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Exhibition of Degenerate Art- The New Bulgarian National Socialism

The most famous Human Rights Defender from Bulgaria

"We should not remain without and we against this Evil, we must name the Evil in order to know the cures to overcome demographic collapse! One of the waysis to cross the path of any ideology anytheories that reduce population or lead toreduce the population. And also deteriorate the qualityof this population! Because the development of the country dependsnot only from the quantity but from the quality ofthe next generation of Bulgarian citizens. They cannot beteach students from primary and secondary schoolssomething that will distract them from their normal physicaland mental developement." One of the most renowned Bulgarian lawyers, lawyer Vladimir Sheytanov on Evil and Quality and Normal People. The show is about the spread of gender ideology in Bulgaria.

Attorney Sheitanov became known for defending the international trial in Benghazi, Libya, which lasted almost a decade, against Bulgarian medics in Libya in the early 2000s. who were accused of working for the CIA and the US and infecting Libyan children with AIDS. He managed to eventually protect them and win their freedom, of course after the involvement of the international community. Attorney Sheitanov is a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Law, as well as an author of books. He had a 5-month specialization in 1997 at the Institute of International Affairs (Georgetown University) in Washington. His first engagements as an attorney involved cases before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

2022, Demonstration in Sofia, for the Defense of Traditional Family Values in Bulgaria:

29/03/2023- Headlines in Bulgaria: The Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria allocates 93, 000 BGN for sex show and bingo game with transvestites.

How to create Negative PR- Exhibition of degenerate art in Bulgaria

As absurd as the headlines sound, footage of the extremely expensive event funded by the Ministry of Culture spread on social media. All this is instilled as an association among people of the West, of Western Values, of Corruption, of what the collapse of the USSR brought.

The video that blew up the Bulgarian social networks, at first glance gives the impression that in the government of Bulgaria, (in the throes of all world crises) there are extremely liberal and more than free sexually young people. One gets the impression of Pro-Western political parties preaching "Western perverted values" while the people are drowning in misery on Easter Eve. For reference, here are a couple of other young ministers, one of agriculture the other of social welfare. Ministries with real huge resources and access to the biggest EU funds:

Young Red Guards- Anti- System Politics (

Nadia Klisurska- A very social story of what it is to be a Socialist from Pazardzhik (

The director of Fund Culture Art Proffessor Sava Dragunchev

But this event was organised by one extremely educated and intelligent man, the director of the Financial Umbrella over Bulgarian Culture. Sava Dragunchev holds a PhD in Theatre Studies and Theatre Art. He graduated in "Acting for Drama Theatre" at NATFA in the class of the communist legend prof. Stefan Danailov(Russian Art and Media Fraternity in Bulgaria ( and together with Stefan Danailov's niece Rositsa Obreshkova teach courses on Drama Theatre in NATFA. He holds a Master's degree in English Philology from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", as well as "International Political and Security Relations" and "Macroeconomics" also from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Kliment Ohridski". The mentor of Sava Dragunchev -Stefan Danailov has been a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party(BCP) since 1975. He is secretary of the primary party organization at the National Theatre, as well as a member of the Lenin District Committee of the BCP. He was a delegate to the 44th (2000), 45th (April 2005) and 46th (December 2005) congresses of the BSP(ex BCP). In the period 2005-2009, he was Minister of Culture under the coalition government of the BSP, MRF and NDSV. On 13 September 2011 he was a candidate for vice-president with BSP presidential candidate Ivaylo Kalfin.

Christian Skvarek is one of the media icons of "pseudo-conservatism" in Bulgaria (a mix between Trump and Orban). His main theses are the traditional family and the degrading influence of Western Social Media.

Christia Skvarek is the organizer of the March for the Traditional Family in Bulgaria. A march in which Orthodox priests are central figures, Russian flags can be seen waving and slogans against the perverted West can be heard.

05/04/2023 The Bigest News After the Ellections

The prosecutor's office opened an investigation for hooliganism in connection with the mocking of the boy in a Plovdiv mall. The footage shows the involvement of internet personality Emily the Trotinette

Emily is one of the most famous representatives of the transsexual community in Bulgaria. She was chosen as the person of 2022 because of her open representation of the LGBTQ community in Bulgaria.

2022 is the year of the transgender Emily. Man of the Year of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, a person with whom Bulgarian "liberal parties" are photographed. But in 2023, the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, which is the loudest NGO in Bulgaria, after Emily was put behind bars, they did not ask how the rights of a transsexual will be protected in Bulgarian prisons. They provided no protection, no one spoke a word in her defense, not even the liberal parties who took pictures with Emily. What the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee did was to disown Emily officially, saying that they did not nominate and award her. БХК: Емили Йорданова не е отличена за Човек на годината, не сме я номинирали ние - България - Дарик (

Like on the day of Pride(held behind barricades and hundreds of police guards) in Bulgaria, in June 2023, the Prime Minister from the same liberal and pro Western forces was in a meeting with the Bulgarian Orthodox Church asking for their support and listening to the LGBTQ community violate one of the Death Commandments without reacting at all.

How Justice Works in Bulgaria in General:

The famous Bulgarian journalist Milen Tsvetkov died after his car was hit by the car of Christian Nikolov (son of one of the partners in the biggest alcohol factory in Bulgaria, and raw alcohol, according to unconfirmed sources the biggest fake alcohol factory in the Balkans) at high speed, exactly three years ago - on Easter 19 April 2020. Because of the drugs found in Nikolov's blood, the high speed and his lack of reaction at the sight of a red traffic light, the prosecution accused him of causing Tsvetkov's death with possible intent.

According to initial calculations, the Audi was travelling at no less than 100 km/h, 2 times the speed allowed by law for urban traffic.

The forensic examination found that 22-year-old Nikolov had amphetamine, tetrahydrocannabinol, cocaine and lexotane in his system at the time of the crash. The sentence imposed, which Nikolov appealed to the final court, was nine years in prison. His defence wants it reduced or the case sent back for a retrial. Both the prosecution and the private prosecution are dissatisfied with the sentence.

How the NPOs, and human rights activists reacted:

How the Political parties reacted

The medias

But, in 2023, her story did a 180-degree turn, as one of the most famous journalists in Bulgaria said that these are human rights defenders, that they are Demons, that they are mentally disturbed, that this is what liberalism leads to, and that society will have to respond to them with force:

Parts of the interview :

"Our Nation has to understand that these are DEVILS. In both cases, that talks to me about politics that talks to me about unacceptable things and for the demons that is and Emiliy the trolley is awarded by Bulgarian Helsinsky Comitee with being Man of the Year, as Human Rights Activist barely. And now you can see what the Human Rights Activists are doing

Ressamble the Bulgarian politics, the Western politics- the Trollop who is neither man nor womanyes, she is PP and DA Bulgaria, she voted for them,the Chechen is Boyko Borisov and party GERB and they together lead the throwbuckets of a guy who's autistic with mental problems.

The Demons are the People with menthal health issues, who impose on the society their behaviour!"

Pazardzhik Socialists and the Political Negative PR

1.On the photos are Kalin Vladov, who is revealed to have sponsored the PR event in Plovdiv Mall.

2. On the photos are Kalin Vladov and Social Minister Nadia Klisurska, former MP from the Bulgarian Socialist Party and prominent Russophile. Nadia Klisurska- A very social story of what it is to be a Socialist from Pazardzhik (

3.As well as Kalin Vladov giving an open lesson to students of a twin school with Russia in Pazardzhik. Pazardzhik, Bulgaria and Stavropol, Russia, Brothers Forever! (

4.At the head of the Pazardzhik interdistrict is the Media Expert, TV Producer, former journalist of the Russian media tycoon Malofeev's TV7 and former leader of the Socialist Youth, Trendafil Velichkov. Young Red Guards- Trendafil Velichkov (

Bulgaria, Russian Media Environment (

5. More about the Russian influencers in Bulgaria Putin Influencers- Much more than Troll Farm (

6. More about the Socialists in Pazardzhik Enemy at the Gates- Bul Exit (

How to use the Negative PR

For reference, Stefan Danailov's party, the Bulgarian Socialist Party, launched an initiative against moral decay in Bulgaria. An initiative committee gathered a huge number of Bulgarian intellectuals, initiating a national referendum on stopping LGBTQ propaganda.

One of the members of the initiative committee for the referendum, the journalist from the Party TV of the Socialist Party and former MP Strakhil Angelov has a more than radical position. He calls the LGBTQ community mentally disturbed people. And liberal democracy and human rights- Satanists.

Strakhil Angelov was the first and so far the only Bulgarian politician who met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after the outbreak of the war in Syria. He announced in a public address that he had visited the North Korean embassy many times. Strakhil Angelov, together with the chairman of the international organization of Russophiles, Nikolai Malinov, were among the most outspoken critics of the moderate Left in 2015. He is from the circle of young businessmen in the BSP - Kiril Dobrev, Georgi Kadiev and Strahil Angelov, in which group also gravitates the regional governor of Pazardzhik - Trendaphil Velichkov. During the peak of the COWID pandemic, Strahil Angelov also took a hard anti-Vaxxer stance mixed with racism, saying, "Schizophrenics for whom only gypsies vote! They deliberately raise the number with COVID"

The politicians of the Bulgarian Socialist Party explain individual human rights through statistics and demography. Trying to push social engineering typical of Russia and China. Explaining that homosexuality is not only atypical for traditional Bulgarian values but also negatively affects the economy and demography.

In general a compulsive trend is observed in the Bulgarian media associates sex education and gender definition among adolescents with pedophilia, perversion as abandoning traditional values and:

How to promote the Slavic Myth and the Russian World

Slavophilia and Orthodoxy are the basis of the Russian propaganda machine in Bulgaria, which has been working methodically for decades. By substituting historical facts, there has been a boom of pseudo history books in mass culture helping Russian mythology. But what is new is large-scale television projects subsidized by the state. The most notorious, budgeted project is National Television's prime-time series based on Lyudmila Filippov's popular book, The War of the Letters, that tells about the Bogomils, through the myth of the Slavonic script - the Cyrillic alphabet, which was not created in Byzantium, but Bulgarian Bogomils received from Russia. In the Filippov's story, all of Bulgaria's neighbors are vulgarized and enemies, with the only true faith and culture coming from Russia. Which is a romantic history of an anti-systemic sect of Bogomils that drenched Europe in blood during the Middle Ages. Anti System Cults- The New Old Terrorism (

Lyudmila Filippov's popular book, The War of the Letterstells about the Bogomils, through the myth of the Slavonic script - the Cyrillic alphabet, which was not created in Byzantium, but Bulgaria received from Russia.

The Bulgarian writer Lyudmila Filipova is the only one who has been awarded for fiction for her novels "Glass Destinies" and "Red Gold" published in Russian in the most prestigious category of the Slavic Book Contest. The prize was established in 2007 by the government of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug of Ugra(Annual competition in Russia gives awards and promotes authors from Bulgaria and other regions of the so called Slavic World) in Siberia with the idea of supporting outstanding writers, poets and translators from Slavic countries, which would help restore ties between these nations. Her grandfather Grisha Filipov graduated in 1951 from the Economics Department in Moscow. After that she worked in the Committee for Science, Art and Culture. He taught political economy at the Higher Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute in Sofia. From 1958 he worked in the staff of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and from 1964 - of the Council of Ministers. At that time he headed a working group that developed the New System of Planning and Management of the National Economy. In 1968, he became first deputy chairman of the State Planning Committee with the rank of minister. Since 1971 he has been a member of the State Council. He served as Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Belarus (1981-1986), after which he was again a member of the State Council until the end of 1989.

How to return Bulgaria to the Traditional Slavic Values

The fall of Communism in Bulgaria in 1989 had almost no effect on the totalitarian cultural elite. This elite managed to maintain its key positions in the financing, promotion and dissemination of the various arts. In addition, it retains the branch organisations and art educational institutions, which are a filter and censor, of the same totalitarian apparatus, which simply re-adapts. Russian Art and Media Fraternity in Bulgaria (

Art during Totalitarianism in Bulgaria was divided into Elite Culture and barbaric vulgarism, similar to National Socialism in Nazi Germany. The cultural elite today, aims to return the country to traditional Slavic values. To eliminate or limit "alien" and "degenerate" influence and to form a racial community. In Nazi Germany it was Jews, in Russia it was people of Asian origin from the former republics of the USSR, in Bulgaria it was Turks, Gypsies and immigrants. Emphasizes family, race and the nation(narod) as the highest representatives of Bulgarian values. They reject materialism, cosmopolitanism, and "bourgeois intellectualism," promoting instead the "Bulgarian" virtues of loyalty, struggle, sacrifice, and discipline using images of martyrs in the struggle against liberation from what Russian Propaganda called "Turkish Slavery" revolutionaries (acquiring legendary status in mass culture and perception) Levski, Botev...

Let's Kill Micky Mouse- Nostalgic Heirs of the Communist Party (

In Nazi Germany Total State, the main role of culture was to propagate the Nazi worldview. One of the first tasks Nazi leaders undertook after coming to power in early 1933 was to synchronize (Gleichschaltung) all professional and social organizations with Nazi ideology and policy. Arts and cultural organizations were not excluded from this effort. Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Public Education and Propaganda, immediately sought to align artistic and cultural communities with Nazi goals. On May 10, 1933. Nazi activists and members of the National Socialist German Student Association (Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund, NSDStB) organized nationwide book-burning ceremonies, at which they threw into the flames the works of such "non-German" writers as Bertolt Brecht, Thomas Mann, and Erich Maria Remarque, as well as texts by Jewish authors, including such famous German writers as Franz Werfel, Lyon Feuchtwanger, and Heinrich Heine. From September 1933, the new Reich Chamber of Culture (Reichskulturkammer) - an organisation consisting of the Reich Chamber of Film, Music, Theatre, Print, Literature, Fine Arts and Radio - began to control and regulate all aspects of German culture.

"Exhibition of degenerate art" In July 1937, the House of German Art in Munich premiered the "Great Exhibition of German Art," showing the cultural elevation of National Socialist artistic taste. In the adjacent exhibition hall, an "Exhibition of Degenerate Art" was presented. to demonstrate to the German public the "demoralizing" and "corrupting" influence of modern art.

Exhibition of degenerate art in Bulgaria

Another event rocking Bulgarian social media is a film. In the Bulgarian cultural space, after a series of patriotic films about the egoless national heroes fighting against the Turkish enslavers, a provocative title Chalga appeared, using one of the most important words in culture after the fall of Communism. A word that drew a deep irrevocable dividing line between Kultur(as high culture was called in Nazi Germany) to barbarism. The desire to see in culture a legitimate, even noble structure of the omnipotent state took on final touches. The seemingly innocuous film was a rubicon for Bulgarian culture and intellectuals who firmly took a national socialist stance.

According to Russia and its supporters in Bulgaria the West has only brought moral decline and loss to the great empire of which Bulgaria was a part. The film is about the life of a girl with a Western name- Barbara, called Barbie, a small town girl with a dream of becoming a folk(posh) singer. According to the review of the most pro western media in Bulgaria- Capital; the heroine goes through ugly compromises on her way to glamour and fame. Sex and betrayals are the "fuel" on this road. Two honest hearts among the hollow neon falseness of the chalga milieu (cinematographer Dimitar Gotchev). Valev's style is direct, there are no nuances. Great comedy actors (Lafazanov, Rachkov, Kalev) make episodes with relish - studies in their amplitude. Marian Valev himself breaks the "fourth wall" and asks his heroine at point-blank range the big value questions facing her entire generation. Valev's growth in narrative control and coverage of style, emotion and meaning is evident. Good outside examples are Tangerine (also shot with a phone) and independent artist Sean Baker's The Florida Project. "Chalga" has the same raw energy, with added self-irony and a grain of romance.

Moral and Cultural Purity in the Bulgarian Classics

The moral and cultural purity of the Slavs, as well as the opposition to foreign barbarian influence, is reflected in the work of the greatest Bulgarian classics in a way not dissimilar to the contemporary pop culture hit "Chalga".

The author with the pseudonym "Peichin" (actually Ivan Vazov) notes the Jewish origin of the English Prime Minister Disraeli, calling him a "soulless" and "spiteful" "Jew":

Ivan Vazov is the icon of Bulgarian literature. The main pillar of the Russian myth of the Bulgarian Slavery and the liberation of Bulgaria from Russia.

"So brazenly the Lord with a peaceful look/ his own ministerial look/ and as the same spiteful Jew/ towards us was full of hatred,/ and so cynically, without a stitch in the eyes of the world he smeared...". The poem ends with the exclamation, 'O England, why does a soulless Jew rule you today'.

In To Chicago and Back Aleko Konstantinov writes:

One of the most important figures in Bulgarian literature. He can be called the founder of Bulgarian national socialism. Laid the foundation for Bulgarian high culture and its hostility to the "barbaric". Enormous critic of the capitalist exploitative West.

"In these railways you meet, moreover, with unparalleled disgusting figures of Jews, who, as soon as they smell that you are a Bulgarian, consider it an indispensable duty to express to you their sympathy with our policy, to praise the genius of our people and its leaders, to drop some curses on our enemies, and to flatter your national self-love by a comparison with the Serbs. ... And to hear you a Itzik, but not the Romanian Itzik, who said: 'Nam time s mu svadeesk ku gouvernu rusesk' - he is good-natured, but Itzik Zwiblman or Moishe Kellenkopf expressing brotherly sympathy to you!... To slap him in the face!..."

Botev's journalism also had strong attacks against the Jews, which according to some researchers was due to the support of large Jewish financiers for the policies that some Great Powers and the Ottoman Empire were pursuing to the detriment of Bulgarian national interests.

Botev is an extremely important figure on a par with Vasil Levski. They are the collective images of the nationally oriented, devoid of selfishness and gave their own lives in sacrifice heroes. A modern cult in Bulgaria for self-sacrifice, resembling, Japanese kamikazes and suicide terrorists.

The New Bulgarian National Socialism

The new Bulgarian national socialism was both modern and anti-modern, aesthetically adopting the genre of classical realism. In addition to "high" culture", self-sacrifice, "Slavic" values and cultural purity were promoted. "High" culture was used to glorify rural life, family and community, and heroism on the battlefield by elevating the nation above its individual members.

Two of the greatest Bulgarian influencers - the socialist professor Ivo Hristov and the conspiracist journalist Stoycho Kerev consider the Renaissance and Modernity a social mutation that started 500 years ago in Europe. They pull out of the closets the forgotten Marxist rhetoric of Capitalism, expansionism, imperialism, and even slavery in the United States. It looks at the consumerist, hedonistic being, dumbed down and debilitated. A grand manipulation called consumer society. Like the western project it is at the end of its existence.

Russian Art and Media Fraternity in Bulgaria (

In the prime time show about conspiracies of Kerev, on Bulgarian National Television(heavy state financed television), in June, 2023 the guest is the writer, journalist(editor of the newspaper of the Bulgarian Democrats and Pro-Western Intellectuals- Standard) and promising Freemason Dimitar Nedkov, graduated in Leningrad (Sand Petersburg) during USSR. Nedkov's books are about the Slavic Roots of the Bulgarian Language, and Freemasonry and the Dan Brown Menace. Nedkov, in 30 minutes, talked about the great Russian personalities Peter the Great and Lenin, while naming the greatest Western artists, products of Western wars with mental deviations. Comparing The Great Gatsby to a book solely about parties, booze and drugs. Like out of all the people attending the parties there was only one person reading, everyone else was only interested in the partying and orgies. But his highlight was his dismissal of Hitler's atrocities, directly blaming the Anglo-Saxon West for being behind Nazism.

Modernization theory's most influential proponent, Karl Marx, claimed that economically developed societies show the future to less developed societies (Marx 1973). His prophecies have had enormous impact, but as the twenty-first century begins, few people anticipate a proletarian revolution or trust a staterun economy. Furthermore, although theorists from Marx to Nietzsche to Lerner to Bell predicted the decline of religion in the wake of modernization, religion and spiritual beliefs have not faded

Well into the twentieth century, modernization was widely viewed as a uniquely Western process that non-Western societies could follow only in so far as they aban- doned their traditional cultures and assimilated technologically and morally "superior" Western ways. But during the second half of the century, non-Western societies unexpect- edly surpassed their Western role models in key aspects of modernization. East Asia, for example, attained the world's highest rate of economic growth. Using official exchange rates, Japan had the highest per capita income of any major nation in the world, led the world in automobile manufacturing and consumer electronics, and had the world's highest life expectancy.

According to a survey by the Anti-Defamation League, 44% of the Bulgarian population was anti-Semitic as of spring 2014. Such as the most titled contemporary Bulgarian writer is not accidentally titled by the English The Times- the Bulgarian George Orwell. According to a sociological survey in 2022, 77% expressed understanding or full support for Russia's war in Ukraine. With over half disapproving of the EU's actions.

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