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Bulgarian Pseudo-Nationalism- 35 years in Russia's shadow

In Bulgaria, 35 years after the fall of Communism, nationalism was to a large extent a fairly successful project of the Kremlin, which fulfilled its main tasks. In Bulgaria nationalism is divided into generations, one replaces another, but the reality remains the same. Something similar happens with democratic movements, which are also "supposedly" from the right spectrum. The only stable and unshakable player is the BSP (the former communist party), a party that does not even aspire to rule, but has some old structures, higher and lower councils that have been there since before the changes in 1989, unchanged. However, unlike everywhere else, in Bulgaria there was a gentle transition without any lustration.

The main ideology that fuelled nationalism and patriotism was Nostalgia. Nostalgia for the lost Dignity. Because if in Turkey and Portugal the nostalgia was for lost Empires, in Bulgaria it was for lost human dignity. Feelings of sadness, humiliation, frustration that charged generation after generation of far right or far left, no matter, but people who hated the West that brought them to this miserable existence. A promise that Justice and Truth will prevail. Hope that there will be justice for those who have humiliated the people. Creation of Myths and Rehabilitation of the Totalitarian Regime.

How nostalgia was culturally and trendily created:

The Collective Image of Nostalgia- Kostadin Kostadinov

with his parents, decent working people

The little grumpy intellectual, Museum director,highly educated, erudite, rich in culture... parents decent working people. Father a welder, worked in the shipyard, a large factory during Socialism. Mother cleaner. People who earned their livelihood with hard work and dignity, not with corruption and robbery, as in the new times.

The first Bulgarian Nationalist politician with a legend based on him being a man of the people. An intellectual, with a family like all.

Нещата, които не знаете за семейството на Костадин Костадинов | Bradva.BG

In the early nineties, there was a great shortage of items and food in our country. My mom was laid off from work and unemployed and my dad was supporting the whole family. We ate mostly on a diet of lean. One day, however, when my sister and I came home from school, we found a lot of nice foods laid out on the table, there were even chocolates. Without thinking twice, we sat down and munched on them, while our mother and father watched and enjoyed us. It was only since we had eaten that we saw there was nothing for them. My father worked in a shipbuilding shop. Yes, father was a welder and I was proud of that. Few people have faith that the son of a man with a specialty as a welder and a woman working as a cleaner could be a contender for mayor.

Семейството му едва свързвало двата края Лидерът на Възраждане“ Костадин (

The image of the Bulgarian nationalist is adaptive, like all deceived people of the transition. Forced to wander and be lied to, from one place to another. Mimicking and skin changing.

In Bulgaria there is currently a staunch Pro Russian Vazrazhdane Party with Konstantin Konstantinov as its leader. But he started his political path from VMRO (supposedly far-right, part of the European conservatives), using the same tactics and methods as Volen Siderov's ATAKA (supposedly far-right, with a Russia slant) in earlier years - protests, provocative clashes with the police, screaming nationalism, pro-Russian outbursts, calls to leave NATO and the EU.

This is what a Vazrazhdane protest under Russian Flags looks like

Под руското знаме. "Възраждане" свика протест за "неутралитет" спрямо войната в Украйна (

VMRO the beginning

At the very beginning of his career Kostadinov was in VMRO. His development in the party began in 2002. Then he became regional coordinator of VMRO for Varna, Shumen and Dobrich regions. In 2009 he reached the post of deputy to Krasimir Karakachanov (leader of VMRO). He was elected at the same congress where Angel Dzhambazki became deputy chairman.

Kostadinov with VMRO leader Karakachanov

Two years later he was elected a municipal councillor in Varna. In 2015 he ran in the local elections in coalition with Ataka of Volen Siderov(Siderov’s book The Boomerang of Evil has been described by critics as anti-Semitic. The same year, critics said that the book called on “Orthodox believers” to take revenge on the “murderers of Jesus”.).

Сидеров: Не мразя евреите, тормозят ме |

Although Volen Siderov claimed in front of the media that he does not hate the Jews, but they just persecute him, it was hard to believe him.

The very strange VMRO

Angel Dzhambazki, together with Konstantinov they started their political path in VMRO. The main driver behind the successful blocking of Albania and Macedonia from becoming full EU members and allowing the functional expansion of NATO's borders after the start of the conflict with Russia in Crimea.

Angel Dzambazki, VMRO, in EU Parliament

bne IntelliNews - North Macedonia’s president says Russian secret services are behind rift with Bulgaria

Dangerous Cliques: Secret Service Networks and Russian Influence in Bulgaria | West Observer

Костадин Костадинов е реалният лидер на варненските националисти Статии,Новини,Коментари,Национализъм,Варна,България,Свят,Спорт,Култура,Тийнейджъри,Икономика,Наука и технологии (

Bulgarian Defence Ministry official publicly apologises for Hitler salute photograph – The Sofia Globe

Agents to the Communist Regime- founder of VMRO
Download PDF • 3.20MB

But let you introduce another of the founding fathers of VMRO:

16/03/2023 In an interview with Trud newspaper, one of the founders of IMRO answers how the problem of immigrants in Bulgaria should be solved. The title of the article is "There should be an army at the border and it should shoot!" Александър Сиди, съпредседател на ВМРО, пред „Труд news“: На границата трябва да има армия и да се стреля - Труд (

22/05/2017, interview for Frog News, one of the founders of IMRO Bulgaria Alescander Sidi about his Jewish background. The title of the article:

"I'm Jewish and I can't be accused of being a Fascist!" Александър Сиди от ВМРО: Аз съм евреин, няма как да съм фашист (

Ku Klux Klan exhibition in Moscow

Volen Siderov in Moscow in 2002, in the company of Russ Granata, Jurgen Graf, Fredrik Toben, Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and others. Of particular interest is the man in the front row on the far left - Morocco's Ahmed Rami

Ataka The Putins Far Right Project
Download PDF • 8.20MB

Волен Сидеров празнува Деня на победата на Червения площад | Политика | Новини от България и Света |

Top Bulgarian Nationalist Presents B-day Gifts to Putin - - Sofia News Agency

The Curious Tale of Bulgaria's Extremist Flip-Flopping Party | HuffPost UK Politics (

Сидеров бил наречен "коалиционен партньор" от млади кадри на БСП - bTV Новините (

It is interesting to note that Volen Siderov is the editor-in-chief of the first Center Right- Democratic(in Bulgaria strangely democrats are called Rights) newspaper - Democracy in Bulgaria. He also graduated in Theology at the Seminary (a religious university of the Orthodox Church) during the Communist regime.

Ataka and VMRO were for a long time partners in the governance of Bulgaria together with GERB

As Moscow managed to protect and promote all its interests in Bulgaria.

Just like the Fatherland Front (the old one in Bulgaria and the new one in Russia) the Patriots took it upon themselves to morally educate the nation on what is right and what is wrong. Men were men, women were women, and the family was about having more children and having them flow into the economy. Educating the youth, in addition to creating healthy socialist families and having children was also about military and para-military training, folk traditions and respect for elders and authority, all standing peacefully in front of bronze heroes and monuments reciting nationalist texts while dealing with immigrants, sexual and religious minorities, under the umbrella of pseudo Putin Orthodoxy.

Президентът пожелал стабилност на "патриотите" и ги оценил положително - Политика - Дневник (

Като ОФ: това ли е ролята на "Патриотите"? – DW – 7.05.2018

Как "патриотите" измамиха избирателите си – DW – 5.05.2017

Борисов, "патриотите" и скандалният законопроект – DW – 27.07.2017

ГЕРБ и "патриотите" не се разбраха за доброволните отряди към МВР - Политика - Дневник (

Съдебната реформа пое курс към Путин (

Каракачанов пред OFFNews: Аз съм за широка коалиция ГЕРБ, БСП и Патриотите | Интервю | Новини от България и Света |

ГЕРБ & Ко. Игри на ластик - Тоест (

Защо години наред България плащаше най-скъпия газ в Европа? - Последни Новини от DNES.BG

Решетников: За Русия ГЕРБ и БСП са горе-долу еднакви

"Пари на вятъра". Ще си върне ли България трите милиарда лева за "Турски поток" (

The United Patriots(Bulgarian Nationalists), even when a Russian MP said that Russia has bought the whole Bulgarian Black Sea coast and soon it will happen to the whole Bulgaria- just took a lawyer's position saying it was a joke:

Kostadinov With the Communists

With the BSP leader - Kornelia Ninova

Konstantinov supports the leader of Movement 21 (far left, with deep roots in the Bulgarian Communist Party). As in 2019 BSP (former communist party) - Varna had initially agreed to nominate Kostadinov Kostadinov as an independent mayoral candidate.

Russian invasion of Ukraine puts "Trojan Horse" Bulgaria between a rock and a hard place - Euromaidan Press

The Under-the-Radar EU Vote That Opens the Door for Russia | AJOT.COM

Bulgarian Socialists refuse to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine –

Bulgaria, Russia's best friend in the EU (

Bulgarian socialist MEPs vote against Russian terrorism resolution –

In Bulgarian politics, there was a period when the main players were agents of the Communist Intelligence (State Security). But now the ancestral links are more important to understand the play.

The New Generation- addaptation according to the international situation

At first glance in Bulgaria hate Russia, Cultural Case from Panagyurishte (

Деца и роднини на доносници от ДС са в листите на Демократична България ᐉ Новини -

Децата на агентите от Държавна сигурност | Български хелзинкски комитет (

Над половината партии на изборите говорят с езика на Кремъл – кафенето (

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