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Stoyan Ganev: The Beautiful Mind Bulgarian Politics as a Totalitarian Religious Cult

Stoyan Ganev is one of the most important people in the formation of Bulgarian Democracy and elite. Extremely intelligent combinative mind. Graduated with full honors from the mathematical high school (1973) in Pazardzhik and was admitted to the most prestigious University in Bulgaria, then did a PhD in Law at the most prestigious university in Moscow. Graduated in Law in Moscow the top USSR university "М. В. Lomonosov" in the 1980s, married to the Russian lady Marina, this is one of several people who formed Bulgarian Democracy in its infancy.

Ganev at the dawn of Bulgarian Democracy, together with a number of agents of the former secret services

Ganev was born on 23 July 1955 in Pazardzhik. He graduated from mathematical high school(more about his mentor in the youth ranks of the Communist Party, the man who locally is the architect of the culture and selection of such gifted children) and then from the Law Faculty of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski. Since 1980 he has taught constitutional law there. In 1985 he defended his dissertation in constitutional law at Moscow State University, "24 hours" recalls. Ganev is co-chairman of the United Democratic Center and spokesman for the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF). He then became chairman of the United Christian Democratic Union (formerly the UDC). He was also a deputy to the 7th Grand National Assembly and the 36th Ordinary National Assembly. He was elected Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. From September 15, 1992, he was President of the 47th Session of the UN General Assembly for one year. From 21 August 2001 to 4 March 2002, he was Director of the Office of Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburggotsky, after which he left for the USA, where he lived with his family. Since 1996 he has been a professor at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA and at New York University, New York, USA.

As foreign minister in the first government of the Bulgarian Democratic Party (BDP), Stoyan Ganev provoked one of the biggest scandals in the blue ranks by accusing Prime Minister Philip Dimitrov (another extremely important figure in the formation of Bulgarian Democracy) of being the owner of a State Security conspiracy in 1993. Ganev declared his former boss to have ties with the Communist Secret Services, handed over a yellow envelope of compromises to Interior Minister Viktor Mikhailov, Parliament Speaker Aleksandar Yordanov, and counterintelligence chief Arlin Antonov(another significant figure from Pazardzhik), and was then expelled from the Blue Party. As a member of the Grand National Assembly Stoyan Ganev even asked Bulgaria to sue the USSR.

A new page in his career is marked by his appointment as President of the UN General Assembly (GA). He refused to leave the post even after he was no longer foreign minister. UDF deputies sent a question to the Constitutional Court, which decided to throw the now-departed UNGA chief out of parliament. On the day the decision is officially announced, Ganev announces that UN Secretary General Boutros Ghali will make him his special envoy. Kofi Annan's predecessor had no idea he had such plans.

After transferring his UN powers to Samuel R. Insanally of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, the former foreign minister remained in the US. According to Ganev himself, he was in the consulting business there. In the media in recent years there have been reports that he was interested in the "textile business", that he had consulted on the sale of the Brazilian state-owned telecom, the newspaper Capital wrote. Several times his interviews mention his ties with Simeon II, and once in 1996 he spoke of the need to restore the Tarnovo constitution and the monarchy.

One of the sure facts about Stoyan Ganev's overseas career is his strong ties to the empire around the sectarian leader Moon. In 1993, the religious sect guru took over the University of Bridgeport through one of his organizations, the Teaching Academy for World Peace. After Stoyan Ganev's tenure at the UN ended, the former diplomat became a professor at Bridgeport University of all places(As chairman of the 47th session of the UN General Assembly, Ganev often delivered the Korean's speeches, dubbed the "Message of Hope.") For many years afterwards, the Bulgarian politician was a professor at the Moon-sponsored University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, and many children of prominent Bulgarian politicians also graduated there.

The ideology of the Unification Church-Rome is Satan-we will defeat the "myriad satanic forces" and create the "perfect family."

To quote Moon:

"We need a new ideology capable of uniting all religions and all ideologies existing in the world. The new ideology carried by the Unification Church is "deism." This is my highest mission. The sacred mission that God has entrusted to me."

"The satanic world is run by businessmen. So God must send his superbusinessman."

"The Messiah must be richer than everyone else."

According to Moon, Christ lost to Satan because he gave up earthly power. He did not have to turn to the poor, but to the rich and powerful of his day to become king of the Jews and destroy the Roman Empire, the spawn of Satan.

In short, Moon's religious ideology is this. Moon, on behalf of the Almighty, establishes the "kingdom of God" on earth. He single-handedly defeats the "innumerable satanic forces" and becomes the new Messiah-King. In providence, Moon learns that he has been charged with creating the "perfect family," a task he is only able to accomplish on his fourth attempt. The Reverend's last wife, the New Eve, removes original sin from humanity, washing it away with her purity. The perfect family in the person of the Messiah Moon and the New Eve gives birth to twelve sinless children, the foundation of humanity's future, but by grace Moon and his family are the source of salvation for all families who submit to Moon's will, his teachings, and go through the marriage rite in the Unification Church. The rest of humanity is doomed. With a heart for Russian families, New Eve comes to Moscow almost every year and holds meetings in the capital's most prestigious halls, including the Kremlin's Palace of Congresses.

Since 1960, Moon's entire ideology has been built around the slogans of the struggle against communism. He set up a special political structure, the Confederation of Associations for the Unification of American Societies (CAUSA), which he placed retired Korean colonel Wo Hee Park at its head. After his meeting with Gorbachev, Moon declared that the Unification Church had destroyed the citadel of Satanism, Russian Communism.

In April 1990, Sun Moon and his wife visited Moscow, where the Unification Church affiliate, the World Media Association, was holding its 11th Congress at the time.

On April 14, 1990, Izvestia and Pravda simultaneously printed the article "Perestroika Belongs to the Whole World" in the lower left corner of the front page. The abbreviation "TASS" was written below the article, indicating the state significance of the published material. From the article, we learned that on April 11, Mikhail Gorbachev received in the Kremlin Rev. Moon, a group of "former presidents of several Latin American, Asian and African countries," as well as leaders of the following organizations:

World Media Conference,

World Peace Council,

Executive Committee of the World Federation of Newspaper Publishers,

Supreme Council for Universal Peace.

The head of the world-famous totalitarian sect, the International Unification Church, Moon to meet with Mikhail Gorbachev on behalf of the Association for the Protection of the Family and the Individual, Rev. Moon invites the former Soviet president to visit South Korea from March 27-31, 1994, to participate in another mass gathering of Moonites.

Sri Chinmoy and the Torchbearers for Peace

Today in Pazardzhik, another sect of the Asian Unification Church family, Sri Chinmoy, looms large at the level of the Mayor and millions of public projects. Under his patronage, awards are given out and a megalomaniacal Peace Park is being built in the city today, on a scale inferior only to the work of the Banner of Peace Assembly, the Minister of Culture of Communist Bulgaria in the 1980s-Ludmila Zhivkova.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre Church, which has opened branches in Russia in 80 cities, is widely known in the West as a pseudo-religious totalitarian sect. It is of interest to us because, like Moon, it has a strong interest in the figure of Mikhail Gorbachev. He, unlike Moon, condemns the collapse of the USSR and prophesies its soon reunification under a new spiritual name he has coined: the Boat-Dream-Bank. Seeking a strong bond, Sri Chinmoy looks to Michael Gobachev, about whom he has just written a major book. Russian adepts, commissioned by the guru, spent a year collecting pictures of the father of perestroika, banging on the doors of news agencies. They illustrate the book about Gorbachev. If we recall, the media speculated about Gorbachev's dreams of becoming UN Secretary General, then Sri Chinmoy's attempts to interest him in his person become more understandable. Shri Chinmoy initially organized Peace Meditations at the UN, and in a short time found strong patrons there, at which point his NGO was listed with the UN and he was allowed to use the logo of the international organization, which he cleverly used to create a global network of local authorities eager to get quick PR. Sri Chinmoy installed "Sri Chinmoy Peace Places" all over the planet, which are dedicated to him personally and are under his tireless meditative protection. On the one hand, this underlines his unearthly origin, but on the other hand, it allows him to conduct earthly affairs, since at the dedication of parks, mountains, cities, etc., a special declaration is signed between him and the local municipal authorities. This simple procedure allows Sri Chinmoy to enjoy the patronage of the local authorities, who in turn are interested in contacts with the 'representative of the United Nations.

Sri Chinmoy's financial activities are not as well researched as those of other totalitarian cults. Sources report that he owns a chain of vegetarian restaurants and organic food production. From what sources he finances grand sporting and musical events and all ideological and propaganda activities is unknown.

The Youth Federation for World Peace

A little more about the continued work of Stoyan Ganev in Pazardzhik: Garden of the Peace in Pazardzhik (

Stoyan Ganev became a member of the leadership of one of the most prominent Moonist organizations, the Youth Federation for World Peace(part of the Universal Peace Federation). Our former foreign minister is a member of its international supervisory board.

Sun Myung Moon founded the church in South Korea in 1954 before moving to the US in 1971, and the church has been widely described as a cult. Moon, who died in 2012, called himself a messiah and said he had been asked by Jesus Christ to continue Christ's work on earth.

On the website of the Korean Cult in Bulgaria, there is an interesting slogan about the religious diversity so typical for the Western World and North America in particular. Which, by the way, is the basis of pluralism in democracy:

Moon.Moon's empire will put an end to sects. The definition of a sect is the religion of the other... Sectarianism is "division" and the Church of Moon are the opposite, "unifiers" and peacemakers. Anyone who has met them knows they are good, warm and open people with very good families.

According to the Cult's official information, Moon was at the heart of the fall of Communism. And it's thanks to having given the Western World(US in particular) media that served as a platform for Conservative Movements capable of opposing Liberalism.

The Church established several associations in Bulgaria between 1992 and 1997: the Inter-University Organization for the Study of Principle, the Women's Federation for World Peace, the Bulgarian Volunteer Association, the Bulgarian Wonhuado Federation, the Ashoka Foundation, and the Family Foundation for World Peace and Unity. There are also suicide attempts noted in the activities of the Unification Church, as well as those committed.

During the Communist Regime in 1988 Moon was organizing a scientific conference on ecological issues in Varna, Bulgaria with the assistance of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria. The forum was held by the Professors' Academy for World Peace (PASM).

Muun is the only representative as a Religion other than all the other Nationalities represented at the Banner of Peace Assembly. Bulgarian Forum for Peace, initiated during Communism by the daughter of the Bulgarian Dictator- Lyudmila Zhivkova. More about the desire of the Minister of Culture of Bulgaria in the 1980s Lyudmila Zhivkova to transform communism into a religious faith. Heretics and Saints: In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Party (

Dancers from the Universal Ballet, founded by Dr. Moon, won gold medals at the international ballet competition in Varna. The prima ballerina, Julia Moon, was invited as a juror to the next competition in 2002. When participating in the 20th Anniversary International Ballet Competition in Varna, Julia Moon was greeted by Pres. Mrs. Parvanova(wife of the President Georgi Parvanov, founder of the most pro Russian ABV Party) expressed her gratitude to Dr. Moon for the financial support of the competition. The International Cultural Foundation , founded by Dr. Moon, sponsored this high profile international cultural forum for the second time with a significant amount.

A meeting was also held with the Minister of Culture - Prof. B. Abrashev. He is one of the first academicians who took part in the activities of the Professors' Academy for World Peace of Muun. The Minister of Culture himself has attended a 7-day seminar on the Divine Principle in Hungary.

North Korea

In a move that surprised many in the West, North Korean leader Kim Il-sung invited Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon to North Korea to visit his hometown and to discuss possible partnerships with the West and with South Korea. Kim II-sung sent his personal airplane to Beijing, where the Reverend and Mrs. Moon had been visitors, to take the party of eight to Pyongyang.

Money to USA

In 1984, the Washington Post was told by two renegade former officials of the Unification Church in Japan that from 1975 to 1984 it had transferred at least US$800 million to the United States, to finance a myriad of the cult’s businesses, publications, and political operations, including the money-draining Washington Times newspaper. In 1991, Moon said he had spent between $900 million and $1 billion on The Washington Times By 2002, Moon had spent between $1.7 billion and $2 billion according to different estimates. In November 2009, The New York Times reported that The Washington Times would no longer be receiving funds from the Unification movement and might have to cease publication or become an online publication only.

Stoyan Ganev talks about Moon's media empire and his connection to Bulgaria: "Moon owns the most influential conservative newspaper in the US - the Washington Times, which means he is hardly such a bogeyman for American democracy. By the way, a lot of Bulgarian journalists have passed through his newspaper for specialization."

Money to Educational Institutions

Since 1992, when an arm of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church rescued the University of Bridgeport from bankruptcy, a coalition of local citizens and students has been warning that the school had become a front for Mr. Moon's global church recruiting activities.

University officials and faculty members have strongly denied the allegations, insisting there are no hidden agendas or ulterior motives behind the more than $100 million that the church-affiliated Professors World Peace Academy has pumped into the school, and that there have been no attempts by the church to influence curriculum.

Following the assassination of Japan's Prime Minister in 2022, an investigation was launched in Japan that revealed details of the cult's methods in educational institutions.

Soviet Union

De facto, the so-called collapse of the USSR, by the supposedly disliked Gorbachev regime of Putin, led to China's incredible rise to Super Power. You can read a bit more about the journalist closest to Gorbachev in Bulgaria, and about Russian cultural influence in Bulgaria: Russian Art and Media Fraternity in Bulgaria (

Trump Conection

Japan Conection

The killing of Abe Shinzo in 2022 sparked a backlash in Japan against the Unification Church, after the assassin blamed it for his family’s destitution and linked the former prime minister to the Korean cult. This has led to a government investigation of the Unification Church, popularly known as the Moonies, that may result in its disbandment in Japan. The scandal has focused attention on the vital role played by Japan in financing the sect founded by Moon Sun Myung, and the strange history that spawned a global empire swaddled in taboo.

Stoyan Ganev and the Bulgarian Monarch

Apart from Stoyan Ganev, Prime Minister Saxe-Coburggotsky also has the advice of another professor from the University of Bridgeport - the Emeritus Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dr. Vladimir Kvint. Stoyan Ganev and Vladimir Quint consulted on the Bulgarian Monarch(coalition partner of the Bulgarian Communist Party)..

Dr. Vladimir Kvint is Professor of International Business at American University from 2004 to 2007 and a Professor at Fordham University's Graduate School of Business from 1990 to 2004. In addition, until 2000, for five years he was an Adjunct Professor of Business Strategy at the Stern School of Business at New York University. From 1992-1998 he served as the Director of Emerging Markets at Arthur Andersen LLP in New York.

Since 2007 he is the Chair of the Economic and Financial Strategy Department at Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Moscow School of Economics In 2010 he is also a Founder and the Head of the Center for Strategic Studies at the Institute of Complex Systems Mathematical Research of the same Moscow State University. Between 2019-2022 Dr. Kvint is a Visiting Professor at the Department of Economics of Shanghai University, China. Between 2007-2016, he was an Adjunct Professor of Business Strategy at LaSalle University (PA). In 2009 -2012 he was the Global Head of Emerging Markets at one of the largest in the world and oldest architectural and planning company RMJM. Since 2013 he is a member of the Internationalization Advisory Board of LaSalle University.

He has the titles of Honorary Doctor and Honorary Professor from the Albanian, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, United States and Uzbekistan Universities. He was honored with National and Scientific Awards from several countries. In 2018 Vladimir Kvint was awarded by Lomonosov Moscow State University with the Annual Lomonosov Prize of Highest Degree for his "Studies of Theory of Strategy and Methodology of Strategizing"

Dr. Kvint's studies have focused on the theory of strategy and its practical implementation and on the theory of the Global Emerging Market and solutions to poverty. He is the author of 53 books and more than 380 articles and he is an adviser to the governments of several countries.

In 2001 Stoyan Ganev from Pazardzhik was appointed head of the cabinet of Simeon Saxe-Coburgotski. Together with the future Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, they held two of the key positions then.

A picture that describes the whole Bulgarian Democracy and everything that happened in Bulgaria in the last 35 years after the fall of Communism!

On the photo is the Bulgarian monarch Simeon Sax-Kuborgotsky, in his palace and Solomon Passy (the figure associated with Bulgarian Euro-Atlanticism)

Hawkish position of the leader of the Bulgarian Atlanticists


The Bulgarian Monarch's position on Putin's arrest warrant- according to him it is absurd, like all absurdities of European bureaucrats. A so familiar Euro Sceptic refrain has taken England out of the EU

Photos from the monarch's annual meetings with the Russian ambassador. The Russian bishop met with Bulgarian metropolitans, and during his talks and church services he was accompanied by Russian Ambassador to Sofia Eleonora Mitrofanova and ABV leader Rumen Petkov.

Russia officially declared Simeon II the legitimate Bulgarian Monarch. On the website of the Moscow Patriarchate appeared a curious announcement that Metropolitan Anthony of Volokolamsk was received by the head of the Bulgarian royal house Simeon II Saxe-Coburggotsky, which in fact means that the Russian Orthodox Church officially recognizes His Majesty as the Bulgarian Tsar and the sole claimant to the Bulgarian throne.

2022, Simeon Saxe-Coburggotsky to the Polish newspaper. "Always with the EU, never against Russia!"

Here is a little more about the Pazardzhik structures of the BSP (former Communist Party):

Politics as a totalitarian Religious Cult

In Bulgaria, modern politics as a whole has extraordinary similarities with totalitarian religious Cults. It is sectarian, based on a strong and charismatic leader, with a lack for self-criticism, with a strong non-rational hatred of opponents. A politics that is not based on ideas and understandings but on blindly repeated mantras and incantations.

In 2012 Ganev voiced a strong criticism of the management of his previous partners, even giving an example of where to get the money. He gave Two Mantras, which became a refrain for the next ten years in Bulgarian politics. The first became the basis of the rhetoric of Bulgarian nationalists that if the concession of our gold deposits, from which the company earns 4-5 billion dollars a year, is renegotiated and only five percent is given to the country, fresh money will come. Because in such a concession the world practice is to pay 50 per cent. But no one has so far had the political will to examine the contract, which was signed under Ivan Kostov. The second, mantra started to be repeated by the new reformers in the early 20s, there is money, and it can come if smuggling is stopped and limited to the sanitary minimum, as well as corruption.

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