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Bulgarian Russophiles for Peace

In 2023 Bulgaria is on the rise Peace Marches, and the initiation of various Referendums to reject everything related to the EU and NATO. This is what happens to the European Parliament building on 21/05/2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria, during another March for Peace:

The Peace Marches as well as the Referendums to leave the EU and NATO are part of the overall victory of the Pro Russian forces in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Nikolai Malinov, placed on the Magnitsky sanctions lists, on March 14, 2023 became the leader of the Russophile International Movement. In April 2023 a Referendum was initiated in Bulgaria for Bulgaria's exit from NATO, and on April 23 a protest for Peace and Neutrality was held in Sofia, in which tens of thousands of citizens took part. The Bulgarian Socialist Party in 2023 advocated peace in the world, or more precisely peace with Russia, the party that played a major role in everything that happened in Bulgaria from 1944 until the beginning of the military conflict in Ukraine and the threat of a new Iron Curtain. The issue now is one of survival.

Poster from the 30,000 Peace and Neutrality protest held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 23/04/2023.

President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev gave a landmark speech on March 3rd, 2023, Bulgaria's National Day.

In this speech, President Radev said that the most important thing for Bulgaria is to preserve its memory and history, in front of the forces trying to replace it. And a week after this speech, the Sofia Municipality decided to move the Soviet Army Monument. The Bulgarian Socialist Party in Pazardzhik decided to lead the initiative in organizing a protest.

24/04/2023 March for Peace in Bulgaria

Although there were few Russian flags at this protest, as the Russian Ambassador had advised in an interview a few days before the march, there was a strong Orthodox moment. As well, numerous anti-NATO and anti-EU banners were present.

The March for Peace was also covered in the Russian Media:

According to the organizers of the March for Peace on 24/04/2023, there has not been such a protest in Sofia for decades. Which was held in 30 Bulgarian cities simultaneously and gathered over 30, 000 people.

The rhetoric for Peace is not dissimilar to the 1984 Communist Propaganda in support of the International Peace Movements and Tent Camps in London, UK for Peace against the US Imperialists:

Russian State Television news from 1984, 11 April. The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivan Ganev also took part in the newscast and spoke about Peace. Bulgaria is for Peace in 2023 as well, but this time by signing a referendum on breaking with NATO and by mass protests in the streets against the North Atlantic Pact. Болгары изгоняют НАТО (

The reaction of the Bulgarian Democratic and Pro-Western Community to the protest of 23/04/2023.

The pro-Western reformist party, We Continue the Change, said it would begin negotiations to form a government with the pro-Russian Vazrazhdane Party. This was stated by the former finance minister and one of the two leaders of the so-called Pro-Western Reformers. Which were promoted by President Rumen Radev at the mass protests in 2020.

Part of the 30, 000 protest messages.

Bulgaria At the Head of the International Russophile Movement

The founding congress of the International Russophile Movement (IRM) was held at the Pushkin State Museum in Moscow, Russia on March 14, 2023. Representatives of forty-two states of Europe, Asia, Africa and America came to the event. They adopted a manifesto of the new movement, whose members intend to oppose Russophobia and spread the truth about Russia in spite of the Western propaganda.

A key role in the creation of MDR belongs to the head of the "Tsargrad" Society Konstantin Malofeev (in early March, recall, he almost became a victim of Ukroterrorists) and our Bulgarian friend Nikolai Malinov, both of whom inspired and did all the organizational work. The event was also attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, philosopher Alexander Dugin, Bishop Savva (Tutunov) of Zelenograd, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Anna Kuznetsova, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs Vyacheslav Nikonov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots Leonid Kalashnikov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of

One of the main guests were people from the Russian Nationalist Circle of the Orthodox oligarch with business interests and investments in Bulgaria - Malofeev(Bulgaria, Russian Media Environment), as well as his closest associate, the ethno-nationalist philosopher and ideologist Alexander Dugin. A man who is considered the architect of Putin's modern ideology.

Nikolai Malinov, a 54-year-old historian and politician, who is on the U.S. and U.K. sanctions lists, was unanimously elected chairman of the International Rusophile Movement.

07/04/2023 Bulgaria initiates referendum on NATO exit

Although the referendum is veiled behind a national referendum "Bulgaria for Peace and Sovereignty". The organisers say "With this referendum the Bulgarian people will have the opportunity to protect their children from war. They will preserve their lives, their heritage, their future. With the referendum for peace and sovereignty, the Bulgarian people will take another breakthrough: they will be able to express their free will, even when it contradicts the actions of the political establishment. From now on, we aim for all important issues in the country to be decided directly by the people. This is nothing more than a return to the constitutionally established order, which states that political parties should follow and help to form and express the will of the people, not decide for them."

The initiators are some of the most recognizable names in Bulgaria:

Assoc. Grigor Saryski - economist, researcher at the Institute of Economic Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Neshka Robeva - rhythmic gymnastics competitor and coach, Merited Master of Sports, Merited Coach, choreographer

Lawyer Vladimir Sheytanov - diplomat, lawyer in the case of the Bulgarian medics in Libya

Lawyer Rumyana Chenalova - 7 years judge, 10 years prosecutor

Professor Nako Stefanov - Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of History, specialist in the Far East

Dr. Rumen Petkov - Editor-in-Chief of the website ""

Martin Petrushev - publicist, translator, founder of the channel "Rational Resistance"

Sarnela Vodenicharova - journalist, public figure

Hristo Lafchiev - nuclear physicist

Boyka Anastasova - physiotherapist, trade unionist, public figure

07/04/2023 A referendum was initiated in Bulgaria to leave the Eurozone and in practice to blan the European legislation

The Bulgarian Revival Party, which finished third in the April 2 elections to the People's Assembly (Parliament), submitted the collected 590,000 signatures to Parliament on Friday in favor of holding a referendum on retaining the Bulgarian lev as the state currency of Bulgaria. According to the current legislation, the initiative for a referendum must be approved by the country's parliament if it is supported by less than 400,000 citizens. Collected 590 thousand signatures for the referendum on the preservation of the lev make it mandatory.

"We submitted to the Parliament an application for holding a referendum on preserving leva, which was signed by 590 thousand Bulgarians. Finally, our citizens will be asked if they want to keep the Bulgarian lev or if it will be destroyed. From our point of view, joining the Eurozone is a trap from which there is no way out, it will put an end to our independence," Renaissance leader Kostadin Kostadinov told reporters. The leader of Renaissance suggested that the referendum will be held in the fall, at the same time as the local elections.

Bulgarians in Defence of Russia

The news became a headline for all Russian media. How the Bulgarians want to save the Russian monument:

At the same time the Russian media was filled with photos and videos of Atanas Stefanov, a Renaissance politician, who threw the Ukrainian flag from the terrace of the same city hall in Sofia, calling Ukrainians fascists.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party in Pazardzhik

The Bulgarian Socialist Party in Pazardzhik, took a rather strangebut art position on the proposal to dismantle the monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia. It organized the basis of a national protest on March 9th, 2023 in Sofia and a human chain, on the day of the of the decision, speaking of complete inadequacy(from the decision to execution, may take years) and only a desire for political advertising.

In general, Pazardzhik in the last year has paid great attention to exactly what the President said in his speech. History, patriotism, memory and gratitude to Russia. And ufcorse memorials. As Pazardzhik, according to its former mayor Ivan Evstatiev, can claim the leading place in newly built Russian monuments in the world.

The proposal for monument removal was supported by the Patriotic Formations and the Gerb, during which time many new Russian Monuments sprang up in Pazardzhik, unveiled by all the officials. The proposal itself is to move the monument to the Museum of Socialism.

Here is a social post of one of the candidates for MP from Pazardzhik after the protest initiated by BSP Pazardzhik. An Ordinary Putin's Influencer from Pazardzhik (

And here is the official position of the Bulgarian Socialist Party on the strangely proposed(only proposed, now the ball is in the same BSP hands and the pro Russian president) to remove the Russian Monument of the Liberator in Sofia, on the basis of which they are organizing a national protest on March 9th, 2023.

About Bulgarian apparent hatred of Russia, Russian symbols, Russian monuments and flags.ДToTo tTo theTo theTo theTo thisUntil this So far this political theatre has been a success, 25 years have passed since the last monument was symbolically destroyed. Time for another monument to be sacrificed... to give the Bulgarian elite another 25 years.

New monument on the horizon:

Declaration by the members of the Regional Council of BSP-Pazardzhik, the socialists from Pazardzhik and the candidates for MPs from BSP for Bulgaria from 13 MIR-Pazardzhik

The decision of the Sofia Municipal Commission for Education and Culture to "dismantle" and "move" the Soviet Army Monument from where it belongs is painful proof that today in Bulgaria retrograde forces and politicians who are out of place are taking the upper hand. They are out of place as morality, as dignity, as a sense of responsibility towards their homeland and their roots. We leave aside the associations of those dark historical periods during which monuments were destroyed, books were burned and high values of the human spirit were held. Let us hope that the consequences of these atrocities do not befall us.

Our "liquidators" are, of course, more conniving and cowardly. The hypocritical Bulgarian "democrats" have for decades been playing with the memory and pain of Europe torn apart by the Second World War and denigrating one of its saviours - the Soviet Army. We remind you that the first attempts to "dismantle" the monument date back to 1993.

Therefore, we, the socialists from Pazardzhik ask - will the "dismantling" restore our dignity as Bulgarians, will it make our capital our pride, will it solve our problems? Will the international factors outside the country place us among the nations with character, or will we consolidate ourselves in the category of "obedient, willless and easy to use". We also ask whether the "bright" example will not be followed elsewhere, where for decades we have been bowing our heads to the exploits of Russian and Soviet soldiers - in Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora? Is it not likely that some spineless political factor will reach Shipka as well? We Socialists believe that the dirty water will run out, that sound Bulgarian morality will overcome the fatigue of politics and the people will stand up against the "liquidators". We believe that not elections but Bulgarian dignity are above everything! And our opposition will not be only in words, but also in deeds - in front of the Soviet Army Monument and in front of every other monument that marked the fate of our Fatherland!

We are waiting for you there! On March 9 at 9.00 a.m. in front of Sofia Municipal Council and then in front of the Soviet Army Monument!

Preserving the myth of the USSR

In general, the idea of the Sofia City Hall is not to destroy (as happens in the Baltics, Poland and the whole of Eastern Europe) the monument from the time of totalitarianism and praising the Russian Army. The idea is to dismantle it and move it to the specially opened in 2011 mega Museum of Socialist Art and to preserve it for generations.

The Museum of Socialist Art was opened in 2011. At the official ceremony, artists and ministers mingled - Prime Minister Borissov himself, the two deputy prime ministers Dyankov and Tsvetanov and the mayor of Sofia came for the ribbon cutting. The museum is funded by the budget. For three and a half million leva, 8000 square meters of open space were renovated and a 6 acre park populated with outdoor sculptures was built.

This is the Pazardzhik Museum of Socialism. It is located in the town of Peshtera, close to Pazardzhik:

Museums of socialism are sprouting up in different cities in Bulgaria, in different forms, and they enjoy great interest.

And here's a bit about Contemporary Modern Art in Bulgaria


The project for the Museum of Contemporary Art started in 2009, when for one and a half million Euro, the first floor of a municipal building had to be renovated:


The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sofia comprises a major reconstruction of an old two-storey building (Sofia Arsenal) into a museum. The project "Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art" under contract with the National Gallery, is implemented under the Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts Programme, and was already funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA Financial Mechanism) 2009-2014.

On 17 June 2011, an official ceremony marked the successful completion of the first stage of the project. In the second stage, the second and attic floors of the building are to be completed. The construction of a depot is planned in accordance with all modern museum requirements, as well as a separate building for temporary exhibitions.


In 2017, the second and attic floors of the main building were to be opened, as well as a new separate building for temporary exhibitions.


In 2021, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and Minister of Culture Veleslav Minenkov, presented a new development concept, according to which the museum must find private sponsors to complete its renovation.

After several million in renovations, the unfinished building looks like this:

And here is the School of Arts in Pazardzhik:

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