hare's General, chairman of the Bulgarian Hunting and Fishing Union, and close to the First from the time of the partisan movement), the poet Georgi Dzhagarov, the actor Stefan Getsov (whom Zhivkov later began to invite less often to hunt). Lyubomir Levchev and the sculptor Velichko Minekov were also regular participants in the troop, though less frequently (see here for more details on all the high-ranking hunters). The hunt with the First occasionally includes some other writer, specially invited. Emilian Stanev was invited frequently until his death in 1979. All of them, in addition to being hunters, were also empowered with positions in the State Council, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, deputies, and various nomenclature positions in the hierarchy of the state. This distribution of posts was one of the peculiarities of the regime of the time. You could not just be elected chairman of the Writers' Union, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, or a member of the State Council, or a deputy. First, they can't nominate you if there is no invitation or blessing from above. From Todor Zhivkov. For chairmen of the most important creative unions, as for members and candidates for the Politburo, it is a matter of Zhivkov's personal choice.

Kinship ties and dependencies have always been important in Bulgarian and Eastern politics. The godfather of Trendaphil Velichkov's child is Evgeni Martinov Abadzhiev, the most prominent "Anti-Communist" of Pazardzhik, deeply connected with the Democratic Forces of Pazardzhik, of the "anti-communist" Social Democrats of Gelemenov. Evgeni Abadzhiev is also the President of the Hunting and Fishing Union "Sokol 1893" in Pazardzhik.

It is interesting that the Archbishop of Plovdiv Nikolai performed the baptism. Extremely rare and a great honour given to few.

A little more, where the Governor's wife works:

"Bulgarian children, educated in the West, are instruments of evil"- Plovdiv Archbishop Nikolai (

No comment: Archbishop Nicholas of Plovdiv cursed practise of yoga in front of 500 priests (

No comment: Pope wants to unite all churches to welcome the Antichrist (

The President of the Hunting and Fishing Union "Sokol 1893" in Pazardzhik Evgeni offers flowers to the victims of the totalitarian regime in Pazardzhik:

110 години Тодор Живков: Ловната дружинка като център на властта -

Ловът на партийните величия (

СЕГА | Над 100 000 български ловци: Европа ни оставя без оръжие (

Views on Politics, Economics, Society and Geopolitics

On social media (Facebook) the District Governor of Pazardzhik is more than active in expressing his positions. At the moment when the COVID pandemic started, Mr. Velichkov expressed a whole palette of positions and solutions to the extremely critical problem for Bulgaria.

"Great nations like the Russian, the Cuban and the extra-Welsh and the Chinese send - People, medics and all specialists into the mouth of the terror and contagion of humanity and humanity. BOW!" -Quite a firm and clear position expressing in full force the international orientation of the District Governor of Pazardzhik! As probably to the generations of Bulgarian Socialists educated and formed by Mr. Trendafil Velichkov.

"Countries like Cuba and China have a huge advantage in the fight against epidemics because state power is able to intervene in public life very drastically - including with military measures."- The District Governor of Pazardzhik is an ardent supporter of the Military Regimes and a definite sympathizer of the Military Regimes!

"A massive economic crisis, which all economists are predicting, is good to plan - yes, to plan by those in power.

- There is no doubt there will be an outflow of foreign investment - the biggest in our country is from the money of people working abroad and yes it will decrease it will not stop but still.

- As I wrote a few weeks ago it is important that we find sectors of the economy where we are world class, and past the crown it has been seen that we have - to the amazement of the powers that be and not just the struggling ones - weaving and garment industries.

Now is also the time for planning in agriculture, because we will have to eat what we produce ourselves - with incentives now, we will ensure that farmers, breeders, beekeepers, etc., will produce for years to come quality Bulgarian goods at competitive prices.

- If anyone ever thought it was time to get back into Bulgarian state hands - the gold and other concessions - now is the time. After the crisis, money will have no value - the bubble will be burst and only gold and the price of metals and stones will guarantee state sovereignty.


Don't wait - it's already too late!"- A Very(communist model) Planned Economy to tackle the economic crisis is a refrain typical of the Bulgarian Socialist Party. A party that is not only part of the European Socialists but was also at the head of the PES and has a huge influence on the Bulgarian diaspora in the UK.

Prioritisation of industries and industries, as under Socialism. Agriculture. Full protectionism and Euro scepticism.

Nationalisation and more nationalisation. Termination of contracts with Western companies and taking Bulgarian natural resources into Bulgarian hands. The comment here is superfluous. Putin's model at the moment. Yes, this guy is in charge of Pazardzhik and no one is impressed.

I like it best when the men who have not been in the barracks jump against a Bulgarian general. I am grabbing the holster of my gun!

There is a system that works in an off duty situation (it has been tested in war - and excuze moa' this same general has seen live - while you were looking in the mirror, how nice you are).

Order - execution - period. Comments, questions and poses like see how clever and smart I am after it's all over.- The positive attitude towards dictatorship and martial law. As well as the willingness to take his gun and perhaps dispense popular justice for those disobeying the military.

And 'brothers' don't these Italians have an Interior Ministry and a prosecutor to arrest Russophiles - I am disappointed, where are the Euro-Arlantic gender values going! I DON'T KNOW - communist Cubans, Venezuela - horror outright horror....- His position on homophobia in Bulgaria and Italy is interesting. The big confrontation in Bulgaria- the Euro(Atlantic) Values are to promote LGBT(called slang- gender) and those who oppose this "social decay" and defend traditional values are the Russophiles(loving Russia) who are Orthodox Brothers, as seen in the comment under his post, made by the head of the Russophile movement in Pazardzhik.

What is all this roar about the collapse of stock exchanges and capital markets?

We reap the speculation, we grieve for lost

money earned without an ounce of production, we can't survive the loss of cosmic commissions to the Sio, brokers, dealers, etc.

Capitalism, is not perfect comrades - it is damn near imperfect.

Keep an eye on what's going on in the commodity markets, think about what production we can revive, rebuild and have as a nation.

The crisis will call the answer to the question - can there be an economy without manufacturing, and without an industry or industries at least two, at a world leading level and the answer is - No? Enough yelling about other people's money!- But most interesting and curious is his position on the social order of the world. On the day of the announcement of the COWID lockdown in Bulgaria, a very emotional statement of the Governor of Pazardzhik, filled with hope that the Financial System of the World will collapse. Made up of people who, according to him, do not do any work but live on the backs of the working people. Total Denial and Hostility to Market Economy and Democracy. Attitude to Finance and Financiers in general, along the lines of Hitler's Nazis and Stalin's Communists. While preaching Communism mixed with radical National Socialism.

Trendaphil Velichkov, was born and lives in Tsrancha Village:

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